The Death of High Heels

There was a recent article in Bustle on which addressed a very interesting, actually, revolutionary idea, that of a new style of fashion. Written by Kelly Dougher, she made the case for this new fashion or un-fashion trend, “Athleisure”. This is the style evidenced by those women going to the gym and yoga centers for exercise. 20 Years ago the emphasis on work-out attire was tight, form fitting athletic wear from Fabletics. While men were wearing schlep wear, which was anything baggy and loose, women were looking beautiful, alluring; men wanted to work out, just, to enjoy the eye candy in the gym.

Dougher goes on to relate her style evolution from Tom-boy to Girly-girl and then becoming an aficionado of athleisure wear of Fabletics on facebook. She has now abandoned her high heels for sneakers and most of her dresses remain in her closet because she is, now, an advocate for the looser, more comfortable look, athleisure.

In the article of Fabletics on marieclaire she states that there are two kinds of people in the world. There is the kind like Steve Jobs who was a basic dresser, he did not “Dress to impress” but dressed to avoid getting a cold. Others like the mentioned, Audrey Hepburn, regarded by most as intrinsically fashionable, and David Bowie, who she regarded as a chameleon of fashion. Whenever Bowie appeared he seemed to have that innate fashion sense of an Audrey Hepburn and I would not put him in a class with Steve Jobs. Jobs and Albert Einstein had a similar fashion non-sense.

But Athleisure style on is here to stay. Decades ago when people traveled for vacation or even for business, they dressed to impress, to legitimatize their rank as a person who traveled by plane not bus. There is an interesting article published by Quora, an experience sharing website of Fabletics, in which a doctor wanted to help any person in distress while travelling on a plane. He explained that he always traveled in pajamas; not exactly befitting a man of his station, because he, too, is an advocate of athleisure. Your text to link…

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