BBA – Pushing bad articles down


Have you ever wondered what a bad article is? Have you ever wondered what constitutes bad writing? Well, we are here to enlighten you a bit. Bad content leads to low rankings and poor search engine results. Below you will find examples of how bad content will be pushed down and how to avoid it.

1)Many believe that if you take out the first and last paragraph of what you wrote, the rest will flow like water. There is some truth to this. It doesn’t matter what your beginning or ending says, it all reads the same. It’s like writing a song with a verse and chorus. Most don’t care about the verse. They just want the chorus.

2)Never write for approval. This is one of the easiest ways to get pushed down. You don’t have to state that it’s your opinion, that’s kind of a given. I’ll admit that I even have trouble with this one.

3)Reading writing go hand-in-hand. If you don’t want to have your content being pushed down, pick up some reading material. Even if you spend time reading something online, reading is still one of the best ways to get the juices flowing. Even if you read some really bad novel, your content is still going to come out looking and sounding better.

4)Be honest. This is one way to get your content pushed down in the search engines. Learn to be honest with yourself and your audience. Some might be a bit miffed at first, but they will be grateful in the long run.


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