Oren Frank Started A Therapy Mobile App For Counseling

Oren Frank is the CEO of Talkspace and has a number of colleagues helping with the mobile app. Frank wanted to reach communities that need counseling after certain situations. Some communities needed help, but they didn’t know how to find it. Talkspace is a therapy mobile app that allows counselors to give exercises. The exercises help clients with decisions about life and business. There has been support groups that he benefited from using the therapy mobile app.

Some individuals have finally gotten a chance to counsel to improve their environment. Some have seen the difference in their anxiety and stress levels. Talkspace mobile app can be downloaded anywhere counseling is needed. Most clients can afford the mobile app, because Oren Frank knew that counseling shouldn’t cost a lot of money.

Some businesses use the counseling app to help employees that have experienced mental breakdowns. The counselors remind them to stay focused and reach out for help. There are plenty of people that need the mobile app.

Oren Frank is planning to reach people through health centers and blogs. Oren and Roni Frank wanted to start the mobile app after attending counseling. They both saw a difference in their lives. Talkspace gibes clients a chance to speak about different changes that they want to take place. The company set a part counseling for interventions. Oren Frank wanted therapy for those that needed it but couldn’t reach counselors. He learned about technology and how the app could make a client’s life much better.

Some clients have learned to improve their social activities because of counseling. Their work has began to be easier for them because of becoming stress free in their lives. There are blogs that explain how counseling can help someone feel better about themselves. Talkspace is a therapy app that promotes private sessions for clients and groups.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talkspace

Grupo RBS Takes On A New Way Of Delivering Content Online

The online entertainment sector is one of the fastest-growing in the world with many different outlets looking to gain traction in the digital area through a growing internet presence. For many media groups, the chance to develop their content online has been built on the creation of different websites and the investment in in-house content creators. One of the media outlets in South America to identify their entry point into the online content sector was Grupo RBS.

The first steps taken by Grupo RBS into the online world were small and involved the purchase of existing content creators who were already working towards developing a powerful viewing base. To create their first content, Grupo RBS invested in a series of content producers from the year 2008 onwards. The first of these was the digital entertainment creator Guila da Semana and ObaOba. These online content creators have been at the heart of the work of Grupo RBS since they were merged into the larger brand and became a key part of its future. The development of the internet has been of great importance to the leadership of Grupo RBS with the brand growing its work for a number of years but it has also created new ways of working that have become industry standards. One of the most impressive aspects of the online movement of the Brazilian brand has been its desire to move to mobile content that is scalable over that designed specifically for laptops and larger screens, reports by meioemensagem.com

RBS has become one of the leading companies in the online sector with a large number of specialist websites added to the brand in the last few years. Under the leadership of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer as the Chairman of the board, the desire to become one of the leading content creators in Brazil in sectors including wine and a huge number of other websites offering educational and entertainment opportunities.



Mark Okada Begins The Transition To Retirement


The path to retirement for Highland Capital Management co-founder Mark Okada began a few months ago when the plans regarding his departure from the daily running of the financial services brand began. The financial sector specialist is looking for a smooth transition to take place that will make it easier for him to complete the path to a form of retirement by the end of 2019. The clients of Highland Capital management need not be concerned about the future of the brand as co-founder James Dondero is remaining in place for the foreseeable future.

Mark Okada has been a key member of the Highland Capital Management team since he and James Dondero decided to create the brand in 1993. The brand was developed as part of the drive to make a mark on the credit market, a goal the company has undoubtedly achieved throughout its history. See This Article for more information.

They also conduct business out of the firm’s satellite offices in Singapore, Seoul, Rio de Janeiro, and Buenos Aires. Highland Capital Management’s emergence into Europe came in part with the acquisitions of other financial institutions. They also acquired NexBank and ING Capital Management in 2004 and 2006 respectively.

Okada has been integral in the development of the alternative credit sector for Highland Capital Management and has assisted in the development of the company as a global brand. Achieving much over the course of his career, Mark Okada has helped the Highland Capital Management take on new areas of the changing credit market and survive the 2008 credit crash that saw the extinction of many of their competitors.

James Dondero discussed the ability of Mark Okada to work with him to navigate the changing credit markets over the course of 30 years working together. Dondero was keen to thank his business partner for the service he has provided as a business leader, philanthropist, and friend during their time working together in Houston, Texas.

At the time of the announcement of his retirement from Highland Capital Management, Mark Okada and James Dondero presided over a business empire estimated to be worth billions of dollars. Get More Information Here.


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Sheldon Lavin Leading the ISO Group towards a Sustainable Future

Currently, in the business world, Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI Group, is one of the most committed executives towards leading their companies to sustainability. ISO Group is a top-notch food processor, and since its establishment, it has always been an industry leader when it comes to embracing change.

Today, one of the biggest threats facing our planet is unsustainability leading global warming and depletion of natural resources. Under the leadership of Sheldon, this global food processor is set to change how it makes its products and how it operates to a more sustainable model.

Welcoming the Next Phase of Growth

According to Sheldon Lavin, the company’s move to sustainability will also welcome the next phase of growth for the company. He went on to point out that ISO Group has always flourished in the face of change. The success that this top-notch food processor enjoys today came about as a result of the company embracing change.

This CEO revealed that this company was among the first in the food industry to welcome innovative technology like automation when it came about. This helped the company significantly improve its production quantity and also quality. With this, it was able to beat its competition and emerge as the market leader.

Sustainability through Innovation

This time around, rather than wait for innovations to be done by another entity and adopt them, Sheldon Lavin pointed out that his company has decided to take control of its future. He mentioned that ISO Group was investing innovation so that I can create its own path towards sustainability. This is a path that will not only benefit the company but the food industry as a whole.

About Sheldon

The ISO Group CEO is a celebrated business executive due to his successful career. He has been with this company for more than four decades and has helped it grow from a start-up to the multinational it is now. Sheldon Lavin has, during his career, received numerous awards and recognition for his business prowess. Among the most distinguished awards that he has received in the recent past is the Global Visionary Award from Visionary World Academy, India, in 2016.

For more information about Sheldon Lavin, visit at https://www.crunchbase.com/person/sheldon-lavin

Jeremy Goldstein – Important Infomration to Keep in Mind

Jeremy Goldstein has become a successful attorney throughout the years. He studied law at the New York university where he graduated with a doctoral degree. Later on he received his MA from the university of Chicago. He is known for representing high profile acquisitions to permanent clients that have included United technologies, American aerospace company and also good rich.


Due to his high level of experience and exposure in this specific career field, he serves numerous advisory boards where he is able to help and be a part of the panel of directors for charitable organizations. Some of the charitable organizations that he has served and work for our Fountain house. Jeremy Goldstein is a specially knowing for his role as a leading counsel and some of the largest acquisitions. He has been a part of South African breweries, Sears and Alltel. There have been major corporations that have been eager to work with Mr. Goldstein because he has become a great specialist in this field.

He has had the opportunity to have decades of experience to properly help others in need. The main thing that Mr. Goldstein tries to teach his clients is hard to make reachable agreement quickly before the deal becomes more complicated. He believes that when negotiations take way too long, the corporate leaders will often change the negotiation making it much harder for the client to agree to that negotiation.


He has stated before that he believes that the main reason why many start of CEOs do not retail level of success is because they are unable to make decisions on the spot. He has been able to teach many CEOs how to properly make the best decision Ali first piece. He has also had the opportunity to help out a wide range of start up businesses grow and become successful. He understands what it is like to start from the bottom and work hard all the way to the top. This is something that he tries to instill in the mindset of his clients.


Jeremy Goldstein has dedicated a lot of his time making sure that his potential clients attend social events in New York, New Jersey and also Connecticut. He motivates his clients to strive for hypertension all of success. His determination, hard work and willingness to help out others is admired by many people all over the world. Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer that is highly recognized by many other attorneys.


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Finding a Cure for Cancer Is Vehemently Coming Closer Thanks to Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is a 49 years old gentleman who has launched at least five companies, each worth a minimum of $250 million. Tempus is one of his most significant investments as it uses data to solve cancer-related issues.

After Eric Lefkofsky’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, he realized that very little data was used to contribute to her care. This ultimately launched Tempus, whose goal is to analyze information and thus help doctors customize treatment for each cancer patient.

How Does Tempus Work?

A doctor collects a tumor sample and sends it to Tempus for genomic sequencing. Consequently, Tempus identifies the reason behind cell growth and division. This analysis helps doctors to prescribe better treatment other than chemotherapy.

Although genomic sequencing costs between $1000 and $5000, Tempus loses money while doing it. Why? Probably because they do extensive analysis contrary to what other organizations do. Nonetheless, the company has licensed its library to insurers, researchers, and drug companies, and it increases their revenue. In fact, it collects seven figures from seven out of ten leading drug companies.

Several people have invested in Tempus with the hope of achieving better results on cancer, depression, and diabetes. It has, however, published less than 20 peers reviewed manuscript in four years while its competitor has published 400 in nine years.

Entrepreneur Journey of Eric

Eric Lefkofsky’s journey started at the University of Michigan. He studied history but ventured into entrepreneurship as he began by selling carpets. He later co-founded InnerWorkings, which was a marketing company. He then started a transportation company, Echo Global Logistics, and MediaOcean, an advertising software.

Groupon is another company that he invested in, and it’s known as one of his most significant achievements, as illustrated by the $1.6 billion in revenue collected in 2016. Eric Lefkofsky has done other projects from different industries, and all the experience has led to the creation of Tempus. He hopes to produce more data following the genomic sequence his company is predicted to carry.

Tempus has made a significant milestone as it is currently working with 30% oncologists from the USA. Find out more about Eric Lefkofsky: https://newsblaze.com/business/latest-business/eric-lefkofsky-about-tempus-at-bloombergs-the-year-ahead-summit_146430/

Under Armour Bouncing Back With Performance

Under Armour CEO and founder Kevin Plank formed the company making football players undershirts that were sweat wicking in his grandmother’s basement. The brand has always focused on products that perform. The company recently began to admit that it wanted to compete with Adidas and Nike.

Attempt to Be More Competitive

Kevin Plank’s company would have to manage style and make the products work everywhere instead of just inside the gym. The efforts which include collaborating with Tim Coppens for a sportswear line did not go over as well as Under Armour hoped. Kevin Plank is looking at the past performance to find the success in the future.

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Kevin Plank Easing Investor’s Minds

Founder of Under Armour Kevin Plank has told Under Armour investors that the company was going to double the efforts for performance. IN 2018 the company’s sales increased to over $5 billion, a gain of just over 4% as a result of international business. The company and Kevin Plank experienced a slowdown after years of record growth and it now trying to get momentum back.

Attempting to Jumpstart Sales

Focusing on performance might not be the best way to give sales a boost or the easiest. Over half of sales were to U.S. consumers who are buying athleisure inspired by sports. The consumers are not buying items that are purely performance at the same rate. NPD Group, a research firm, reported that sales for performance footwear were decreasing and had been for three years. Over half of those who use active footwear do not exercise at all. Less than half of the people use sports shoes for sports.

Performance Not Top Attribute

The results found by the NDP group show that people are not necessarily looking for performance when they buy activewear or footwear. This is a challenge for Under Armour as a brand that is based on performance. It is not impossible for a brand focused on performance to succeed but they have to be aware of the trends and desires of shoppers.

See more: https://www.fastcompany.com/person/kevin-plank

Sheldon Lavin Has Been Making His Mark At OSI Group Since The First Day He Walked In The Door:

There have been many achievements and accolades that have come the way of food processing industry icon Sheldon Lavin over the many decades that he has been a major player in the field. Sheldon Lavin has been making a difference since he first stepped foot in the door at OSI Group. When the first owners of the company hired Sheldon, it was with the hopes that he could use his expertise in finance to help them in their planned expansion efforts beyond the Midwest United States region. The firm already had a sizeable footprint in that area of the country but the owners, the Kolschowsky family, wanted to expand further. Sheldon Lavin was such a success in helping with this that he was soon recruited to do more. This led to his taking over of a major executive leadership role and eventually becoming the head of the firm. Today, Sheldon is still the Chief Executive Officer at OSI Group as well as holding the title of the Chairman of the Board. The years that he has been at the helm have been full of big events and a great deal of expansion. Learn about Sheldon Lavin at patch.com

The OSI Group of today is an internationally operating food processing company with facilities in 17 countries around the globe. The significant growth the company has experienced is closely connected to the work done by Sheldon Lavin over the years. He has always committed to expanding the business because he saw tremendous potential from day one. Not content to just expand OSI past the U.S. Midwest, he was soon thinking bigger and better. This has led to the firm’s current position as one of the largest food processors in the world.

The accomplishments of OSI Group under Sheldon Lavin just keep coming. The firm has created many unique partnerships over the years. This is evidenced by the recent deal that was made with Impossible Foods to co-manufacture one of the world’s most popular plant-based burgers. The accolades for Sheldon have continued to come in as well and he recently received the Global Visionary Award as a recognition of the amazing work he has done over the years.

Read: https://gazetteday.com/tag/sheldon-lavin/

How José Auriemo Made His Name At JHSF

José Auriemo is a Brazilian businessman who has spent the majority of his career with real estate giant JHSF. Though he currently serves as the firm’s chairman and CEO, it took him a considerable amount of time to get there. This may be because Auriemo may not have initially planned on working with the company for the majority of his career. Instead, he worked there part-time while pursuing a college degree.

However, he soon came to believe that he would much prefer working full-time at JHSF than he would with a different company after he graduated from college. As a result, he left university and applied himself full-time to learning everything he could about the firm’s operations. This subsequently meant that he gained a significant amount of expertise in almost all aspects of the business, which enabled him to develop a keen eye for new projects.

One of the largest of these was the CidadeJardim shopping complex, although development of the project was first met with hesitation. This was predominantly driven by the fact that JHSF didn’t possess much experience in the commercial real estate niche. Despite this, he managed to push through the 800,000 square foot development, which also involved partnering with a variety of international retail brands.

By doing so, José Auriemo was able to make a success out of the Sao Paolo-based complex. As a result of this, JHSF became increasingly more involved in the commercial real estate sector in Brazil while Auriemo continued climbing the ladder within the firm. Though the company has established a variety of other projects across the country, the CidadeJardim development continues to be one of its shining jewels.

This is especially true now that JHSF has partnered with the Fasano brand for a $900 million investment in the shopping complex, which will see a variety of new buildings and amenities added to it. A Fasano hotel will be the most prominent of these, although new additions will also include several residences and a club for people who purchase them. Construction on these has already begun, with this set to be finished by 2022.

For details: www.escavador.com/sobre/138820644/jose-auriemo-neto