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Beneful Makes Pet Owners Lives Easier

Caring for a dog isn’t easy but it’s always worth it. Dogs bring such joy into all of our lives. They greet us with a tail wag after we’ve had a hard day of work. They curl up to sleep with us when it’s time for bed. They essentially become our best friends. Our dogs don’t ask for much in return. They do expect us to make sure that they are taken care of. That’s something small that we can do after they’ve given us so much. Quite a few things go into properly caring for a dog. A dog requires shelter. They won’t care how big or small your home is, just as long as there is a warm spot for them to curl up in. A dog requires regular veterinarian care to ensure that they are in the best health that they can be. A dog requires exercise, typically in the form of a walk. One of the most important things that a dog requires is proper nutrition. Proper nutrition can be considered the base for their overall health. If a dog isn’t getting the best nutrients that he or she could possibly get then they probably won’t be in the best possible health. Beneful has dog owners covered when it comes to pet nutrition. They have created a variety of products that are all about keeping a dog happy and healthy. The Beneful keeps a dog happy by appealing to its taste buds. Beneful has a large variety of both wet and dry food. The wet food is moist and full of wholesome ingredients. The dry dog food is full of different textures and flavors that will delight a dogs pallet. Beneful also sells treats that are specially formulated to not only taste great but also help them to have a healthy smile. There is a team of expert nutritionists and scientists that are behind the Beneful brand on Facebook. These people have worked together to ensure proper nutrition. They adhere to the highest standards when it comes to dog food quality. They know exactly what a dog needs to be lively and active. The team behind Beneful takes such pride in their product that they feed it to their own dogs. It’s no secret that Beneful is a well-known brand. It has been around for years but some people tend to be nervous about switching their dogs food brand. Switching to Beneful is worth it. There is such a large variety of products that owners are sure to find one that appeals to their dogs. This is perfect for pets that are picky eaters. Overall, Beneful has really crafted a great formula on Yahoo that is helping to keep dogs safe. One of the many great ways that Beneful keeps dogs safe is by offering specialized formulas for individual dogs. There is a product for senior dogs, puppies, dogs that need to manage their weight, and much more. This helps to make the owners job a whole lot easier.

Forward Thinking CEO and Company

Coriant is a large networking company based out of Munich, Germany and Naperville, United States. It creates and supplies all the technologies required for large telecom companies to lay cable and provide services of all kinds to customers across the country. In particular, Coriant has been at the leading edge of fiber optic cable supplying. These fiber optic networks will pave the way for the next generation of high speed internet. Coriant came into being in 2013 after breaking away from Siemans, and joining forces with Sycamore Networking Solutions. Originally being guided by Marlin Equity Partners, Coriant was a bright light from the very beginning, and that positive start only grew, to the company that now supplies 9 out of the top 10 communications companies. Coriant has grown to service companies on 6 continents and over 100 countries.

However, Coriant does not just create a proven product, it is also in the business of developing and supplying the next step in communication and networking technologies. Coriant supplies networking services to large enterprises, government agencies, internet service providers, content creators and submarine network providers. Coriant’s main asset is in innovation and global services. Specifically, Coriant controls more than 1800 patents on its technologies, and has pioneered some of the most important technologies of the last 35 years. They revolutionized the networking industry with the fastest transmission fiber optic cables in the business.

Strong performance often comes from strategic leadership, and this is no different in the case of Coriant. Shaygan Kheradpir is the current CEO and Chair of the Board. He arose in the company through strategic planning and operations, which he leveraged in order to become the CEO. His innovative style has made him a popular candidate for CEO since he entered the company. Leading the strategic planning of the company has fostered an innovative atmosphere that took off during his tenure as CEO, spurring further growth and innovation throughout the company.

Shaygan Kheradpir plans to continue this strategic growth, but spurring further investment and innovation in service provider technologies. These markets can be very difficult and competitive, so to gain advantage and satisfy customers who purchase these technologies is the gateway to future growth and expansion. Shaygan Kheradpir has proven himself to be a competent and forward thinking CEO thus far, and his plans and inspiration for the future of the company only solidifies his position at the head of Coriant.

Having A Healthy Dog Is A Benefit Of Feeding Them Beneful Brand Foods

According to having a healthy body starts with feeding the body healthy foods and giving the body enough exercise. It doesn’t matter if the body is human or animal, both of them need the same thing. The body of a dog can be well taken care of if they get enough exercise each day. In order for the dog to obtain enough exercise, they must first eat enough food. Eating enough food is in relevant if the food is no good. Many pet owners will actually feel that their dogs can eat the same foods that they consume, and they find out the hard way that human foods are best fed to humans only. Dog food companies make food for dogs because they understand that dogs should have a different kind of food than humans. Although a human can consume lots of bad foods and still bounce back, dogs are not always so lucky. There are dogs that die from heart disease, and dogs can catch any other disease that humans suffer from. The difference is that dogs have less time on this earth than humans do, so they’ll suffer even worse from a disease than a human will, and they can die from it a lot sooner too. When looking after dogs a dog’s health, it’s as simple as going to the grocery store or pet store and picking up a very good brand of dog food. Beneful is a great brand of dog food available on Amazon, and dogs can gain energy by eating the food on a regular basis. Beneful also has the nutrients that dogs need to keep themselves healthy, and there are vitamins and minerals in Beneful brand foods as well. Even pet owners who are having a problem with their dog’s breath can find Beneful products that can help with this. Beneful has products that will help to get rid of bad dog breath, and it’s done through the use of dental sticks, which appear as dog treats. When dogs chew on the treats, they are helping to clean their teeth as well as freshening their breath. Dog owners who also want to help clean their dog’s teeth can always get a toothbrush to brush the dog’s teeth if the dog allows it, but if not, then Beneful dental treats can work. Beneful should be the number one choice for any dog owner who wants a healthy pet.

Adam Sender Has a Unique Eye for Success

Some people are enormously successful in business and others are creatively gifted. However, it is a relatively rare occurrence when a person is able to possess both the creativity to know what art truly is and the business sense to know how to make money from it. Much of this comes from the reality that the analytical propensity that makes people successful in business and the creative drive to make art come from two distinctly different hemispheres in the brain. That is why most people are predisposed to gravitate toward one discipline or the other. Every once in awhile, a person like Adam Sender comes along that is skilled at virtually everything.

For years, Sender was involved in companies that provided hedge funds for other entrepreneurial endeavors. Eventually, he decided that he would prefer to do things his own way as opposed to following the rules and regulations that most companies insisted that he follow. He has always been known as something of a risk taker, a pioneer who was not afraid to take risks when others would balk at the very idea. He managed to do quite well with his own hedge fund company and eventually, his interests moved more into the art world as opposed to providing capital for other businesses to start up.

Today, he has amassed an art collection that is nothing short of astounding. His personal art collection is so varied that it would make most museums jealous. He has well over one thousand pieces. He continues to find the most innovative artists across all realms of activity, seeking them out in order to provide them with a viable way to make a living as an artist. Once he finds an artist that he likes, he purchases their work and then puts it on exhibit from his own private collection. This provides notoriety for both the artist and for Sender himself.

This is a new chapter in his life, but it should come as no surprise when the fact is considered that he has been doing things differently than most others his entire life. His desire to have the greatest personal art collection in the world is well on its way to becoming a reality. It may even already be a realized goal, although Sender would probably argue that point. He is continuing on his quest to ensure that he is capable of providing notoriety for up and coming artists while simultaneously making a name for himself in the art world. When all things are considered, it is easy to understand why Sender is so successful at everything he does. He is merely applying the same techniques he used as an entrepreneur in order to help people find success in the art world. In the process, he is redefining himself as an individual.

Cell Phone Freedom With FreedomPop

Cell phone service is evolving with time and currently the main goal is more attractive price plans. FreedomPop has introduced a different approach to cell phone plans by presenting the first 100% free cell phone service that includes voice, data and text. They also offer international calls to more than fifty countries.
Upon purchasing the cell phone, which runs around $49.99, an initial free 30 day trial of the highest premium plan begins. Once that first 30 days is over the customer is free to choose which plan best suits their needs. The free plan includes 200 voice minutes, 500 texts and 500 MB of data. For customers who need more, FreedomPop has two premium plans to choose from, $10.99 a month buys unlimited talk and text and 500 MB of data, and $19.99 a month includes unlimited talk and text and 1 GB of data. There are also optional services on twitter offered by FreedomPop that include visual voicemail, wireless tethering, premium voice quality, support for MMS and data rollover.
The phone is a pre-owned Motorola Moto E (2nd Generation) that has 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of storage, 5 MP rear camera, VGA front camera, microSD support, Android 5.0 Lollipop, 2390 mAh battery, a 4.3 inch screen, and a 540×960 resolution. While this package is valued at $249.98, FreedomPop is currently selling the package for $49.99. It has a 30 day money back guarantee and requires no contracts which allows customers to change plans or cancel their service at any time.


Investment banking is often a misunderstood area. Its portrayal on TV is mostly of sly Wall Street freshmen baying for investor’s money only to burn it all. But what is investment banking? It’s a way of raising capital for companies, banks and governments that need it. The debts are packaged into a form of loan called a bond. The bond is then sold off to investors. Investment firms also earn money through other ways. One of the most well-known is proprietary trading. It’s the most commonly used. These companies bet on commodities like gas, oil, currency and shares. They trade depending on the experts hired. It’s a high-stakes gambling game with a lot of money. Other ways investment banks earn money is through underwriting and selling structured products. On the products, a company comes up with a money-making the product and sells it to investors. The product can be a fast trading computer model or convertible arbitrage bonds. All these firms, from the high and mighty to the start-up are all in essence brokers. They try to beat the system to their advantage. The world here is high octane fast paced world. Money doesn’t sleep here.

Chicago has many investment banks. Chicago is the financial capital of the Midwest and one of the financial capitals of the world. It’s also home to financial investment companies like Glenwood and Citadel. Mr Ken Griffin sits at the helm of Citadel. He represents the best Chicago has to offer in the financial world. A native of Daytona in Florida, he was a maths maverick from a young age. In 1986, he joined Harvard. It was here that the ambitious young Kenneth showed his resourcefulness. He convinced Harvard to let him set up a satellite dish in his dorm room to allow him to get real time data of the happenings in the stock exchange. He specialized in trading in convertible bonds and by the time he finished his campus, he was a well-known bond trader He had $ 1 million in investment assets. Boston was too small for him, so he moved to Chicago.

Here in Chicago he met Frank Meyers. He is one of the pioneers of hedge funds and the founder of Glenwood. He was given $ 1 million to invest and made a return of 70% in one year. With assistance from Meyers, Ken started his investment firm Citadel. He has managed to attract the best talent and today the company has $ 26 billion in assets. It has three divisions. Citadel tactical trading fund for prop trading, Global equities fund and Wellington fund. They are all growing at more than 20% per annum. The growth has been so good that he is considering an IPO in 2016.Chicago has an excellent environment for investment banks. It continues to attract the best and continues to produce empire builders. Kenneth is an inspiration to many aspiring investment bankers out there. His advice, start now!