Online PR Can Save Your Business

When it comes to making a successful business you would think that the creator needs to do little more than have a great product and put it in front of customers at the right price. Unfortunately, as chef and entrepreneur Andrew Gruel can attest, there is so much more that factors into the process. Now, with websites like Yelp and Angie’s List dominating the ‘review sphere’ we have seen entrepreneurs have to pick and choose how they do battle with these online review firms. As it turns out, companies like Status Labs can help them out.

When Mr. Gruel first established his sustainable seafood restaurant, Slapfish, he had little idea of the backlash that was waiting for him. The food was good, no doubt, and the presentation was beautiful but Andrew hadn’t found the sweet spot for serving size/price points for his clientele. As a result, his company was quickly hit with negative reviews all over the internet due to his pricing. As any good owner would, Andrew took the critiques to heart and amended his menu. However, the damage had been done and now prospective customers were reading these reviews and making formative decisions about his services. Not fair, right?

That is where a company like Status Labs can step in. Status Labs is an online reputation management company that helps individuals and their brands appeal to the public. With online reviews in particular, Status Labs would focus on being social and quick on the response to these customer complaints. Andrew is too busy actually running his business in order to make online PR a part of his work schedule, so Status Labs would take care of that for him.

The goal in having a responsive social outreach on review websites in particular is to give former customers attention and make them feel better and listened to. In this way other customers who read the review will see the owner’s outreach and feel better about going to the restaurant of their own accord. It’s a way for companies to fix their image on the fly if they ever run into issues.

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