Free Mobile Services for Life in the UK

A no catch, no nonsense offer has been presented to FreedomPop customers in the UK. The California based firm has shelled out an offer for 200 minutes, 200 texts and 200MBs of data for the cost of absolutely nothing. The copious amount of free mobile services has no end date, as said by the company themselves, ‘its for life.’ You’d think there would be a catch but FreedomPop has quickly become a well known name among the mobile service world in the past three years. With nearly one million customers and an astonishing 250,000 new customers signing up from the UK since May, FreedomPop continues to grow in popularity.

Customers who use up their free minutes, texts or data are free to add extra by completing surveys and downloading coupons. This is a feature only offered by FreedomPop on telegraph as an extended way to help their customers stay within budget while using their mobile services. Customers can also share data with their family and friends if they would like.

The free service is available in two ways; via sim card or the FreedomPop App. The app itself shows people how many minutes they have left as well as data so they can use the remaining service wisely. For anyone unsure of how much 200MB of data is, it roughly can send 1,000 text emails, 60 posts on social media including pictures and 500 web videos.

For those stuck paying an extreme amount for cellphone services, FreedomPop has an alternative plan to help you save money and stay connected with family and friends.

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