Don’t Let Google Results Do Any Harm

Online activities are capable of causing people a huge amount of trouble. A business that is attacked by an unhappy customer through various message board posts might be stuck losing a lot of business. Some people may be a little too carefree with their social media posts and end up really regretting their actions. Others are checking out those Google results and the negative response might end up being a severe one.

Google results are quite revealing. This is why performing a basic Google search and learning about any serious problems with the results is a must. Anyone who types in his or her name and sees something really horrible has to take action.

Darius Fisher, the president and co-founder of Status Labs, notes reputations brand a person. A bad reputation brands a person in a terrible way. Allowing negative Google results to define a reputation can ruin personal relationships and careers. To address these problems, Fisher using solid digital marketing and public relations principles to reverse the impact of Google disasters.

There are a few smart steps that can be performed to reverse the current Google landscape. If current online content is causing harm, then new content should be produced to replace it. At the very least, new blog entries, social media notes, and other content should (hopefully) push the weak content down off the first page. As the troubling content is buried past the top ten, the less of an impact the text (or video or images) will not do as much harm. Even something as simple as posting on message boards, while minimal, could have an effect.

Darius Fisher was named to the Innovation 50 list as he is considered an up-and-coming digital marketing expert to watch. Fisher stresses people have to be proactive with addressing a situation with Google results. Working with a professional reputation management firm definitely is a proactive step to take.

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