Global Economy Still Slow Says Investment Banker Martin Lustgarten

This spring has not proven to be as hard on banking as many predicted after last fall and winter’s non-stop problems, however, there are still plenty of reasons to worry, according to an article recently published in The Economist. One of the largest problems is the health of the world economy. China’s economy is still drastically slowing with leaders in that country having to announce that some positive figures they announced earlier with erroneous. The retributions of China’s diminished imports and lower demand for commodities have been felt globally. Additionally, the cost continues to mount for refugees fleeing Iraq and Syria. World governments and companies continue to struggle to limit CO2 emissions. Oil countries could not come to an agreement in Doha, Qatar.
The good news is that currency depreciation has continued to act as a shock absorber helping to economic shocks. How long this remains the current situation has led to much debate with the fear being that may reveal balance sheet vulnerabilities or spark inflation. This is likely to be the case if oil prices do not recover very soon. If the prices remain low, then investors will continue to be jittery. Corporate and sovereign dislocations may increase the nervousness of investors even more.
With so much uncertainty in the market, you need an investment banker like Martin Lustgarten to help you make the right decisions. If you are unfamiliar with the term investment banker, then it is an individual helping you with finding investment opportunities that are right for your situation and portfolio. Alternatively, if you have a great idea or are an executive in a company that needs capital inlay, then Martin can help you find sources to meet your funding needs. As the CEO of the Lustgarten Company, Martin would especially like to visit with you about opportunities in Hong Kong, Singapore and Panama where he has many contacts, although he will gladly assist you with other investment opportunities.
When not busy with client’s investment banking needs, Martin spends his time looking for investments in vintage watches. He can actively be followed on Soundcloud where he gives out financial advice and interesting news to collectors.

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