Brad Reifler: How to Create a Successful Company

In today’s business world, those who have their sights set on becoming a CEO must possess many personality traits and skills. Whether it’s being a born leader of others, possessing great communication skills, or having a burning desire to beat the competition time after time, climbing the ladder of success is not easy. However, some people who enter the business world show signs of greatness early on. This was the case with Brad Reifler, who has built a career establishing one incredible success story after another.

What has set Brad apart from so many other entrepreneurs and investors over the years has been all this mentioned above and much, much more. Always being first and foremost a student of economics, On Twitter he has said that Brad decided that to be the best in business meant gaining as much knowledge as possible about everything related to economics. As a result, he spent countless hours learning about investment strategies, strategic planning, executive decision-making, and many other aspects of the business world. All the while, he was already planning his first entrepreneurial effort, which CrunchBase shows. Using his knowledge of financial services and investments, he founded Reifler Trading Company and immediately began to see it reap numerous benefits.

Using his excellent interpersonal skills, Brad was able to attract a wide variety of clients to his business. Determined to give each and every one the personal attention he felt they deserved, he set out to create business strategies that would allow him to work with clients one-on-one while still being able to fulfill his duties as CEO. Despite others telling him it was impossible, Brad knew himself well enough to know he had everything under control. For anyone who doubted his abilities, his actions spoke for themselves. Working closely with a sales team he himself picked, Brad and his associates introduced cutting-edge business strategies that set the financial world on its ear. When it was all said and done, more than $1 billion had been earned for the business, allowing Brad to show the world once and for all his strategies for success were correct. As he looks for new challenges today, Brad continues to rewrite the rules for business success, and his investment tips really are second to none. .

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  1. Brenda Lucy August 28, 2018

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