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Standing Out In The Real Estate Crowd Is The Key To Success

The real estate market is always buzzing with something. Whether it is buy now, sell now, or this is the perfect time to refinance, there is always a happening. The key to joining in on the success and making a profit is a working knowledge of creating excitement to remain relevant and standing out in the sea of competitors.

Many courses can be found to help you learn the ins and outs of the trade, from hours long to months long, and there are any number of ways to attend from live events to webinars to virtual conferences. Once you are on the scene, however, it is important to keep training to stay up-to-date and have relevance as the market evolves. What many people do not realize though, is the importance of offering something different to the scene and how that changes the entire game.

Real Estate Mavericks is one company that strives to change things up, keep clients in the loop when it comes to social media, marketing and providing tips to best reach their target client base as well as what it is that creates buzz. Real Estate Mavericks was founded by Greg Hague, a man literally born into the real estate business. Hague’s father, a real estate man himself, allowed him to work in his company’s firm along-side the janitor from the age of twelve. As a result, Greg Hague learned the trade from the ground up, observing closely the skills needed and what made a sale, or a remarkable salesman.

Greg Hague’s blog is designed with those who strive to succeed in mind, giving tips on how to be remarkable and explaining the importance of standing out in a market of traditional, cookie-cutter professionals, even telling the mark that fatherly advice has made on his life. In it he shares his experiences and insight that have made him the maverick amongst his peers and the ultra-successful man that he is today.

Events offered by Real Estate Mavericks include the Live Teleconference, 11 Minutes of Maverick with Greg Hague. The 11 minute event is packed with advice and insight into the leverage power and creativity hold in the real estate market, and can be attended from the comfort of your home or office. Greg Live can be seen

In addition to being a real estate mogul, Greg Hague is a bar-certified attorney who was listed as one of the Top 50 Pro Bono Attorney’s, an instrument-rated pilot, and esteemed writer and public speaker. Real Estate Today calls him a “Real Estate Visionary”, for his creativity and non-traditional approaches to sales and business practices.

Anyone who wishes to up their game, in any industry, would be wise to diversify their strategies and continue seeking training opportunities. For those whose aim is to excel, bored of the status-quo, checking out Greg Hague’s speeches and the Real Estate Mavericks events and other non-traditional avenues is a brilliant way to advance their skills while learning to be creative.

Shaygan Kheradpir’s Rise to Coriant

In 2013, Nokia Siemens Network formed the technology company, Coriant. They did not, however, invent the Coriant technology. The technology was first invented in Munich, Germany in the 1990s. Nokia simply borrowed this invention and used it for its company. On May 6 of the companies creation, Coriant was acquired by Marlin Equity Partners. Since then, Marlin has merged Coriant with Sycamore and Tellabs. The combined companies are now all known as Coriant. Today this giant technology company is run by Shaygan Kheradpir.

Kheradpir was educated at Cornell University, where he earned his B.A., M.A., and PhD. in electrical engineering. He has since had a long career of executive positions. He started his reign at the top with GTE Laboratories in 1987. Prior to this position, he was in top positions at GTE, Verizon, Barclays, and Juniper Networks. In 2000 GTE and Bell Atlantic combined to form the telecommunications company, Verizon Communications. Kheradpir was made one of the leaders at this new company and soon rose to become the top man.

Under Kheardpir’s leadership, Verizon became the leading telecommunications company the world over. He revolutionized the industry and the world by breaking his massive workforce into innovation teams. The workers, numbering 7,000 strong, worked almost constantly to churn out its steady stream of inventions. He also helped the company enormously by cutting spending in various areas. In January of 2011, Kheradpir joined the team of London-based bank, Barclays, as its COO. In 2013, he ascended to become Barclays first technology executive of the top executive team.

In January of 2014, he became CEO of Juniper Networks. In 2013, Kheradpir joined private equity firm, Marlin Equity Partners. This is how he ended up at Coriant since, as mentioned, Marlin Equity owned the technology company. He was soon afterward named CEO of Coriant. This position had previously been filled by Pat DiPietro who became Coriant’s vice-chairman.

The New Innovations for Dog Food

Recently in news it has been reported that dog food sales have been soaring with the growing popularity of buying high quality dog food. As dog food sales grow, dog food manufacturers have started creating their own innovations with the intent of marketing their product more and more to the consumer. An example of this is Richard Thompson who is the owner of a small and local gourmet-food dog store. Mr. Thompson states that he only uses the freshest of ingredients in order to not only keep the dog healthy, but to also please the consumer. In addition to this, Mr. Thompson limits the time to which the meals sit on the shelves for the purpose that this product is only eaten when it is at its freshest. Innovators within the dog food industry are finding their own niche in order to find a spot within this 23.7 billion dollar industry. The new innovation among many local and national dog food brands is to offer fresh ingredients that promote healthy living for any pet. An example of a company that is promoting healthy well-being is PurinaStore. Beneful is an international brand by Purina that has been named one of the most popular brands to use in the United States and around the world. Beneful is a company that specializes in three specific types of food which as the wet food, the dry food, as well as the treats. Of all the varieties of food that are offered by Beneful, one of the favorites is the wet food. Beneful is proud to day that only the freshest ingredients are used to make the wet food. Proteins such as chicken, pork, lamb, as well as beef are all combined with various other ingredients including carrots, barley, rice, as well as green beans. Even the texture of Beneful wet dog food indicates the freshness of the product as it is cut up into course pieces to show both the dog and the owner the fresh ingredients that were used. Beneful is an international company that is fully supporting the initiative to give dogs only the freshest ingredients to keep them happy and healthy.

Chicago Entrepreneur Is Helping Nepal Earthquake Victims By Starting A GoFundMe Fund

An earthquake can strike anywhere at any time. The earth is constantly in motion, and there are mini earthquakes happening all the time. The big ones that cause massive destruction can happen in areas that have cracks in fault lines or they can occur in an area where no major earthquakes were ever reported. No one wants to be caught in an area when a major earthquake occurs, but it happens, and when it does life is never the same.
The April 2015 earthquake in Nepal turned that country into a killing zone. Thousands of people lost their lives, and millions of people lost their homes. The initial earthquake in Nepal was bad enough, but another quake hit the country near Mount Everest in May, and that quake caused additional damage. It will take years and billions of dollars to repair the damage. Some of the damage will never be repaired.
Chicago businessman Majeed Ekbal has been sending money to Nepal victims for months, but he wants to do more. Ekbal, a recent graduate of American University, has friends in Nepal, and they say some of the towns and villages hit by the quake are more than disaster areas. They were completely destroyed. Majeed decided to start a GoFundMe Fund to help the people of Nepal rebuild their homes and communities.
Ekbal’s GoFundMe Fund has a $10,000 goal. The money raised from the fund will be given to the CrowdRise Fund that is in the process of raising a million dollars for the victims. Millions of dollars have been raised but money is needed, and Ekbal is doing all he can to alleviate some of the pain his friends and their friends are going through now.
Majeed Ekbal knows how to raise money. He’s a real estate investor and his business, Expresso Inc. on the Near North Side of Chicago has been well received by that community. Expresso Inc. delivers groceries and specialty items from the major grocery stores in the city. Expresso also works with small stores, and the combination of a big grocery stores and independent store delivery service has taken hold in Chicago. Ekbal plans to open more locations in other areas of the city soon.

Technology Firm Coriant Marches Into the Future

As the future becomes more and more about connections and staying connected, companies and people around the world have rushed to fill the need to have connections that are reliable. The telecommunications industry has become increasingly important in our daily life. Now more than ever we need to have reliable forms of communication at our fingertips. Companies such as Coriant have done their best to help provide the best possible services to their clients. They know that their clients look to them to continue to develop data networks that are ever faster and yet even more reliable than our current networks.

Coriant is a cutting edge firm that is headed by skilled telecommunications specialist Shaygan Kheradpir. Kheradpir is has many years of experience in this field. He has held multiple positions in various parts of the telecommunications field where his leadership skills have long been recognized and admired. Kheradpir earned his degrees in this area at Cornell University in update New York. His work in telecommunications has also included original research that has helped make the communications field much faster and more responsive to the needs of today’s affluent and educated consumers who have come to expect such services from their providers.

In taking charge of Coriant, Kheradpir hopes to continue his tradition of excellence and provide new ways for the company to grow and better serve the needs of their clients. He knows that any technology company must be fully prepared to confront any and all challenges in the market today as well as the needs of their clients for skilled help in confronting any problems that may arise. His years of customer service have helped him figure out innovative ways to assist his clients in solving such problems and doing so in ways that take full advantage of new kinds of technological advances.

Many employees of Coriant know that the company must be prepared at all times to respond to the needs of their clients. They also know that Coriant must look to the future as it begins to expand and grow. This kind of vision has proved vital since the company was founded in 2013. Company officials have consistently sought out the best possible employees to help them provide the kind of quality services they need to be able to have a satisfied based of customers. Many customers have been pleased to work with them as well.

Shaygan Kheradpir’s Twitter

Online PR Can Save Your Business

When it comes to making a successful business you would think that the creator needs to do little more than have a great product and put it in front of customers at the right price. Unfortunately, as chef and entrepreneur Andrew Gruel can attest, there is so much more that factors into the process. Now, with websites like Yelp and Angie’s List dominating the ‘review sphere’ we have seen entrepreneurs have to pick and choose how they do battle with these online review firms. As it turns out, companies like Status Labs can help them out.

When Mr. Gruel first established his sustainable seafood restaurant, Slapfish, he had little idea of the backlash that was waiting for him. The food was good, no doubt, and the presentation was beautiful but Andrew hadn’t found the sweet spot for serving size/price points for his clientele. As a result, his company was quickly hit with negative reviews all over the internet due to his pricing. As any good owner would, Andrew took the critiques to heart and amended his menu. However, the damage had been done and now prospective customers were reading these reviews and making formative decisions about his services. Not fair, right?

That is where a company like Status Labs can step in. Status Labs is an online reputation management company that helps individuals and their brands appeal to the public. With online reviews in particular, Status Labs would focus on being social and quick on the response to these customer complaints. Andrew is too busy actually running his business in order to make online PR a part of his work schedule, so Status Labs would take care of that for him.

The goal in having a responsive social outreach on review websites in particular is to give former customers attention and make them feel better and listened to. In this way other customers who read the review will see the owner’s outreach and feel better about going to the restaurant of their own accord. It’s a way for companies to fix their image on the fly if they ever run into issues.

The Lawyer That You Deserve!

As you may know finding the perfect lawyer no matter the circumstance is absolutely essential.

Search for a lawyer that has vast amount of experience in the specific area/field in which counsel is needed, always check statistics and reviews, and lastly if you are a resident of Brazil, give Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho for all of your legal needs!

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the founding partners of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. Mr. Tosto has dedicated more than 22 years to the practice of business law, in addition to business law he also specializes in civil and commercial litigation, credit recovery, banking, corporate restructuring, international law and electoral law.

Mr. Tosto is a graduate of the renounced Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie school of law, excelling in post graduate studies in Business Administration at FAAP.

In addition to Mr. Tosto’s vast knowledge of law, he also is an important member of the Brazilian Bar Association, the International Bar Association, as well as the Law Firms and Partnerships Research Centre. As if that isn’t enough was the former president of the São Paulo OAB Commission for Modernization of the Judiciary, as well as a prominent member of the Brazilian Institute for Electoral and Party Law Research; also know as (IBEDEP). Mr. Tosto is the author of several articles and reviews published in popular journals, and is a frequent guest speaker in reference to a series of legal topics and coversation, while at conferences and events. Ricardo Tosto is also the co-author of the imfamous book O Processo de Tiradentes.

If you or someone you know is in a bind, contact Mr. Ricardo Tosto at your earliest convenience. He has the knowledge and credentials that are needed to win and square away the most difficult case.You have nothing to lose!

Don’t Let Google Results Do Any Harm

Online activities are capable of causing people a huge amount of trouble. A business that is attacked by an unhappy customer through various message board posts might be stuck losing a lot of business. Some people may be a little too carefree with their social media posts and end up really regretting their actions. Others are checking out those Google results and the negative response might end up being a severe one.

Google results are quite revealing. This is why performing a basic Google search and learning about any serious problems with the results is a must. Anyone who types in his or her name and sees something really horrible has to take action.

Darius Fisher, the president and co-founder of Status Labs, notes reputations brand a person. A bad reputation brands a person in a terrible way. Allowing negative Google results to define a reputation can ruin personal relationships and careers. To address these problems, Fisher using solid digital marketing and public relations principles to reverse the impact of Google disasters.

There are a few smart steps that can be performed to reverse the current Google landscape. If current online content is causing harm, then new content should be produced to replace it. At the very least, new blog entries, social media notes, and other content should (hopefully) push the weak content down off the first page. As the troubling content is buried past the top ten, the less of an impact the text (or video or images) will not do as much harm. Even something as simple as posting on message boards, while minimal, could have an effect.

Darius Fisher was named to the Innovation 50 list as he is considered an up-and-coming digital marketing expert to watch. Fisher stresses people have to be proactive with addressing a situation with Google results. Working with a professional reputation management firm definitely is a proactive step to take.

Getting the Best Real Estate in New York City

Nearly all of the market reporting numbers for the boroughs of New York City were increased in the past year. The only thing that fell during this time was the absorption rate of Manhattan. Most of the other developmental areas of New York City rose is all of the areas. This is a direct result of both rising prices and rising areas of the city. This is a way that the city has increased the valuable property for its residents as well as some of the most valuable pieces of landscape for commercial properties.

The increase in profits does not mean that there has been a major increase in the price. During the year, the prices per square foot rose only slightly and were nearly nothing in comparison to the increases of market value for the pieces of property that rose. This lack of a huge price increase is what led many people to the city and allowed them to find property that worked for them. Not only were residential numbers good, but the numbers for commercial properties were high and close to where the need to be for the development of the city. This is just one of the many ways that the city is improving.

Town Residential is one of the companies that is benefitting greatly from the increase in numbers for New York City. The company works with the best neighborhoods and apartments in New York City to create the necessary availability of NYC luxury real estate.  They are the premier agency and work with only the best apartments in the city.

There are many different aspects that make Town Residential among the best, but their industry-leading team work day and night to ensure that they remain the best. They are dedicated to their customers and are sure to always find the right apartment or other real estate piece for the clients. The new development team, the sales team and the leasing team all work together to ensure that they are providing the right type of environment for all of their clients. This is one of the best ways that the agency has made a name for itself among the New York neighborhoods.

Pleasing the Palate: Our Top 5 Beneful Goodies

My dog is so much more than a pet. She has become, like many other dog owners will attest, a member of my family. With her unique personality, characteristics, and intelligence, I wanted to feed her a product that would give variety to her palate and benefit all of her best qualities. Purina’s Beneful brand myriad of food choices satiates her picky appetite.

Chopped Blend with peas, carrots, beef, and barley

The immediate reaction to the chopped blends is the visual appeal. Made with real ingredients, you can see carrots and peas in the mix. I am the first one to admit that I have fed my dog off of the dinner table a time or two. Chopped blends from Beneful look like human food, so the transition to this healthier version was smooth. The blends come in a 10 oz tub that is more convenient than the typical tin can because it can be refrigerated. It easily feeds my little pup two or three meals.
Tuscan Style Medley

Beneful’s wet food Medley assortments on are a hot seller in their product line. It’s no surprise considering all that is offered. 3 0z cans are a perfect portion to feed my dog, Mixing with dry food is an enjoyable option. Our favorite, however, is the Tuscan Style with its beef, carrots, rice, and spinach, that is drenched in a flavorful sauce. My dog eats it right up because it goes down easy, packs a punch of flavor, and is totally beneficial.

Healthy Smile Dental Ridges

Talk about Pavlov’s dog- whenever I go to my fridge to get ice, my pup is right there to receive a treat. I feel better “rewarding” her with something I know will benefit her teeth. Healthy Smile Dental Ridges of Beneful on facebook come in three sizes and promote reduction of plaque and tartar buildup, not to mention freshen breath.

Baked Delights: Heartfuls

A duo of apple and bacon flavors, who can say no to that? I was instantly drawn to the cute shape of the mini shortbread treats. Turns out, like everything else Beneful brings, they are a no guilt snack. Resealable packaging makes these treats a go-to time and again.