Kate Hudson: Empowering Women

Meet Fabletics: one of the most popular athleisure and athletic wear companies out there. You’ve probably seen their ads, which usually feature their popular spokesmodel, Kate Hudson, showing off new designs, whether it’s on an online ad or commercial. She has been working her creative flow with the company for three successful years now and is doing great things. She was appointed ambassador for the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign, and she decided, undoubtedly, that adding clothing in support of Breast Cancer to the Fabletics line would be an excellent decision.

Kate Hudson is a huge supporter for Breast Cancer. She knows, like the rest of us, that most have been affected by the popular disease whether its a family member, friend or themselves. She decided to add a few pieces in the cancer color, pink, but revamped it a bit, giving it more depth. These exclusive pieces on fabletics.com can be found on the site in limited quantities and you can choose from two different tops, capri leggings or a bralette. Supporting Breast Cancer empowers women and Kate is confident that many will relate to this campaign and purchase the items for the cause.

Fabletics is a unique company because it is based off of subscriptions. You can subscribe to receive new athlesiure clothing each and every month at a fixed cost. The cost is significantly less than other brands like Nike and LuLuLemon which is why the company has found much success. You can also purchase clothes at your own leisure and don’t have to subscribe but many find it a good way to add affordable and versatile clothing into their wardrobe. Fabletics.com is where you can go to subscribe.

Fabletics was an overnight phenomenon thanks to it’s different way of shopping. Their have been several stores opened this year so that potential and regular customers can see and feel items for themselves, and there are plans to open even more stores in the coming months. Kate Hudson continues to impress us with her kindness and creativity. This is a cause you want to support, and can look awesome while doing it. Don’t miss out, get your Breast Cancer athleisure clothing today and help empower other women, like Kate Hudson does daily. See: https://www.youtube.com/user/Fabletics

SEC Whistleblower Program Protects Clients Who Report Violations

Jordan Thomas recently led his team at Labaton Sucharow LLP to secure a substantial award for a client who reported a transgression in a very high-profile case. This is the second largest SEC whistleblower award given to date.
Labaton Sucharow LLP is the nation’s first practice to exclusively dedicate itself to represent SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) whistleblowers. This case in question was awarded more than $17 million to a client who exposed a significant transgression in the financial services industry.
It is the second largest award from the SEC Whistleblower Program, now in its 6th year. This program allows whistleblowers to receive between 10 and 30 percent of the total awards won in a successful enforcement action.
This whistleblowing client provided great information that led to authorizations against a major company in the market. This client, as with most cases, chose to remain anonymous to avoid possible retaliation. The SEC does not reveal cases where the whistleblowers played a role to help prevent revealing the identity of the whistleblower.

  1. Thomas, who led the team on this case, also represented the first person of a public company to receive a whistleblower award and worked on the first case where the SEC charged an employer with performing a form of retaliation against a whistleblower.

The SEC Whistleblower Program has unique protections and incentives for eligible clients. Clients, including the one in this particular case, can report any possible federal violations anonymously with added employment protections. They also have an opportunity to gain substantial money from the case. Congress has even established an Investor Protection Fund that ensures adequate funds are available and currently has a balance of over $400 million.
In 2010, Congress enacted the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and also the Consumer Protection Act, which was the largest overhaul of financial regulation since the Great Depression. As part of the Dodd-Frank Act, the whistleblower program was created to entice people to report violations to the SEC.
As part of the rules, the SEC is required to pay these whistleblowers the 10-30% of the sanctions, as stated before, but only if the case is won and the sanctions exceed $1 million. If those requirements are met, they may also be eligible for other awards based on the money collected in related actions by other law enforcement agencies. The Act also prohibits and will prosecute any retaliation against SEC whistleblowers.

Largest SEC Settlement In History Appointed Under Labaton Sucharow


A SEC attorney is competent in the complicated laws of the Security Exchange. Thousands of people are effected each year by securities fraud that is committed against investors. The Dodd-Frank act emphasizes that whistleblower rights be protected. Often times, turning over pertinent information creates enemies and you could find yourself falsely terminated. This is when most people rely on the legal representation of a SEC Whistleblower attorney. They will fight for your rights and get you the compensation you deserve to successfully win your claim. You don’t have to worry about fighting your legal battles on your own.

Labaton Sucharow was one of the first attorney’s to dedicate his entire practice to SEC laws. He was one of the first attorney’s in the industry to do so. He is one of the top leading professionals in real time SEC laws. He has played a major role in implementing SEC laws to where they stand today. Sucharow admits that valuable information that saves the SEC thousands of dollars in investigating and resources. He understands whistleblower’s are entitled to 10-30% of every million that is collected. You get the money thst you need when you’ve been treated poorly by your employer as a whistleblower.

You’ll discover how to win your case with a professional SEC whistleblower lawyer that will give you a free consultation and legal advice on your claim. They will sit down and discuss your case options with you. It is important to maintain your privacy to avoid being blacklisted. A SEC attorney will maintain your confidentiality and ensure you will have discretion with your claim. Sucharow has won of the largest SEC claims in history for his client. His client received over 56 million dollars in a recent court proceeding.

The Securities Exchange is attempting to build the trust of their investors. The federal government is cracking down on individuals who affect investors through financial fraud. They have said that unscrupulous practices have discouraged investors. The goal is to keep implementing laws that will protect consumer rights. A whistleblower is now getting the protection that is highly deserved. You’re not sure what to do? Call a legal professional that can help. They don’t collect unless you win your claim. Discover how to give yourself a better chance of winning your claim with a professional that can help. Discover how to win your claim through the representation of competent legal counsel.


Josh Vern’s Stratagies For Success

Verne said if things are not going as planned in any of his businesses, he has learned how to change the direction. He never gives up. He takes another path because he wants to realize his vision. He also knows that he is his biggest competitor. In the earlier days, he never took advice from anyone. He thought he could handle it all. That he said got him nowhere fast. Verne soon realized it only took up time and caused him to briefly lose his focus.

Josh Verne considers himself a leader, not just an employer. His team consists of people who know how to apply themselves in the business world and whom he considers family. His successes are also the teams but, if there is a collapse, he makes sure there is a plan so they won’t feel it that much. Verne also made it a point about not comparing himself or his businesses to others. Firmly believing that everyone knows what route is best for them and their path is not his to follow.

Verne knows that working smarter not hard is the key to success. He said when he began in business, he was doing everything himself and it was very hard. It was not always smooth sailing for him in the furniture business, although there were great days. The company ran into some difficulties which resulted in a sale. This action disrupted the lives of the workers who depended on him. He remembers someone telling him the reason why he has two ears and one mouth, is to listen. He took that advice wholeheartedly.

His advice to anyone who is in business or planning to start a business is, are they feeling any passion? He thinks that some people get into business and regret it. Regret is a recipe for failure. Verne knows too that balancing work and life are always difficult. He works it out by having a great family and an assistant that keeps him grounded. He is proud of his team and knows that he rely on them to continue making the company a success.

Jim Hunt Passes His Wisdom on to the Average-Joe Investor


VTA Publications is a company that is a non-fiction publisher of distance learning courses. The company was created in 2012 and it’s many customers around the world love the information products and free articles they provide. They have physical products and digital products, and these products specialize in the field of finance and economics.


Many times, people are intimidated about investing in the stock market and in other different ways because they are not educated enough about it. VTA Publications created a new product that educates people about how to invest their money.

The intriguing thing about this product is that people no longer have to guess different variables when investing. This product includes real-time data and variables and it can be plugged in directly to the system. This program puts together investments while educating people. If the right tools are accessible, people are taught different aspects of the stock market and investing. Everybody has different learning styles, and people are able to relate to the information and get more out of it.


Jim Hunt is the CEO of the company, VTA Publications. He is a specialist when it comes to stocks and bonds. He focuses on educating average investors with some of his products.


Jim Hunt created a few products which include “Make Mum a Millionaire” and “Wealth Wave.” His predictions with the stock market are extremely accurate, and consumers are fortunate to gain wisdom through his products.  For more on Jim and VTA, check out this interview, or follow Jim through his Twitter and YouTube accounts.

Why Eucatex Group is undeniably the Leader in the Supply of Wood-Related Products in Brazil


Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian mechanical engineer and businessman. He holds the President position for GrandFood Group and Eucatex. Flavio is an alumnus of the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) where he acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and the New York University (NYU) where he studied Business Administration. According to Facebook, Flavio is married and has three children. He began working at Eucatex Group the same year when his uncle held the President position of the company. After mastering what it takes to run a multinational company, Flavio was appointed as Eucatex’s President back in 1997.


The diverse portfolio of Eucatex


Eucatex Group mainly produces and markets insulation and liners that are extracted from eucalyptus trees. The company has grown rapidly since it was founded back in 1951. To be precise, it majorly serves construction companies and furniture manufacturers. Eucatex usually sells floor laminating materials, paints, modular partitions, and doors to its construction clients. The company has three factories based in Salto that produce varnishes, plates, and paints respectively. Eucatex officially opened a new processing plant within Salto with the primary goal of producing medium density fiberboards (MDF) and thin high-density fireboards (THDF).


Environmental Sustainability


Concerning sustainability, Eucatex is one of the pioneers of environmental conservation in Brazil. The company has 44,000 hectares of land with planted trees in São Paulo. Eucatex Group was awarded the ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certifications for its sustainable operations. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) also acknowledged the company’s work by awarding them a Green Seal. Under the leadership of Flavio Maluf, Eucatex amassed $ 215.8 million in net income for the year 2009. After being appointed as President, he adopted a new management model. According to Flavio, this model enables him to strive for perfection and success when it comes to overseeing Eucatex’s administrative matters.


Flavio’s charity work


Besides holding a senior executive position at Eucatex, Flavio enjoys participating in charity work. When donating to the local community, his primary objective is to empower other people financially for them to afford basic utilities. He recently collaborated with the LANG Carli Hospital and Maternity in a move to improve the health services in the facility as well as enabling patients from the local community to get quality healthcare services.

Equities First Holdings Experiences A Boom In Stock Borrowing

Equity First Holdings is a market leader in shareholder financing and a global lender with presence in several countries across the world. One of their most recent activities includes the changes noted by the company regarding the issuance of stock-based loans. Equity lending is growing in popularity and more institutions are entering into the market to address the rising demand for financing among investors.

Changes in the banking world have seen more banks tighten their lending regulations and review their loan qualifications while increasing interest, but this has not prevented people looking for financing from borrowing. People seeking working capital can opt for collateralized stocks and stock-based loans offer a higher loan to value ratio when compared to margin loans. They also come with a fixed interest, so there is not much worry about inflation and other market factors that may trigger changes in the interest rate.

In the conventional loaning system, fluctuation in the market is inevitable and may lead to additional costs with time. Many borrowers who opt for stock-based loans enjoy protection because they operate on a lower investment risk. Additionally, a big number of stock-based loans offers a non-recourse feature that enables the borrower to get out of the stock at any point in time, even when the value of the stock depreciates.

The interest rate that is offered for stock-based loans is low and stands at between 3 and 4 percent, and the rate is fixed. However, this is not the case with margin loans as they offer ratios ranging between 10% and 50% and the lender may choose to liquidate the collateral attached by the borrower without notice if there is a margin call.

About Equities First Holdings
Equities First Holdings, LLC offers clients with financing options that are alternative to the conventional options available in different markets. The company offers capital against stocks that are publicly traded to help clients meet their goals, both professional and personal. Equities First Holdings provides capital with shares as collateral as long as the shares are in publicly traded companies across the world.

As a global company, Equities First Holdings has opened offices in nine locations including London, Australia and China. The company is looking to expand to other markets to address the rising demand for alternative lending options at lower interest rates.

Josh Verne – Personal Development Podcast On Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Josh Verne frequently provides success tips to readers of his blog, which are primarily aimed at a male audience. Men whom are looking for a successful career and better lives often turn to Josh Verne’s advice which for many is life-changing. He emphasizes the need of men to keep learning new things in order to build a better life for themselves. Many men don’t find success in life simply because they don’t listen to the advice of others and that is the reason why Josh is there to help others succeed alongside these individuals as well.

The first item which he believed was that he should be a leader first. Leadership means to him that he is able to build a team. At an early age, he realized that he needed to involve others and explain things to them before he can expect them to understand it. His first business was in the furniture industry, where he was responsible for building up a large furniture operation from the ground up. This came over the course of a 20-year career in business and offered him the opportunity to build himself from the ground up in the business field.

Josh Verne is also a big believer in having a balance in life. He is able to do so as he can find the right balancing act between work and accomplishing his goals for his business. This means that Josh spends a great deal of time with his family and ensuring that they are happy. However, this does not mean that he is not an individual without focus. Having a good focus on his goals means that he’s able to achieve what he sets out to do while still being able to keep his mind focused on what he needs to accomplish in order to do so.

On top of this success-oriented philosophy, Josh is also a big believer in creating win-win situations which benefit everyone involved. According to Entrepreneur.com, what also distinguishes him from other business leaders is that he is a firm believer in that either everyone rises or falls together. Thus, he is willing to step in and ensure that this is what happens if someone were to not pull their weight.

Finally, Josh Verne is a firm believer in pursuing your passions. Passion is what he feels that drives individuals to pursue and achieve great things. This is the real secret to success: being able to enjoy what you do on a daily basis. He insists that every day should be the best day of your life, and that every day should not be drudgery and the same boring thing which is done over and over again.

More information for Josh Verne can be found here: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/college-students-get-personal-on-new-online-platform-flocku-300219840.html

How To Handle Online Reputation Management

Are you worried about how you are perceived online? Want to make sure that only positive content is shown when people search your name or your company name online? What people read about you or your business, can determine whether they will patronize your business or go to a competitor’s business. It is important to have a good online reputation management system for your organization or business.
Online Reputation Reviews.com explains that if you don’t manage your company’s reputation properly, you leave it vulnerable to all sorts of threat and attacks. You spend years on your business; invest time, money and effort, and make a lot of sacrifice to see your company grow and become successful. But it takes just one moment or one misstep to ruin the reputation built over years.

It is important to know how to push positive reviews to the top of your search results and push down unwanted content or negative, irrelevant content to ensure that when someone searches you, their results are populated with positive, desirable content about you.

A good reputation management system monitors online reputation for businesses and professionals and addresses issues promptly. Online reputation is extremely important nowadays and any company or individual that ignores this fact will certainly suffer greatly.

There are many benefits to monitoring and protecting your online reputation. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, professional or a corporate executive, you need to know what people are saying about you or your business. Smart people guard and protect their reputation and immediately address issues that threaten their online reputation. If you are serious about your business then you should take steps to ensure a good reputation.

No matter what type of service you provide, or business you’re involved in, your reputation is out there, and it matters. It is important to consult a competent online reputation management team that employs aggressive techniques and proven strategies to overwhelm negative content and reviews. A good team will have tools and resources that enable them to monitor your online reputation, and address issues as soon as they occur. They will create articles and other types of content to publish online while suppressing negative content.


Mike Baur Comes Up With a Supportive Venture for Startups

Mike Baur is renowned for coming up with a company that is responsible for nurturing dreams and helping startups gain traction. The Swiss Startup Factory, which he launched in 2014, has been classified as one of the best venture capitals within Switzerland that has committed its resources to ensuring potentially huge businesses are nurtured.

This is a dream Mike Baur had from the onset and since 2014, they have managed to assist a number of individuals, who now own businesses that are solving problems. To make the Swiss Startup Factory a reliable haven for startups, Mike Baur has invited leading professionals in the country and educational institutions.

Co-working space

Startups need a conducive environment that can facilitate their growth and expansion and this is what the Swiss Startup Factory is offering. They have created a co-working space that allows different individuals to brainstorm and come up with solutions.

The space is equipped with all the necessary technology that can accelerate the incubation to offer strong and well-prepared startups that can compete relentlessly. Mike Baur is hopeful about taking in more students into the three months incubation program since they are not limited on who can join as long as the ideas reviewed are valid and promising.

Accounting services

Business is more about numbers and in the absence of proper accounting one would not make the right decisions or understand what ought to be done at certain times. The Swiss Startup Factory accounting service helps the startups to explore the reality about the business. It is a reliable way to understand the health of a business and come up with actionable ideas.

Free legal advice

Also important in the management of a business is the presence of legal support. A business cannot operate oblivious of the laws that define how things should be run. Going against one or more of the business laws could spell doom for a business since most of the punitive measures mentioned in some sections are enough to force a business out of the market.

Mike Baur

Born in Switzerland, Mike Baur relentlessly pursued his dream of becoming a banker and that led him to attend the Bern University where he graduated with an Executive MBA. He served in the banking sector of Switzerland for more than 10 years and in 2014, he made a bold decision and left his job to venture into business. This saw him launch the Swiss Startup Factory where he spends most of his time and money.