Agera Energy’s Eco-Friendly Energy Solutions

Initiatives for greener solutions in products and services help in maintaining global warming. Agera Energy is one of those electricity suppliers that doesn’t burn coals in making their electricity products. The company uses green technology to generate electricity. Through Pure Wind energy, they supply electricity for homes and commercial establishments. The firm uses Green-E certified recs from audited and verifiable wind firms.

One of Agera Energy’s biggest benefits offered is that the customer has control in the energy usage. In order to create more manageable energy solutions, Agera Energy supports the installation of LED lights. By using LED lights, a customer can customize his or her lighting needs, like getting a dimmer lighting or automatic shut down if the lighting is not in use. LED lighting installation from Agera Energy is designed to give rebates to customers depending on states.

Agera Energy is also awarded a Green Business Certificate by Westchester Green Business Council. It means that the company is one of the pioneers of green energy and is doing the right thing for the government. The effort given by the company to make their products and workplaces eco-friendly is a good indication that the company is concerned with their customers and the environment.

In compliance with the green business certificates, the Agera Energy implemented recycling programs in their offices and facilities. With the eco-friendly water filtration system, the employees don’t need to buy plastic bottles for water consumption. The only effort needed is to bring reusable containers that can be used every day, reducing the use of plastic bottles.

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Victoria Doramus: Charitable Work

Digital and print media expert Victoria Doramus has worked with many notable companies since graduating with a B.A in journalism. Her work with well-known companies such as the Creative Arts Agency, Stila Cosmetics, and Mindshare focused on branding and advertising.

After her success in print and digital media, Victoria Doramus moved into the film and TV industry, and this expanded her knowledge of marketing and trend analysis. Aside from her professional endeavors, Victoria Doramus has a passion and dedication to charity work. Below are some of the charities that Victoria Doramus fiercely supports.

Best friends Animal Society

The Best friends Animal Society is a national animal welfare society. The animal charity I a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was created in the 1980s when a group of best friends decided to take unadoptable pets from shelters and give them medical care, find them forever homes, or give them a sanctuary to live out their lives.

Room to Read

Victoria Doramus actively works with non-profit organization Room to Read to help girls in impoverished countries like India, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Tanzania finish secondary school and learn a skill to help them succeed.

Women’s Prison Association

The Women’s Prison Association supports thousands of women that have been imprisoned in New York for either drug-related or property crimes. A high record of the women who are imprisoned are low-income women of color who haven’t received the opportunity to overcome circumstances caused by poverty. The Women’s Prison Association tries to provide opportunities to help low-income women to avoid arrest. WPA helps women find housing, receive mental health services, and learn skill for life.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation

Talented singer Amy Winehouse died at the age of twenty-seven after having battled her addiction to drugs and alcohol for many years. In their grief, Amy’s friends and family decided to establish The Amy Winehouse Foundation to help to support young people in their fight against addiction. Victoria Doramus battled and overcame addiction. She knows how important it is to warn people about how dangerous addiction is.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong’s Journey from a Small-Sized Business to Large E-Commerce Conglomerate

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a reputable businessman and the chief executive officer of He is a self-made billionaire whose current net worth is $12 billion. His success story is one that inspires people significantly. Richard Liu attributes his achievements in business to his flexible attitude, intuition, and tech-savvy nature. His company caters to approximately 100 million customers. This professional has his business utilizing high-end technologies to provide to his vast clientele.

Liu Qiangdong’s early life

Richard Liu was born in Suqian, China. His parents were involved in the coal shipping business in the region. After completing his primary and high school education, he gained admission at the People’s University of China. Despite majoring in sociology, he developed a desire to start a business so that he could hire himself in the future. After graduating from college, he began to learn coding tricks and eventually studied computer science.

Richard Liu’s career and achievements

Richard Liu first job was with Japan Life. While working for this organization, he developed his business skills and utilized the tech knowledge he had acquired while studying computer science. During his tenure with this organization, he was promoted to director of computers, a position he held up until he quit to start a business. In 1998, Richard Liu began a retail store not knowing that it would become one of the most profitable companies in China. To grow his small business, he rented a sizeable space where he often sold magneto-optical products. Despite the real competition, he strived to sell authentic products which earned him favor among his customers. In five years, his business had become highly established and profitable. Richard Liu had even established more branches and hired more people to work for him. When the SARS outbreak hit China and businesses began to deteriorate, Richard Liu took it as a chance to expand thereby establishing an e-commerce business. By upgrading his company, he was able to maintain his clientele as products could be delivered to their doorstep. In the last couple of years, he has focused on building his business using superior technology. Richard Liu has also expanded the company’s portfolio so that consumers have a variety of items to choose from.

Learn More About Ryan Seacrest’s Professional Career


Ryan Seacrest’s professional career is soaring. He has been able to use the knowledge that he acquired from Dick Clark to make the most out of television. More importantly, he makes a professional career on television look easy. He’s successfully maintained a television co-host role for over 10 years. In between his professional career breaks, he loves to exercise. This inspired him to create s breathable exercise suit collection. He’s sportswear allows you to get an aggressive workout in a casual suit collection. His men’s suit will be available to the general public in the following months. Learn more about Ryan Seacrest’s career below.

As a television host, you can find him working alongside Kelly Ripa on the Live With Kelly And Ryan Show. Together, they’ve been able to gain tremendous ratings for the popular daytime television show. Plus, he was able to replace former host, Michael Strathan and Regis Philbin. They even recruited the studio audience to make the Guinness Book Of Records. You can catch him hosting for America Idol. They find new talent that goes on to be musical talent in the entertainment industry. You can find his executive producer credits on the Keeping Up With The Kardashian Show.

His men’s suit collection has been great for people that want to work with a casual look. You will find a treasure in the jacket pocket for men. You can select your style from select retail department stores. His outreach program includes the Ryan Seacrest Foundation for desperate teens. His outreach provides the youth food, clothing, and shelter. He also understands that many teens are at risk for not getting an education. His outreach program encourages those teens to get an education by providing educational opportunities. He has been able to help thousands of local area teens.

Ryan Seacrest has also maintained a long-term relationship alongside his career. Today, he can appreciate a fine glass of wine and vacation opportunities. He also has a popular podcast called the Live With Ryan Shoe with over 346,000 listeners. Learn more about his career by visiting his website for more details.

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Paul Mampilly – Predicting the Business Trends in the Year 2019

Paul Mampilly is one of the most noted financial analysts in the United States today with over two decades of experience in the financial world. Having worked as hedge fund manager, investment portfolio manager and asset manager at various large scale banking and financial corporations, Paul has been able to gain the experience necessary to excel in the field of finance and business. With years of his working experience in the financial sector, Paul has been able to assist numerous investors, high-net-worth individuals and financial companies with devising investment strategies and multiplying their wealth.

Financial advisor Paul Mampilly left his career as a hedge fund and portfolio manager in the mainstream financial market to help the people understand the business world better and invest smartly. It is for this reason he got attached with the Banyan Hill Publishing as its senior editor. As the senior editor, he has developed many popular newsletters, including Profits Unlimited. In the newsletter, he provides his investment tips and advice to the common people on how they can multiply their wealth as well and invest wisely and smartly.

In his recent article, he has written to help common people, Paul Mampilly has provided predictions for the business in the year 2019. Paul says that the Big Data has been the part of the business culture for quite some time, but most big companies use it due to their extensive marketing budget. However, in the time to come, the smaller companies would be able to use Big Data efficiently for their business as well. Paul Mampilly says that voice search would continue to be the part of the latest market trend and the companies that make use of it would be able to stay ahead of the competition. One other prediction that he made is that the political situation would be mostly in favor of the businesses and it would help the companies grow. One can find more information about the tips and advice provided by Paul Mampilly by subscribing to his newsletters, such as Extreme Fortunes, True Momentum, Profits Unlimited, and many others.


Agera Financial-Energy

Agera Financial- Energy has branched out into many different areas offering its’ customers flexible choices. They offer residential energy plans that only fit your needs. This means that the service plans for your home can be tailored to what you use. You can choose an electric service plan or contract that gives you a cut on your bill.

Percentage Rate

Say you enter into a deal to where you agree to not use as much electricity during peak hours you can see a significant reduction in your bill. On the other hand, there is a drawback to this. If you go over the agreed power reduction during that certain time you probably will be penalized. This is usually determined by a percentage rate scale.

Agera Careers

Agera is growing at a fast pace. The fact that they are doing so well means that they have had to add thousands of new employees. Some employees have nice things to say about working at Agera. Some do not. Here are some nice things they say about the company.

One comment left on a website says that the company is very helpful. The structure of the pay is  fair with a bonus commission. The person stated that they loved working there. In 4 months they held several positions and in that time they were satisfied. The only con that is mentioned is that some employees said they would like more training time.

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Steve Lesnard : Why Product Introductions Fail

We live in a time where traditional marketing platforms such as television and radio have become pass, it’s no secret that social mediums have introduced themselves into the marketplace as the go-to sector for companies when introducing a new product. Although these new social mediums have lent new companies the opportunity to compete with larger brands, choosing the right platform and route has become increasingly difficult.

Steve Lesnard, a form executive for some of the worlds largest brands and marketing guru has presented to us a set of principles to follow the next time your company chooses to introduce a new product.

Principle Number 1: Simplicity Is The Best route

Often companies like to inform customers about all the bells and whistles that their product contains, however, this method leaves customers in an over information daze which they will most likely forget when they run into another ad. Steve Lesnard recommends keeping the ad copy simple and presenting consumers with a clear benefit. We only have to look at the product introduction of Apple’s iPod to see how successful this method really is. In the introductory ad, Apple simply said “10k songs in your pocket” to gain the consumers attention and most importantly to remember their ad.

Principle Number 2: Make Your Product Come To Life

Steve Lesnard’s second principle is simply to give your product life, easier said than done but it can be done if you have a clear storyline, says Steve Lesnard. So, how exactly do you go about finding the answers? Marketing expert Steve suggests asking yourself a series of questions, for example, how will the consumer use it? or How will it make them look? A great example of this principle in action was seen during YETI’s cooler campaign. The introduction of their cooler was made through social media ambassadors that primarily had an outdoors audience. Simply using their YETI cooler during their adventures without making it seem like an ad provided YETI incredible results in an “oversaturated” industry such as the outdoors market.

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy

Nick Vertucci has made a name for himself over the years in the real estate industry thanks to his strong work ethic and drive for success. He has much experience teaching those just starting out the ins and outs of real estate. The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy has grown into the place to be for those looking to get into the field.

Nick started out as an entrepreneur in the tech field at the young age of 18. His business had a good start until the dot com crash of 2000 caused him to lose millions of dollars as well as his business. Nick decided not to dwell on this loss and moved forward with a new career in real estate. He was able to learn the tools of the trade fairly quickly and became a skilled investor over the years.

California and Nevada became the homes of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy which was established in order to prepare students for the world of real estate. The academy teaches how to purchase property such as family homes, and homes that have been foreclosed. Nick provides teachers who are also successful realtors and investors who possess the skills students are eager to get their hands on.

Nick Vertucci isn’t only an expert when it comes to real estate, but he also has experience as a talented radio host. “The Real Estate Investing Hour” was created to encourage and educate people on the world of real estate and property investments. The radio show motivated many people to try their luck at real estate and became popular rather quickly.

Getting a mentor in real estate for those just starting out in real estate and investing is easy with Nick Vertucci’s academy. His school even hosts events all across the country for students and professionals alike. Nick takes his crew around the town in a decked out bus proving that fun can most definitely be mixed with business. Those looking to get into the real estate industry are encouraged to visit the academy’s website for information on enrollment.

Competing in the Commercial Banking Field

On November 7, 2016, Nexbank CEO and President John Holt participated in a forum as a panelist at the Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference to come up with innovative and cutting edge ways to grow and branch out in the banking industry. Holt participated in the fifth annual event for banking leaders which was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. During the conference, the Nexbank President participated in a discussion about using innovation to compete with banking competitors and reinvent commercial banking in the community.


Nexbank provides small businesses, large businesses, and institutions with the capital to achieve both short term and long term goals. Lending services are personalized to fit a variety of budgets so that entrepreneurs are able to start their own companies and institutions and provide jobs for workers. Holt makes sure that his staff works closely with clients to provide financial advice and work out a flexible lending plan.


Holt also offers commercial real estate lending services so that individuals can find the perfect place to open their new business. Both owner-operated real estate and construction and development projects can be financed to satisfy the needs of business owners. In addition, existing loans can be refinanced to lessen burdens that some entrepreneurs have when they unknowingly settle for loans with high-interest rates.


Competing with other commercial banks by offering loans with fair rates and ongoing professional guidance is how the Nexbank reinvents and innovates the field. Allowing businesses to grow by providing the right means is a way for Holt to gain more clients and help communities grow.

Rick Cofer’s Drive To Helping People

Rick Cofer has always had the drive to succeed in his career; after almost a decade working as a prosecutor, he founded his practice defending those charged with crimes. The Austin-based practice has been growing steadily ever since and Mr. Cofer is always there for people who need legal advice. But his passion for and willingness to help people extends well beyond his practice; he’s been involved with some Austin-based charities and non-profits for the past few decades.

At one point Rick Gofer was the chair o the City of Austin Zero Waste Commission, which helped to get a ban on plastic bags throughout Austin. Now, he’s the Vice Chair of the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Board. He’s also worked with homelessness non-profits and more, and that’s before we even mention his political work. But where did Rick Gofer find the energy and passion for helping so many people across such diverse causes? A lot of it can be brought back to when he worked at the Travis County Attorney’s Office as the mental health attorney.

Through this, he was able to learn the inner workings of the mental health system and help people through some of the most challenging times in their lives. This is where Mr. Gofer realized that he should be helping people as much as possible, especially when they’re going through difficult circumstances. This eventually led him to his work with the homeless, which also sent him on a path to try to improve the Austin area. For example, he recently helped pass a Parks Board resolution to help tackle recycling and waste diversion in the city.

Because of that, Austin will be a lot cleaner and a lot more green from the next few months onward. Rick Cofer’s outlook on life isn’t very surprising once you’ve seen that kind of resume. As he has put it, the most valuable lesson you can learn in life is to treat people well. In Rick Gofer’s word, people may forget what you did for them and what you said to them.

However, they’ll never forget how you made them feel; with that in mind, some professional decency and positive goodwill can go far. Being kind to people not only makes their day better but can make the world of difference to both them and you. This includes the likes of any support staff that may be around; treat them with kindness and respect.