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4 Facts You Should Know About Healthy Dog Food

Though all dog owners love their pets, many don’t realize that there are some dog food brands that are better for their dog than others. Though commercials will always boast that the brand they endorse is the best one, the key is to look for dog food quality, not flashy, commercial salesmanship.

1. Healthy dog food is affordable. Though you can pay a lot of money for a small single serving dish of gourmet dog food, you don’t have to. Beneful, for example, is a pet food brand that is actually healthier than most gourmet brands on the grocery shelves, yet it doesn’t cost much more than generic, store brand varieties.

2. Healthy dog food features food humans would eat. Though the popular advice is to not let your dog eat human food, or not to let your dog eat off your plate; there are some human foods that are just as healthy for your dog as they are for you. Of course, dark chocolate and onions don’t fall into this category; but standard fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats do. Beneful features wet and dry dog food recipes that only feature these natural ingredients.

3. Dogs don’t only like cheap, meat-filled dog foods the best. Yes, it’s true that dogs love meat. However, dogs will eat vegetables and whole grains as well if they are part of a delicious recipe. You will find that dog food recipes from Blue Buffalo, Beneful and Freshpet all smell and look like the types of foods you would feed your own family, the types of foods your dog craves most.

4.Pet owners that buy healthy food from Amazon aren’t silly. About 10 or 15 years ago, the rumors or urban legends started going around that most popular dog foods featured all types of disgusting ingredients including meats from strange animals and high percentages of ingredients like congealed fats and processed soy, corn and wheat flours. Even the toughest pet owners didn’t want to feed this type of food to their best friend. The pet food industry is now a $23.7 billion one because pet owners from all walks of life want to feed their pets healthy food.



The World of Twitter According to @jonurbana1

Millions of people have Twitter accounts and former lacrosse player Jon Urbana is one of them. Urbana does not use his Twitter account to exclusively post about sports and his lacrosse camp’s 2016 sessions. He covers a great many different topics on LinkedIn, so followers are always kept guessing about what the next tweet is going to mention. And Bloomberg’s piece, Jon Urbana aims to support Earth Force Inc through Go fund me campaign, shows all of the great things he’s currently doing to improve the local world around him.

One tweet highlights a really off-the-wall trend that is emerging in the fashion and style world. Glow-in-the-dark hair might become the next big thing. Okay, the desire to radiate in the dark is probably not something a lot of people want to do. The article he shared on Facebook sheds a little light on those who would like to know more about him.

Music remains a popular subject to tweet about and Jon Urbana loves to draw attention to singers and bands he has an affinity for. Aerosmith has been around for decades and they gain new fans every single day. The video posted on Urbana’s Twitter account shows exactly why the legendary band endures, and the video here shows some of his proudest photography work. So does this Yahoo Answers question about his work.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

A beautiful flower looks nice, but is it really tweet-worthy material? When the flower was grown in the deep recesses of outer space, the answer is a resounding yes. A bright-colored flower from outer space is pretty intriguing and worth learning more about at

The Twitter feed is also great for recommendations for food, fun, and traveling. Even those who think they know everything about the sunshine state are sure to be surprised at some of the revelations in an article on visiting Florida with Jon Urbana. The article notes a number of beach towns that are sometimes overlooked, but always worth exploring.

The Twitter page returns to outer space once again with a link to an article about SpaceX. SpaceX has done some truly amazing things in the world of rockets and spacecrafts. The attempt to land a rocket on an ocean barge is an innovative trick the company is trying on earth.

Jon Urbana is really into making music (MTV), food and cooking. Spices add a lot to meals so his Twitter feed and blog is loaded with great pictures of fantastic herbs. Checking out his blog is always a good move.

Brad Reifler: How to Create a Successful Company

In today’s business world, those who have their sights set on becoming a CEO must possess many personality traits and skills. Whether it’s being a born leader of others, possessing great communication skills, or having a burning desire to beat the competition time after time, climbing the ladder of success is not easy. However, some people who enter the business world show signs of greatness early on. This was the case with Brad Reifler, who has built a career establishing one incredible success story after another.

What has set Brad apart from so many other entrepreneurs and investors over the years has been all this mentioned above and much, much more. Always being first and foremost a student of economics, On Twitter he has said that Brad decided that to be the best in business meant gaining as much knowledge as possible about everything related to economics. As a result, he spent countless hours learning about investment strategies, strategic planning, executive decision-making, and many other aspects of the business world. All the while, he was already planning his first entrepreneurial effort, which CrunchBase shows. Using his knowledge of financial services and investments, he founded Reifler Trading Company and immediately began to see it reap numerous benefits.

Using his excellent interpersonal skills, Brad was able to attract a wide variety of clients to his business. Determined to give each and every one the personal attention he felt they deserved, he set out to create business strategies that would allow him to work with clients one-on-one while still being able to fulfill his duties as CEO. Despite others telling him it was impossible, Brad knew himself well enough to know he had everything under control. For anyone who doubted his abilities, his actions spoke for themselves. Working closely with a sales team he himself picked, Brad and his associates introduced cutting-edge business strategies that set the financial world on its ear. When it was all said and done, more than $1 billion had been earned for the business, allowing Brad to show the world once and for all his strategies for success were correct. As he looks for new challenges today, Brad continues to rewrite the rules for business success, and his investment tips really are second to none. .

Helane Morrison’s Work As Compliance Officer Is Changing The Corporate World

Helane Morrison serves as the general counsel and compliance officer for Hall Capital, and her work in the field has completely changed the way the investment world work. Her work on diversity has made Hall Capital an ideal place to work, and her work as a compliance officer has shown companies around America how they may prevent fraud. This article highlights the life and work of Helane Morrison along with the need for compliance officers in every corporate office.

#1: What Does The Compliance Officer Do?

The compliance officer in any office is checking the compliance of the business against government regulations. There are many government regulations to consider, and Helane Morrison is a trained attorney and she worked for a time with the SEC and understands these rules. Fraud may be prevented by the compliance officer while reviewing the practices of their own business, and compliance officers may come together to prevent fraud across multiple businesses. 

#2: What Does Helane Morrison Do At Hall Capital?

Helane serves as the compliance officer, and she works on the diversity initiative that the company uses for hiring. Diversity has become a large part of the work that Helane does at Hall Capital, and she pushes the initiative to hire as many different people as possible. Hall Capital’s diverse background makes the company a safer investment for everyone, and Helane mentors new hires who have been hired through the diversity program. Her work at Hall Capital makes the company safer, more diverse and more attractive to new hires for the future.

#3: Compliance Officers Work With Government Regulators

Government regulators are working with large investment houses around the country on compliance measures, and Helane Morrison helps these government watchdogs do their work. The cooperation between a compliance officer and an official from the government is very important, and Helane is an expert to building bridges with outside help. Helane’s work with government regulators makes Hall Capital more efficient, and the company avoids fraud at every turn.

Compliance officers are absolutely necessary in every large office in America, and Helane Morrison is one of the most important compliance officers in the country today. She is a respected business woman who works very hard on diversity, and she collaborates with government regulators who are assigned to her company. The breadth of her work at Hall Capital is great, and Helane has become one of the most noticeable executives in America today due to her work.

Premium Dog Food Like Beneful Is Good For Your Dog

My favorite past time is to take my dog to the park in the morning after our morning jog. We take a lap around the neighborhood, and we end up training at the park. I take out my Beneful Baked Delights that my dog loves. Beneful uses natural ingredients in their foods, so I make it a point to get their brand of dog food and dog treats when I visit the pet store. My dog likes all the Baked Delights, but I usually buy the kind that are called Heartfuls because I like the name. News About Premium Dog Foods Premium dog foods use premium ingredients. This should seem like common sense, but not everyone understands what kind of rigorous steps these premium companies take in preparing the best ingredients and best ways to prepare dog foods. They even have their own taste testers to insure that the food is up to par with a dog’s pallet. The article I found that states some of this information is from the Daily Herald. In the article they actually have an interview with a manufacturing chief and a few other higher up representatives at premium dog food manufacturing companies. The manufacturer tries the dog food, and he approves of it’s taste. Beneful lists their ingredients on their packages. I appreciate this simple fact because I care what is in the food that I feed my dog. I look at the ingredients in my food that I buy, so I do the same precautious measures to insure that my dog is getting the right food in his bowl. I feed my dog Beneful Dry Dog Food Original. It is made with real chicken. Then, I sometimes will compliment the dry food with some Chopped Blends from Beneful. Chopped Blends look great, and they smell like food should smell. The Chopped Blends I buy for my dog have real beef in the food. That article I mentioned is from the Daily Herald. It’s is worth reading. I recommend you visit their site and read the article by going to this link.

Steve Murray’s achievements in CCMP Capital

Steve Murray is an American citizen who was born on 1962 August. Steve Murray was a man of diverse talents. He was a brilliant investor and a philanthropist. Murray pursued his education in the College of Boston and graduated with an economics degree. He got his first job at Hanover Company. Steve fathered four children and a husband to Tami Murray. Murray was the president and the CEO of CCMP Capital before he died. Murray was a professional investor on pehub; his death left his workmates and family in demise.

CCMP Capital started conducting entirely independent operations and undertakings in 2006 August. CCMP Capital resulted after formation of business ventures among the following Companies, Chemical Ventures, The famous Chase Capital, Manufacturers Hanover Capital, which goes by the name J.P. Morgan, and the Partners. The experienced investors continue to supervise successfully and manage the individual operations of J.P. Morgan Incorporation.

This financial institution offers quality services at a global level. CCMP Capital has trained and experienced working staff who works to achieve the growth and flexibility of this system. Steve Murray CCMP Capital forms alliances with other stakeholders to allow for the formation of business ventures that will lead to expertise in the industry. This financial institution primarily aims at conducting buyouts and the growth equity investments in Europe and North America based areas.

CCMP Capital lays its focus in making enormous buyouts and growth equity investments mostly in the North American countries and European countries. This Incorporation makes investments estimating one hundred million U.S Dollars to five hundred dollars as per every equity transaction carried out. This gets done by Companies having a range of two hundred and fifty million dollars to a maximum value of two billion dollars.

The equity growths are offered to provide a diversification of estate solution to firm owners, enabling management of buyouts and corporate transactions. CCMP Company also works to shift ownership rights of Companies from public to private and helping developing expertise in the capital market grow. This firm concentrates on the joint development of the four main segments which includes the consumer department, healthcare department, the industrial sector, and the energy industry.

CCMP Capital has been potentially investing in these areas for a long period that involves the undertaking of the varying capital market conditions and the business cycles. CCMP Capital broad understanding of the healthcare department and energy industry has led to solidly built public relations between the senior executives of these institutions and the CCMP technical team.

This firm owns a thoroughly professional technical team that serves customers in a friendly manner. The staff also observes the codes of ethics carefully to prevent violation of terms and conditions.

The Human Rights Foundation Contacts Nicki Minaj About Her Angola Concert

Nicki Minaj scheduled a concert in Angola with approval from the Dos Santos family, and the Human Right Foundation reached out to Nicki to voice their disapproval of her performance schedule. Angola is a country rife with human rights abuses that have been perpetrated by the ruling Dos Santos family for decades, and HRF founder Thor Halvorssen wanted Minaj to have no part of the country’s ruling family. This article explains how Thor Halvorssen reached out to Nicki Minaj over a situation she may not have fully understood.

#1: Thor Halvorssen Attacks All Human Rights Abuses

Thor Halvorssen has a history of attacking all human rights abuses around the globe. He is not a politician who must keep up appearances with his ruling government, and he is a private citizen who is free to call attention to any injustice he sees. Thor has spent his career making light of human rights abuses the media does not report on, and he keeps stories alive about countries that have fallen out of the media.

#2: Nicki’s Concert In Angola Would Be Ill-Advised

Thor wrote a personal letter to Nicki Minaj in advance of her concert in Angola to note all the human rights abuses that have been reported in Angola. Thor understands that many people do not realize the Dos Santos has been terrorizing their people for decades, and Thor wanted Nicki to be aware of the terrible conditions in the country. She would have been paid in what amounts to blood money, and Thor found the concert to be in poor taste.

#3: Thor Is Fearless

Thor Halvorssen is a fearless social justice warrior who keeps an eye on the news throughout the world. Human rights infringement is happening all over the world, and Thor is one of the first people to make a story out of something the west has not heard of. Thor writes letters to world leaders calling for action, uses the media to call for action in third world nations and takes on special cases where an individual has been persecuted.

The track record Thor Halvorssen has amassed over the years is a stellar one. Thor is not afraid to put his own neck on the line to speak up for people who have no voice, and Thor will contact world leaders who seem out of reach. His Human Rights Foundation changes lives around the world when human rights abuses are finally reported because of his diligent work.

Spreading The Word With Music

The past few years various charity projects have benefitted greatly due to the popular Go Fund Me organization/website. Known as a crowdfunding site it raises money for every type of need ranging from assistance in paying for medical expenses to animal care. One individual who recently helped to spread the word regarding funding for Autism research is hedge fund manager Sanjay Shah. Because he is a parent of a child affected by this condition and eager for research, an idea beckoned him that would help fund the need for continued Autism research. Shah who is a music aficionado thought that a great way to raise awareness and funding for Autism would be to stage concerts worldwide, which gave birth to his Go Fund Me campaign for his Autism Rocks. His idea became a reality in 2014 when performers such as Lenny Kravitz and Michael Bublè participated in the private performances, with Autism Rocks as the featured charity.

For a time span of about 20 years, Shah was employed by Morgan Stanley as a banker, the Switzerland based Credit Suisse and Rabobank. A 2008 spell of unemployed motivated him to break out on his own to create his own trading, brokerage and investment management company. Using his wise investment knowledge, Shah leased office space, hired traders and considered giving the business about one year. Since establishing Solo Capital, his business has soared. Instead of employing a few individuals it now provides jobs for 100-plus and has now opened offices in Dubai and London.

Growing up in the upscale neighborhood of Marylebone, located in Central London, Sanjay Shah became eager to assist various Autism organizations just a few years ago. In 2011 he donated greatly needed vehicles to the Dubai Autism Centre. This led to his establishing Autism Rocks which also funds the Autism Research Centre and the Autism Research Trust. Shah is still fueled with a passion for music, so he loves his time spent on staging the concerts for his Go Fund Me cause.