A Company That Puts People First

Qnet is an e-commerce website that deals with different products from around the world. The founders of Qnet began their e-commerce based business in 1998. Their vision was to create an e-commerce business that was unique from the rest. Qnet is an Asian based e-commerce website, but its products are sold to individuals all around the world. The products that Qnet works with are very unique and diversified. Qnet deals with the direct sales of products for lifestyle and leisure, educate training, logistics, telecommunications, and much much more. The founders of Qnet were very unique in their philosophy about their business and also about life. They were not only people interested in starting a business, but they were also a group of individuals that were interested in starting a business that focused on its employees. Gandhi was one of their main inspirations, and they wanted to have a company that had a vision and goals. Raise self to help mankind is the motto for Qnet. This model encourages its employees to help others to succeed and be successful in life and business.

Vijay Eswaran is one of the founders of Qnet. He is known all around the world as an entrepreneur, an inspirational speaker, a world renowned author, and a philanthropist. Even though he has a wide range of interest and that he is doing many things for himself and others, he still maintains his balance and he is focus. Because of that Vijay is able to run a very successful e-commerce business.

The core values of Qnet are service, teamwork, integrity, and results. Their mission is to contribute to the community globally, and help individuals to set goals and achieve them through business opportunities and also well-balanced life enhancing products. The individuals that work for Qnet are also clients. They realize that the products that Qnet sells are unique, balanced, and outstanding. Because of that they use these products to better their own life, and they help others to see the value of the products as well.

Qnet is also a company that focuses on education. They do they not only want their direct sellers to distribute products, but they want them to be educated about the products that they are selling, in that way not only are they delivering a better product, but they are educating themselves as well. Even though there are different direct sales companies around the world, Qnet is the only one that focuses on people.

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