Jeremy Goldstein a Highly Successful Attorney Committed to Giving Back to the Community

A fabulous Gala in honor of Mental Illness Champion Jim Finkel was organized in New York City on May 21st by Jeremy Goldstein. The gala was a wine dinner that was labeled Mental Illness: You are not a Rhone and was held at the Nomad Hotel roof deck. The event began at 6 pm and lasted for about 4 hours. The event attendees each paid 5000 ticket fee, and in return, they were served with a fantastic meal and a collection of high-quality wine that was prepared by the renowned winemaker E. Guigal. All the proceeds from the event were dedicated to Fountain House, a mental illness organization. The organization for years has been at the forefront in fighting the condition that has been ignored for quite some time. Mental illness is a global issue that affects millions of people annually. The disease needs to be given the attention that it deserves by the government and the concerned agencies.

Fountain House is an organization that was founded by people who understand the pain and suffering of people with mental illness go through. The founders of the organization were all former mental illness patients who decided to come up with an organization that will help others recover from the condition and lead healthy independent lives. The organization first opened its doors in the year 1944 and was known as We Are Not Alone. Four years down the line the organization after purchasing a building on the West 47th Street in New York that had a Fountain changed its name to Fountain House. Fountain House, since it’s founding, has been dedicated to helping its members get back on track contribute positively to the community. The organization mission is supporting the men and women with mental illness recover and become contributing members of society.

Fountain House has accomplished many successes since its inception. Among its achievements, the most notable ones are providing employment opportunities to over 42 percent of people with mental illness. The foundation has also ensured that over 77 percent of its members graduate from high school and has also provided decent housing to about 500 people with mental illness annually. The organization is focused on not only reaching people with mental illness in New York but globally. Recently it organized a global mental illness conference that was aimed at creating awareness of the condition on a worldwide stage. The conference brought together more than 300 mental health professionals from different parts of the world.

Jeremy Goldstein is a leading New York lawyer who is passionate about the plight of the underprivileged in society. Goldstein is committed to the work of philanthropy and is a board member of the Fountain House organization. He is an experienced legal attorney and a seasoned entrepreneur with his private practice known as Jeremy L. Goldstein Associates.


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Iskandar Safa Role in Privinvest Growth

Iskandar Safa is a successful businessman and an industrialist. He was born in 1955 in Beirut at the time that war tension was amid the air. Despite the war disrupting his childhood, it also gave him the desire to become a leader so that he can make a global difference. He was very good at discus and at one time he represented the Arab countries in the Olympic games. He graduated in 1978 from the American University of Beirut with a major in civil engineering. He furthered his education by joining the European institute of business administration and got his MBA.

Iskandar Safa believes in establishing a good relationship with employees and mostly valuing them. To executives, he believes the best way to manage them is by giving them authority and allowing them to make decisions which they see fit. He is philanthropy whose impacts are felt mostly. He is a charitable man, and he puts determination to everything he does.

Iskandar Safa has built churches in France, Dominican Republic and in Lebanon. He is also sponsoring Lebanon special Olympic team. One of his major accomplishment was in 1980 where he played a crucial role in the release of five French citizens who were held hostage by the Lebanon government. Iskandar Safa joined the international business when he bought CMN, a shipyard construction company that was on the verge of collapsing. He turned the company around in just two years. Read This Article to learn more

Privinvest was founded by Iskandar Safa and Akram Safa. Privinvest is an international shipbuilding company which is available in the united kingdom, France, Mediterranean, Germany and the middle east which houses its headquarters. It engineers and constructs foreign ships, naval, commercial vessels, and mega yachts.

The company has around 2500 employees who are dedicated to listening to the client’s needs. They respond to them appropriately and construct the designs according to their specifications. This reputation has seen the company grow to become one of the world leaders in the ship construction company. Privinvest is committed to ensuring that they don’t impact the environment negatively. This is the reason they provide that they use renewable energy in their constructions. Visit This Page for more information.






Worked Hard To Relax Harder At Kisling Nestico & Redick

Kisling Nestico & Redick is a law firm that focuses on personal injury cases. They have recently announced the retirement of one of their long time founding partners. This partners name is Robert Redick. Although they are very saddened to hear of the retirement of this partner they are very excited to see where his next path in life will lead him.

Robert Redick has plans to move to Florida and spend the rest of his life traveling and enjoying the rest of his life in the sunshine. Robert Redick is very sad to leave his life as a lawyer for the law firm, but he is excited to enjoy the rest of his life.

Redick has a lot of memories from the firm that are going to last him a lifetime. Everyone at the law firm says that they will thoroughly miss Redick. Not only was he a good friend to all of the employees at the law firm he was also a very hard worker. His hard work and dedication is going to be missed within the firm.

Kisling Nestico & Redick Jump Into Icy Water to Raise Money for Local Food Bank 

Robert Redick has accomplished a lot of things throughout his career and now it is time to relax a little and enjoy time with his family. He hopes to leave a good impression on current workers and future workers of Kisling Nestico & Redick. Redick is a lawyer who is going to be missed greatly by all. Clients and workers. Redick has worked very hard during his life and now is his time to sit back and do nothing.

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Sheldon Lavin Doubles Down On His Commitment To Making OSI A More Sustainable Company

Sheldon Lavin is a business leader who doesn’t seem to have the word impossible in his vocabulary. During his lifetime, he has been able to accomplish what might take many people multiple lifetimes. Where others would have surely given up years before, he has continued to push forward with an optimism like no other.

Sheldon Lavin went to work with OSI Industries about five decades ago and immediately began to help the company expand into new territory. In fact, it is very possible that the company wouldn’t even be close to being as successful as it is now without him. Lavin has made sustainability a key point of focus in recent years and as he wants to ensure his company will be able to stay around in the future. He also wants to be sure the company he runs is friendly to the environment and respectful of the communities it operates within.

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Sheldon Lavin has been very open to new technologies that can help OSI to become more sustainable. He has won quite a few awards for the direction he has steered his company in, and one of these was the Globe of Honour, which was given to him by the British Safety Council. Lavin also helped his company to be awarded with the California Green Business Award. While he appreciates all of the awards, what he really desires is a company that can operate in a way that is environmentally sound and sustainable.

Sheldon Lavin has always been an ambitious person who knew he was meant to do something big in the world. He started out his career by serving in the finance sector as a bank executive and investment professional. It was his hard work that helped OSI to build its first plant in the 1970s. Today, with Lavin at the helm, the company has more than 20,000 employees who work in facilities that are located in many different regions of the world. Forbes recently revealed that OSI is worth over $6 billion, and he expects to continue to grow the company even more. The world needs more CEOs like Lavin who truly care about how their companies affect the cultures and regions they serve in.


Organo Gold Provides Coffee Drinks with Unique Options

Organo is well aware of the fact that as a result of the three waves of coffee culture, coffee drinkers have a great deal of options available to them. Accordingly, Organo’s portfolio of products are diverse and unique. There are high-quality organic coffee drinks with reishi mushroom spores, this ingredient is also found in its black and green tea products. Organo was founded in 2008 under the original brand name of Organo Gold. Individuals interested in selling Organo’s products on the side to make some extra cash have the option of becoming an independent distributor of its products.

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Jason Colodne: Merging Careers In Films And Business

In most cases, people have either a successful career in business or entertainment, but rarely both. However, that has not been the case with Jason Colodne. As a person who has been responsible for strategic plans with many of the world’s foremost financial services companies, he has also produced Hollywood films that have starred the likes of film royalty as Harrison Ford and countless others. Using his unique talents and abilities, he has been able to forge a successful career in two very different industries, and in the process has become well-known for his innovative thinking and willingness to try something new to achieve success.

When it comes to producing movies, Jason Colodne has an excellent reputation for getting the job done and creating a movie that is sure to be successful. Producing a variety of movies including Paranoia, Earth to Echo, Brick Mansions, and the critically-acclaimed Act of Valor, he has brought an energy and excitement to all films on which he has worked, which has no doubt played a big part in their success.

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Though achieving success as a Hollywood movie producer, Jason Colodne has still dedicated much of his career to the financial services industry. One of his most successful endeavors has been co-founding Colbeck Capital Management, which has risen to become an established industry leader. Having helped found the company in 2009, Jason Colodne has been responsible for overseeing many key areas regarding portfolio management and other important aspects of the company.

Yet before helping create Colbeck Capital Management, Jason Colodne had already established himself as one of the preeminent business executives in the financial services industry. Working for such companies as Patriarch Partners, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs, Jason specialized in many areas, especially strategic planning. By being able to closely examine such areas as portfolio management, documentation, credit trading, and loan closing and administration, he was able to make an immediate impact on each company. As an example of this, by the time he left Patriarch Partners, he had helped transform the company into one that had a portfolio value exceeding $6 billion.

Though spending much of his time between the business world and Hollywood, Jason Colodne has also found time to pursue many charitable and philanthropic projects as well. One of the most important projects has been his role serving on the board of the Children’s Tumor Foundation. Knowing nothing is more important than keeping children happy and healthy, he has assisted the organization with a variety of projects associated with fundraising and other areas, all of which have helped strengthen the organization and help many people along the way.

As a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Jason Colodne knows the importance of getting a quality education. Because of this, he has also been a member of the Centurion Foundation, which has helped provide educational opportunities and assistance to numerous deserving people for many years. Continuing to make the world a better place, Jason Colodne has many more adventures ahead of him. Learn More:

Your Work with Expert Michael Nierenberg

With a lot of people wanting a great investment banker they can trust, it’s why so many have chosen Michael Nierenberg. With the years of experience he has and the work he has done for Bear Stearns, it is absolutely no wonder that he has become a tried and trusted investment expert for individuals needing his help. He has an extensive history with other companies and some of the top banks in the world, giving him an edge over other experts who you might have hired and worked with in the past.

The wonderful thing about Michael Nierenberg is that he can be found easily online, giving you the opportunity to find and look at the profile that he currently has. You can see for yourself the work he has done in the past as well as how much he charges for the services he is offering. You can feel confident in using Michael Nierenberg for his investment services and know that you have the help of a professional who is going to help in more ways than just one. By giving Michael Nierenberg and his services a try, you’ll see just why this option has become a trusted source.

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Bhanu Choudhrie Learns About Global Investments

Investments are growing in today’s economy. Some investors have traveled around to seminars to hear about the best real estate offers. Bhanu Choudhrie is a business owner that has had successful investments throughout his career. Bhanu studied International Business and Marketing at Boston University. In his educational pursuit, he decided that it would serve a purpose to become a part of the Harvard University community. With all of his success, Choudhrie has learned to surround himself with a successful management team. They keep each other motivated throughout business transactions. Join Linkedin to see Bhanu Choudhrie’s profile.

Typically, Bhanu Choudhrie starts his day watching CNN and Bloomberg. He is able to keep up with investments and banking by listening to the latest news. From that point, Bhanu Choudhrie decides to invest and get advice from his management team. The team stays motivated while Bhanu Choudhrie explains what he needs within his business.

Bhanu knows that a business day will be surfing the Internet and talking to his management team. Bhanu is a native of Delhi, India and was born in June 1978. He spent a lot of time listening to his family members about education and business. Bhanu decided to invest into his own business. Today, Bhanu Choudhrie is the CEO of C&C Alpha Group. Throughout his career, Bhanu has made successful choices with investments and banking. Bhanu meets with his colleagues to come up with ideas for investments, especially if he’s not traveling.

For a fun activity, Choudrie chooses to maintain his health by attending boxing and cardio classes. While he’s helping others with long term health issues, he wants to maintain his great health through the gym. Bhanu still continue to research and find out about stock investments and business exchanges. Because of his hard work, he has become one of the most successful company owners in India. C&C Alpha Group is known to make the best investments while having a capital that continues to grow. India is proud to have a native that works hard to keep his management team informed about investments and choosing to help India with their business management and aviation education. More Information about Bhanu at

Nick Sarnicola Finds Success As An Entrerpeneur

Nick Sarnicola is a business who was raised in Wyoming, Michigan. Attending Wyoming Park High School, he says he was never taught about entrepreneurship. He also didn’t learn about it at home as his dad was a project manager and his mother had a job in the health care field. Once exposed to entrepreneurship, it became his unique passion. After graduating, he joined a company that sold long-distance telephone service through network marketing. While he was successful at this the company wasn’t and so, a few years later, it went under. Nick Sarnicola and a few business partners decided to open a direct marketing firm, ViSalus Sciences. He is the chief executive officer of this company which sells products designed to help people achieve a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

This includes meal replacement shakes, meal bars, snacks, and energy drinks. They chose two ways of succeeding in this competitive industry. First, they created an online Challenge Platform on which people publicly declare their health goal which motivates them to hit it. Second, they decided to make their products only available through “Promotors” rather than selling them in retail stores. Nick Sarnicola says the two practices have helped them stand out and sell almost $2 billion worth of products since 2005. In addition to the United States and Canada, his company products are also sold in Europe.

In June 2019, Nick Sarnicola appeared at an Italian Entrepreneurs Rally Around Vi Mission event. He congratulated the country’s top Promotors and rolled out a new program, Vi Prime, which will provide free shipping to ViSalus’ customers. Also unveiled was Vi University, which provides a comprehensive training program. He also introduced two new products: Vi Nutra Chips and Vi Meal Bars. Nick Sarnicola launched the philanthropic arm of ViSalus, Vi Cares. The program partners with the company’s Promotors and customers to help nonprofits. Along with his wife, he also founded the Sarnicola Foundation, which teaches young people about entrepreneurship. It also provides college scholarships. They donated $1 million to this foundation to get it started.

Jeremy Goldstein: One of the Most Reliable Executive Compensation Lawyers in America

Businesses in the United States require assistance from legal professionals to resolve different issues, like executive compensation. For the majority of corporations in the country, their preference for a lawyer would be someone like Jeremy Goldstein. He has been practicing as an attorney for more than two decades, and he specializes in cases that involve corporate executives and business owners. He also manages his law firm and serves as a chairman for the Mergers and Acquisition Sub-committee – one of the active committees within the American Bar Association.


Jeremy Goldstein attended the top universities in the United States, which includes Cornell University, the University of Chicago, and the New York University. Since he started a career as a legal professional, most of his cases involve a corporate entity. He was able to elevate his skills in defending his clients, and he learned from his experiences. One of the biggest opportunities came into his life ten years ago, when the demand for executive compensation lawyers increased. Jeremy Goldstein was quick to grab this opportunity, and he presented himself to his clients as someone who can help them with their legal problems.


One of the things that he focused on is the establishment of a good relationship between him and his clients. When a case is referred to his law firm, he would require his client to meet up with him. It is easier for Jeremy Goldstein to look into someone’s personality and goals if they are having a conversation. He is also gathering information while speaking with his clients, helping him learn more about the case and find out how he can help his client. Most of the cases that he is currently handling are similar to earlier cases that he already encountered, but once in a while, there is a unique legal issue awaiting his response. Jeremy Goldstein said that he loves to look at unique cases because it helps him understand his profession deeper.


Every day, Jeremy Goldstein is making sure that his clients will get hold of him 24/7. Many of his clients require him to report occasionally, giving them an update about the case. He loves his job, and it inspires him to do better when he sees his clients win inside the court. One of the things that he is trying to accomplish is building a better system for his law firm, and he is spending a lot of money to invest in new devices and technologies that would make it easier for him and his employees to finish their jobs. Jeremy Goldstein is also a philanthropic, and his most well-known philanthropic act is an annual charity dinner, where important people are invited and Jeremy Goldstein tries to encourage the visitors to donate to the charity that he selected.


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