This is a presentation about incidents of frauds in Securities Industry in addition to measures present to detect and preventĀ fraud.

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The most efficient way to combat money laundering and terrorist financing crimes is to be aware about the associated risk. Government and other authorities like FATF have identified areas where more due diligence is required. Lists are published by FATF for countries deficient of AML compliance. Those that present higher AML risk are to be considered for enhanced CDD. Also to note is that the territories that are banned or sanctioned in addition to individuals or entities that are on restriction lists of governmental organization need special attention by AML compliance. This presentation gives you overview of these requirements.

In this webcast of AML and ATF lectures, we discuss the importance of Customer Due Diligence policies. Topics include: Why is it important to confirm all material facts in regards to a client before entering into business? What role does identifying and verifying customer identity have in a financial business?

Hello visitors! Welcome to AMLFinanceblog. As you may have already noticed, this is a website with the sole purpose of discussing the latest events in the world of finance. In particular, topics covered on this blog will consist of things relating to terrorist financing and money laundering. On a weekly basis we will be releasing webcasts to inform you of the basics of anti money laundering as well terrorist financing. Stay tuned for more updates and hope you become one of our regular readers!