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Healthcare Guru Brian Torchin Expands Staffing Service

Brian Torchin is a true veteran of the healthcare industry. As a chiropractor, he decided to work the other side of medicine and open his own staffing firm. Torchin took all the knowledge he had learned helping others and opened Health Care Recruitment Counselers LLC (HCRC). The company has a very broad base with offices in the U.S. Europe and Asia.

Torchin says the goal is to provide clientele with the best staff possible. The company operates days, nights and weekends to ensure that the lines of communication remain open between all parties involved. Today, Torchin has positioned himself as one of the leading medical staffing providers in the U.S. “The business is going quite well,” according to Brian Torchin. We are able to staff hundreds of positions on a daily basis.

The Philadelphia native received a degree in exercise science from the University of Delaware. This was his springboard into becoming a chiropractor. While working in his trade, he found that many individuals in the healthcare industry were having a hard time locating jobs. On the flip side, many hospitals, clinics and doctors offices were having an equally hard time filling positions.

Torchin turned the difficulties he was seeing in the industry into a career. It was his goal to bridge the gap and help both professionals and hospitals find each other. Torchin says he is delighted that thousands of individuals are utilizing his service. Everyone is thoroughly vetted, according to Torchin from his Vimeo. “We check the credentials of all parties involved, even the hospitals.” Safety is the number one goal. We have to make sure that individuals are walking into a safe and ethical environment.  See more about the path Brian’s career has taken on LinkedIn.

Freedompop coming to Spain

The MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) company Freedompop will be coming to Spain this summer via WhatsApp. WhatsApp is an application available to many mobile users who own an I-Phone, Blackberry, Android or Windows phone. The company itself currently limited free voice and data services. On release, however, messaging and calling will be free regardless of usage.

The UK and US are the only two countries where Freedompop offers its services but without the WhatsApp perk. In the US up to 500mb is free with additional amounts costing anywhere from $9.99 to $59.99. The company has stated that over 70 percent of Spain’s wireless customers use WhatsApp. The application itself accounts for 90 percent of the texting that goes on in the country. To quote the COO and Co-founder Steven Sear, It has “completely cannibalized traditional mobile services in Spain and shaped a unique opportunity for companies looking to embrace the new OTT world we live in,”. He went on to state “We’re creating a new mobile business model by leveraging WhatsApp’s success to ensure anyone can communicate 100 per cent free, simply by covering the data bill for WhatsApp,”.

They aim to do what Facebook’s project couldn’t in the wireless market. Users this summer will be able to buy a company owned SIM card and Freedompop will subsidize any data that is used by WhatsApp. The service is also extending to 31 additional countries with beta registration open on a first-come, first-service basis.

Freedompop hopes to have 100,000 subscribers in the UK by the end of the year. The projection of users in Spain is much higher because of WhatsApp. They expect between 500,000 and 1,000,000 customers. This is all possible due to the $109 million dollars in financing they’ve raised for the project.

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Global Economy Still Slow Says Investment Banker Martin Lustgarten

This spring has not proven to be as hard on banking as many predicted after last fall and winter’s non-stop problems, however, there are still plenty of reasons to worry, according to an article recently published in The Economist. One of the largest problems is the health of the world economy. China’s economy is still drastically slowing with leaders in that country having to announce that some positive figures they announced earlier with erroneous. The retributions of China’s diminished imports and lower demand for commodities have been felt globally. Additionally, the cost continues to mount for refugees fleeing Iraq and Syria. World governments and companies continue to struggle to limit CO2 emissions. Oil countries could not come to an agreement in Doha, Qatar.
The good news is that currency depreciation has continued to act as a shock absorber helping to economic shocks. How long this remains the current situation has led to much debate with the fear being that may reveal balance sheet vulnerabilities or spark inflation. This is likely to be the case if oil prices do not recover very soon. If the prices remain low, then investors will continue to be jittery. Corporate and sovereign dislocations may increase the nervousness of investors even more.
With so much uncertainty in the market, you need an investment banker like Martin Lustgarten to help you make the right decisions. If you are unfamiliar with the term investment banker, then it is an individual helping you with finding investment opportunities that are right for your situation and portfolio. Alternatively, if you have a great idea or are an executive in a company that needs capital inlay, then Martin can help you find sources to meet your funding needs. As the CEO of the Lustgarten Company, Martin would especially like to visit with you about opportunities in Hong Kong, Singapore and Panama where he has many contacts, although he will gladly assist you with other investment opportunities.
When not busy with client’s investment banking needs, Martin spends his time looking for investments in vintage watches. He can actively be followed on Soundcloud where he gives out financial advice and interesting news to collectors.

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Sanjay Ray and Austism Rocks

Financier, philanthropist, charitable foundation director and entrepreneur Sanjay Ray recently gave an interview concerning his work in founding the charitable foundation Autism Rocks. The talk was given on the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio show, hosted by Eric Dye. In the talk, Ray stressed the importance for business founders to have a clear vision of their goals, while also paying attention to the practical aspects of founding a business. Two of the most important aspects, practically speaking, are being clear about how much money is really needed to get an enterprise off the ground, and knowing that you can’t do it all yourself.

A Great Passion For Work

Sanjay Ray knows where he is coming from, business-wise. His London based brokerage firm, Solo Capital, was founded by Ray based on his years of accounting and business creation experience. More recently he began a charitable organization called Autism Rocks, which creates rock music events that raise money for research on the neurological disorder.

Ray started the charity in 2014 after his young son, Nikhil, was diagnosed with the illness. Ray was deeply affected by his son’s condition, and saw that more work was needed to help patients to deal with the disease. He used his feelings for his son to help inspire himself to action, so he combined his passion for music with his knowledge of finance to help raise funds. The overall goal of Autism Rocks is to open the doors to more research and more understanding of the disorder, so that better treatment can be developed.

Austism Rocks’ most recent major rock music event was a major music festival in April of 2016. The event boasted major groups like Tyga and Flo Rida as performers. For more information about Autism Rocks and its upcoming shows, go to the website at

White Shark Media Tripled The Number Of Clients We Get

While I have never tried a adwords management service before in the past, I was generally enthusiastic to try these services once I found out that they existed. What a brilliant idea it is to manage the search results of major companies, brands and individuals! I really felt like my company could benefit from these services. We are in the medical field, and we are constantly looking for new clients.

Our retention rate was relatively low before we started working with a certified adwords management company. The company we chose was White Shark Media, and we chose to work with this well qualified company after our board read the testimonial that was left on their site from another medical services company. That testimonial can be found here:

Trusting The Adwords Management Company With Your Company’s Reputation

Every time I think about the fact that we are working with a trusted adwords management company, I begin to feel more at ease. I am more confident about the overall trajectory of our company’s share of the market now that we are working with White Shark Media – This company that we found to assess our adwords performance is one of the highest rated adwords management companies out there. They are certified with Google and with Bing. The have over 180 well trained digital marketing experts who are happy to serve your company in any way possible.

I feel like people are finding out about our company easier now that we are working with White Shark Media. Maybe we were not using our SEOs or keywords correctly in the past attempts to get our company name out there. We surely benefited from the risk free assessment that Someone said on Youtube that White Shark Media offers to new, interested clients. The assessment was free, and it alone showed us a lot about how our company was doing in terms of adword performance.

Some companies underestimate what having a quality adwords management company working along side your company can do for your business. I’ll give you a clue. It can double or even triple the number of clients that walk through your door. People need to find your business’s webpage in order to call your company, or in order to show up at your place of business. You shouldn’t expect too much business from word of mouth these days. Working with White Shark Media was a great idea.

Argentina’s down fall

According to Bloomberg blog, it is known that if Argentina makes the long awaited return to the international market bond then them nation could count on highland capital management LP to be one of the buyers. This is asset management firms that oversee over 19 billion dollars including the credit hedge funds and emerged in the marketing credit funds. James Dondero the president and co founder of highlands which is based in Dallas is pairing its holdings over the past six months. The firm has been one of the biggest holders of Argentina’s 4billion dollars notes which are due in 2033.
According to highlands plan there is a good sign of Argentina as the country to attempt and sell it at unpredictable amount in order for them to pay for the settlements without holding out any creditors led by billionaire Paul Singer. Highland company also suggests that the so called stressed out debt investors who pulled into Argentina could also remain to be buyers of the country’s debt even after the default. James Dondero said that they plan to hold on whatever that has in the original bonds but they will be looking forward to buy more for the new issuance.
It is therefore recognized that the government will issue the debt under the New York law that expects yields to fall to about 6 percent in a short term rating. This will therefore upgrade on improving the outlooks for the countries fiscal and monetary situation. Highland has been one among the biggest winners when United States district judge Thomas left a ban that prevented the country from paying its restricted debt. The firm purchased the 2033 bonds in June of 2014. This was done when they were trading in the 70s.James Dondero said that the aim of the company is to pursue investment opportunities in the country beyond sovereign of debt and that may look to start a fund in Argentina.
Like highland the other holders of the nation have defaulted in reinvesting in Argentina after they are paid. This is according to bank of America corp. the expectation of the investors will be exiting them complete and may instead see many funds creating dedicated Argentina funds to invest in debt. This will either be done with equity or even in a private equity. It is therefore known that the new bonds if priced correctly would be just another asset for providing potential upside compared to the alternative Argentina assets.

CCMP Capital Assigns New Managing Director

CCMP Capital Advisors started off their year with an announcement that caught many off guard. It’s rather common in the world of finance to see a firm end their year with layoffs or start their year with strategic restructuring that may or may not hint at a new direction they may be taking in the future. For CCMP Capital, it’s biggest hire of the new year may be an indicator of where they’re going next.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital announced that they recently hired Robert Toth as their new Managing Director. Toth comes with a history in investment, particularly in the markets of chemicals and industrial products and services.

With over 30 working in the corporate world, and holding the positions of CEO, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Polypore International, Inc., Toth seems like an ideal choice to head CCMP Capital. With this firm’s expanded portfolio, taking on many clients in the tech sector, Toth’s experience in that area would be of use here.

Leaders at CCMP Capital seemed enthusiastic with Toth’s hire, citing his knowledge in the industrial and tech sectors in order to add value to the firm’s portfolio with new acquisitions, pointing to a new direction the firm is going down.

Restructuring on this level, with the use of new leadership, is essential for financial firms to keep their staff primed to meet the changes of their work in the coming year. This is the most substantial change CCMP Capital has adopted since the loss of their former President and CEO Stephen Murray, whose death halted trading for months, disrupting the firm’s normal operating schedule, impacting their clients. With the leadership of the firm restructured, and the importance placed on acquiring new markets, it seems that CCMP Capital has discovered a new path forward since the loss of such an important member to their leadership.

Stephen Murray worked at CCMP Capital for 26 years, ending his career with the firm as its CEO and President at the age of 52. During his time with the firm, Murray have been involved with nearly every division of the firm, even being present from its time with Chase Manhattan and JP Morgan until those banks merged and the firm eventually gained its independence from these partners.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was very active outside of his professional career in finance, doing a lot of work as a philanthropist. In New York City, Murray supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York and his alma matter Columbia Business School.

Stephen Murray stepped down from his leadership position in April of 2015 due to health complications that eventually led to his passing according to the New York Post. CCMP Capital’s Chairman, Greg Brenneman announced Murray’s passing to the public before taking over his positions as President and CEO of the firm.

Sam Tabar’s Expertise On Legal & Financial Matters

Sam Tabar is a New York City-based attorney and capital strategist and has been very successful both in the legal and finance industry. He attended the Oxford University where he got his honors and joined Columbia Law School while there he was the Associate Editor of Columbia Business Law Review. Soon after he graduated from Columbia in 2001, he started his career as an associate at the highly prestigious law firm Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP.

In 2004,Tabar left Skadden and joined PMA Investment Advisors in Hong Kong. Before long, Sam Tabar earned the position of Managing Director and Head of Business Development. He specialized in all sectors of global marketing and investor relations for a hedge fund worth $2 billion.

In 2011, CrunchBase shows that Sam Tabar was hired as Director and Head of Capital Strategy for Bank of Merrill Lynch. He helped counsel the hedge fund clients and also introduced institutional investors to the company. Before leaving the company in 2012, Sam put together a prestigious list of more than 1,250 institutional investors.

After almost eight years in the financial industry, Tabar joined the legal world again in September 2013. He was appointed a Senior Associate in Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. He later left the firm in March 2014, his responsibilities were almost identical to Skadden. Sam Tabar was recently announced the Chief Operating Officer of Full Cycle Energy Fund. His responsibility revolved around the company’s fund management strategy.

In January 2015, Sam Tabar added a startup company called THINX to his portfolio of investments. THINX aims to help women and girls in Africa from poor backgrounds and remote regions who can not access sanitary pads during their menses with reusable pads. Through every sale of the start-up, it donates a percentage of its profit to fund the donation. Sam Tabar says that raising money through the sale of its fashionable and trendy underwear to women in America, they will be able to help change the lives of the poor young girls in Africa.

Sam Tabar’s investment in Verboten is concerned with events hosting and management. He says that he decided to invest in this startup to follow his passion in event hosting. He also offers legal consult through Thumbtack.

The Death of High Heels

There was a recent article in Bustle on which addressed a very interesting, actually, revolutionary idea, that of a new style of fashion. Written by Kelly Dougher, she made the case for this new fashion or un-fashion trend, “Athleisure”. This is the style evidenced by those women going to the gym and yoga centers for exercise. 20 Years ago the emphasis on work-out attire was tight, form fitting athletic wear from Fabletics. While men were wearing schlep wear, which was anything baggy and loose, women were looking beautiful, alluring; men wanted to work out, just, to enjoy the eye candy in the gym.

Dougher goes on to relate her style evolution from Tom-boy to Girly-girl and then becoming an aficionado of athleisure wear of Fabletics on facebook. She has now abandoned her high heels for sneakers and most of her dresses remain in her closet because she is, now, an advocate for the looser, more comfortable look, athleisure.

In the article of Fabletics on marieclaire she states that there are two kinds of people in the world. There is the kind like Steve Jobs who was a basic dresser, he did not “Dress to impress” but dressed to avoid getting a cold. Others like the mentioned, Audrey Hepburn, regarded by most as intrinsically fashionable, and David Bowie, who she regarded as a chameleon of fashion. Whenever Bowie appeared he seemed to have that innate fashion sense of an Audrey Hepburn and I would not put him in a class with Steve Jobs. Jobs and Albert Einstein had a similar fashion non-sense.

But Athleisure style on is here to stay. Decades ago when people traveled for vacation or even for business, they dressed to impress, to legitimatize their rank as a person who traveled by plane not bus. There is an interesting article published by Quora, an experience sharing website of Fabletics, in which a doctor wanted to help any person in distress while travelling on a plane. He explained that he always traveled in pajamas; not exactly befitting a man of his station, because he, too, is an advocate of athleisure. Your text to link…

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Skout’s Innate Ability to Help One Expand Their Social Circle

Universally, it has often been said that there is nothing that a good hearty laughter can’t cure. Laughter enables lighten up someone’s moods whenever he or she is feeling blue or is experiencing a hard phase in their life. When one is indisposed, laughter helps significantly reduce the sluggish feeling that engulfs someone when they fall under the weather. It is highly advisable, that people engage more in activities that make them happy, smile and often have a good laugh. Therefore, in order for one to ensure that they laugh more often, it is necessary to expand their circle of friends as compared to staying alone which would likely lead one to depression and a sense of loneliness and often watch films that generally make you laugh.

Having established that having a good hearty laughter is vital for someone’s health and general well being, it is necessary to point out the importance of expanding the friendship circle and at the same time how one can expand their friendship circle to ensure that they remain happy and contended. SKOUT is one of the most prominent global social applications that somebody can meet many people. This is premised on the fact that SKOUT is used globally and has been many people with a common interest of expanding their circle. Generally, a survey carried out has shown that people who exude a jovial mood and laughs more often in their photos are likely to attract more friends and significantly expand their friendship circle. People often find it easier to approach a person who laughs more often than people who rarely do as they come off as uptight.

The application widely used in the United States has significantly helped people who laugh more in their photos connect more often and end up visiting the friends they make through the application in their home in the United States. SKOUT is used around the world and is an excellent social application for people to communicate and make friends. This application is compatible with android devices and can also be downloaded on Windows. The prominence of this application has increased its use in more than 180 countries around the globe and is available in at least 16 different languages. This essentially makes the application user friendly and enables people who are not from the United States expand their circle regardless of the fact that they are English speakers. Therefore to effectively celebrate the National Youth Month, it is necessary to download the application, laugh more often, make more friends and stay healthy. This was similarly reported on PR Newswire which emphatically stressed on the importance of laughter in someone’s life.

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