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FreedomPop Gets New Wave of Funding

FreedomPop has made a huge splash in the mobile industry with its affordable services and even free talking texting and data. Their paid services that they offer are also very affordable. This makes FreedomPop one very affordable service for people that are very low on income. Even though customers don’t get quite as much service as the other plans, they are still getting a good deal for the money that they are paying. The only thing is that they need to find the right type of device to take advantage of the plan. Right now, these are Sprint devices that have been refurbished. There is a new phone in the works.

FreedomPop has been expanding to different territories and according to an article recently released on RCR Wireless, FreedomPop has received more funding so that they can continue expanding in more markets so that they can offer their services to people around the world. The amount of funding that FreedomPop has received is tens of millions of dollars. This gave FreedomPop the ability to do two things. One of them is to continue to expand. FreedomPop was also able to retain its independence with the reports of there being an acquisition.

The original article can be found on RCR Wireless.

US Money Reserve Gold is The Asset That Never Fails


Increasingly being called by CBS 19 as the ‘Last True Currency’, precious metal assets are becoming the standby safeguard for many savvy savers’ nest eggs. US Money Reserve is the company that more people rely on to supply the Gold, Platinum, and Silver assets to keep their savings valuable and readily available. They offer free consultations on a one-on-one basis.

Throughout history, the hard assets of silver, gold, and platinum have been the always reliable investment that weathers any type of economic failure. With current market volatility throughout the world, gold has raised well in value. Predictions are that gold is set to shoot up to record value. With so many political turmoils happening in the world, and various issues that have threatened the value of the US Dollar, there are so many good reasons to buy gold. Here is what multiple expert authorities have said:

  • Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff – “When the dollar is burned to a cinder and it’s not worth much, if you don’t have any gold, then what do you have? You’ve lost your wealth.”
  • GoldSwitzerland – “Physical gold, stored outside the banking system, is the ultimate form of wealth protection both against a deflationary collapse and a hyper-inflationary destruction of paper money, holding physical gold is absolutely critical to your financial survival!
  • Forbes – “All it takes for gold to rally is an international incident, or an unexpected flare up of inflation or some new financial crisis to start rolling into view. Unlike other commodities that need economic activity to drive them, gold can be driven by politics and one thing that seems to be a growing wave, is instability in global politics.”

Not much study of history is needed to find out just how flimsy paper currency actually is. Throughout history currencies not based on precious metal have failed suddenly, not just once, but again and again. Even when paper currencies do not completely fail, in hard times of rampant inflation, paper loses larger and larger percentages of value. Gold just does not have that invulnerability.

Now that you understand the danger to your savings not owning gold presents, it is time to get some gold. One of the largest and most trusted companies that distribute gold and other precious metal assets is US Money Reserve. They have the necessary experience and connections to supply the hard assets you need to be safe in challenging times. You can follow them by liking US Money Reserve on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and read their posts on LinkedIn.

Thor Halvorssen Debunks Bernie Sanders on Fox News Interview

Thor Halvorssen, founder and president of the Human Rights Foundation, was recently interviewed by Fox News. He expounded on his opposition to U.S. Senator and democratic party candidate for president Bernie Sanders and Sanders’ support of democratic socialist principles. Thor Halvorssen explains that while it is potentially possible for socialist countries, such as Denmarks, to not violate human rights, however, it is more likely that socialism is instituted by authoritarian regimes, with the potential for massive human rights violations.

In a departure from strictly academic or theoretical discourse, Halvorssen explains the reality of socialism in practice today. First of all, Halvorssen contends that socialism tends to erode individual rights. Halvorssen continues to explain that there is a difference between having a democratic government with socialist policies. But, in the case of countries like Venezuela, an authoritarian government may institute socialist policies to undermine the good of the people and actually loot the common good. With price fixing by national governments, the people can experience an actual humanitarian crisis. In this way, Thor Halvorssen is especially leery about democratic socialism when rule of law is not in place and much prefers free markets to protect individual liberty and help build the prosperity of the country. Halvorssen warns against the dangers of allowing the government to control property instead of protecting the individual property rights of private citizens.

Halvorssen has very personal experience with the human rights violations of authoritarian socialist regimes. His father was a political prisoner and his mother was shot at a peaceful protest in Venezuela. In addition, Halvorssen’s cousin is currently imprisoned in Venezuela.

In considering which candidate to support in the upcoming 2016 U.S. presidential election, Halvorssen said that in spite of Sanders’ socialist policies, he still made the maximum contribution allowable by law to Bernie Sanders’ campaign because he is afraid of Hillary Clinton’s support of dictators around the world. While Halvorssen presents a cautionary tale about the dangers of democratic socialism without the proper checks and balances against government in place, he does concede that there are circumstances where socialism can be instituted without violating basic human rights.

George Soros Talks Finance: Facing The China Crisis


History is cyclical, and these days society is facing many of the same problems seen in the past. The finance world in particular is volatile and facing a serious crisis that one expert, George Soros, says is very similar to situations seen in 2008.

George Soros is a worldly and well known fund manager born in Budapest in 1930. Having survived the Nazis and the turmoil of World War II, he was educated at the London School of Economics and later moved to the United States. He founded Soros Fund Management and has authored dozens of books on finance and management, such as The Tragedy of the European Union. Soros is also a generous philanthropist, and internationally respected for his economic savvy and charitable actions.

Lately, Soros has examined the financial crisis facing China and the rest of the world. As reported by Bloomberg, China has been moving away from its previous investing and manufacturing model and towards consumption and services. This move has had catastrophic consequences, as the value of China’s currency – the yuan – has dropped significantly. The rest of the world is reeling from this drop, as all financial markets are connected. For example, the DOW dropped around 200 point after the first effects were felt from the Chinese fall.

Soros has continally observed and warned against similar situations throughout the year. When the European crisis, born from the failure of Greece, occurred in 2011, Soros again pointed to 2008 as a prior incarnation of this struggle. Soros states that China has an adjustment problem, and needs to restabilize its new model.

China is not ignorant to the problems it is facing. The government is taking steps to fix the market. First, the People’s Bank of China cut interest rates and funneled billions of dollars into the economy, which remains the second largest economy in the world. This did not have the desired effect, and reports of stagnant manufacturing sectors and a weak overall economy. Nevertheless, the Communist Party has pledged to boost the yuan by 2020 and add strength to the financial market. Soros and others hope desperately that this will be a solution to the growing crisis. Otherwise, there is no telling how quickly and harshly the rest of the world will be affected.

Bob Reina’s Leadership At Talk Fusion Convinced Me To Join

Truly the best service in video communication I have ever come across in my experience in direct selling is a service that is provided by Talk Fusion. Their video communication platform is like no other I have seen, and I have tested out quite a few of the other services out there. I was disappointed by the connectivity rate of the other companies. Also, those other companies were pricier, and they didn’t have as much to offer as Talk Fusion.

I feel like I lucked out when I found out about Talk Fusion through one of my partners. I was looking for a way to communicate with a few peers in another part of the country, and one of my partners showed me the video communication company that he uses. Talk Fusion has been my go to service for everything related to video and audio messaging and communications since I found out about them. They have great products, like webinar services and mobile conferencing options.

Leadership That Counts

When I had used Talk Fusion for a couple months, I started reading about their founder and CEO. This man is an incredible inspiration in the direct selling industry. Bob Reina has set up a few successful companies in his lifetime, but Talk Fusion is probably the most useful to people in direct selling and people outside of the industry. He also set up the company called Cash Card Worldwide that he ran as its president. Bob Reina’s life before he got into direct selling is pretty interesting as well.

Bob Reina was always a bold communicator. He was actually a police officer for sometime after he got out of college at the University of South Florida. He graduated at the top of his training class in the Tampa police academy. He also earned a special recognition there, the metal of merit. When he was a cop, on his off time, he was approached about direct selling. He was actually at a restaurant with his church group at the time. Bob Reina has since had a vision for his success.

Ross Abelow’s GoFundMe Campaign for Homeless Animals

New York lawyer Ross Abelow has publicly declared the establishment of a GoFundMe campaign on January 13th to aid New York City animal shelters in caring for homeless animals, with the goal of raising $5000 for this purpose. Due to the frigid weather of this particular winter, homeless animals are at an elevated risk with no means of protecting themselves against the weather.

Some of the ways the money raised by this campaign is meant to help out is by providing medical treatment, vaccines, and acquiring more food and covers for the ever-increasing population of homeless animals, which are unfortunately now being turned away by shelters because of a shortage of funds and space. The extra money collected by the campaign efforts will help to lessen the physical and mental pain of these unfortunate animals.

Mr. Abelow made the decision to begin the fundraising campaign as part of his dedication to his community. As a partner and co-founder of the prestigious law firm of Abelow & Cassandro LLP, his legal expertise is in business litigation, as well as both family and entertainment law. He is also an active contributor to his own and various other legal blogs, with a high-profile presence in the online social communities like Facebook and Twitter.

Mr. Abelow’s campaign gives pet lovers the opportunity to lessen the burden on homeless animals suffering the harsh environment of the winter, to bring them into a shelter that has the space and financial budget to accommodate them. Mr. Abelow’s project will help to prevent animal fatalities in shelters, and the money raised will go to those that need help the most in housing and caring for needy animals that have been lost or abandoned.

For more info on Ross Abelow’s GoFundMe campaign for animals, please check out his GoFundMe campaign site at

Maintaining Your Online Image

It is very important for everyone to learn from their mistakes. To discover there are better ways to go about it. The same thing happened to a Missouri professor recently when they were fired for one thing that appeared on social media. Status Labs, an online reputation management company, wants you and everyone else to understanding that once something goes online, it is there forever and it becomes nearly impossible to change that. So, it is important to take precautions when out in public as whatever is said or done in front of others might end up online. It simply is the nature of the beat nowadays.

So what is it this Missouri professor did to warrant being fired? Well, first of all, the professor being fired for what she did may not have actually been warranted, depending on who you turn to or ask, but it caused such an outcry from students the university really didn’t have any other option available to them. During a student protest on the grounds of the university, more and more college students were showing up and, in the eyes of the professor, were being destructive. Someone recorded the professor proclaiming that security needed to show up and “strong arm” the students into leaving.

It is this little phrase that got the professor fire. Now, she has since claimed she should not be fired for one little mistake, but Status Labs now uses it as an example. The company specializes in issues like this when someone says a statement like this or posts something online and it causes detrimental image issues with the business. Thankfully, with the help of Status Labs, individuals and companies can avoid additional negative content from coming out of this sort of a situation. However, the easier way to avoid this kind of situation is to never find oneself in the situation in the first place. Status Labs is going to do everything in its power to assist with public relations to help individuals avoid this.

Everyone needs to understand that whatever they say and whatever they do may be recorded by other individuals and posted to the Internet.

Energy Prices According To George Soros

The prices of energy have been changing for several months now. Every week and month, the prices would drop and rise, and this trend has been transferred to this year too. Worry is written in all investors faces as the troubled sector continues to deteriorate in the New Year. Investors do not trust the sector anymore, and the future is hard to predict. Russia and Saudi Arabia had attempted to solve the dropping prices by freezing the production of oil just recently. The countries wanted to starve the market and increase the prices in a short time. This did not work because some countries did not cooperate. Iran specifically declined to participate, claiming that they would oversupply their oil in the starving market. Iran did this to get back to the countries that had imposed serious sanctions on them.

The decision by Iran complicated the issue. Many experts and investors had hoped that oil freezing was the solution, but this isn’t going to get solved anytime soon. In important countries like America, the prices of energy have been affected too, declining by over seventy percent, something that has never happened in the energy market. This clearly shows that the market has deteriorated.

The Street reported investors have more reasons to get worried. Popular billionaire, George Soros, has acted through his company, the Soros Foundation. The billionaire has withdrawn all his shares that were invested through the company, and if we are to judge by actions, the energy prices will be dropping soon.

If the decision by George Soros is anything to go by, the energy sector is a no go zone for investors this year. Investors are expecting more losses, and things could even get worse, bearing in mind the freezing idea did not succeed. 3 energy companies where the Soros Foundation had invested their money will be the first group to be affected by the withdrawal of investors.

To become a billionaire in the modern competitive world, an individual ha to invest a handsome amount, probably a billion, and this will earn them billions in profits. Money has to be invested in order to get handsome revenue.

The other way to become a billionaire is by copying what the real billionaires do. You can sell your shares when they do that and buy others when they do that. This will ensure that you are on the right track and that your money will keep on increasing.
George Soros is a popular philanthropist and hedge fund manager in the United States. He is very wealthy and influential in the controversial issues in the modern world. He is the founder of several companies and foundations. The most popular foundations from him include Open Society and Soros Foundation.

How Investment Banking is Breathing Life Into More Startups

Startups have changed our world in the last 10 years, and they continue to do so each day. However, these startups cannot exist without funding. A bright and innovative young entrepeneur may have an idea that could solve a problem for millions of people, but if he or she does not have money to make it happen, then millions of people will miss a solution to their problems.

That is why investment banking is so important. It provides a very attractive alternative to VC firms to finance international trade. Investment banks are able to pool resources from various financial firms in traditional and alternative markets. This way, if a startup needs to go public, they can recieve the right funding. Without such funding, a potentially great idea could burn out. Investment banking finances ideas and products, helping deliver them to the world. That is why it is so important for entrepreneurs to understand their options.

Investment banker Martin Lustgarten serves as a prime example of the power of investment banks to provide financing to those who can change the world. The dual Austria and Venezuela national proudly uses his Purchase Order Finance company in Florida to extend capital loans to entrepreneurs all around the world.

These capital oans often go to people who would otherwise have difficulty raising funding for their revolutionary idea. Locations like Venezuela are less talked about and traditional VC firms often do not give those entrepreneurs a chance. Martin Lustgarten offers such financial opportunities to people all around the globe through investment banking.