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IAP Worldwide Expands Its Services With Acquisition of Two Businesses

IAP Worldwide has finally acquired two businesses strategic to its future growth. One of them is DRS’s Aviation and Logistics business based in Oklahoma City, OK and the other is TCNS business located in Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. DPR’s Aviation and Logistics business provides aircraft repair management, mission, logistics support services and TCNS support its clients with information technology, engineering, and communications.

The primary customers of TCNS include U.S. Department of Defense and other agencies. The main goal of IAP is to integrate the talents and capabilities of the acquired businesses to act as the core part of the firm’s long-term growth strategy.

IAP has created a new unit referred to as ‘Aviation & Engineering Solutions’ in addition to the current National Security Programs Unit where the two acquired businesses will be integrated. The acquisitions will increase the services provided by IAP Worldwide and will serve to increase the company’s addressable market. According to the Doug Kitani, CEO of IAP Worldwide, Inc., the move will accomplish the IAP desire to expand its portfolio of services and solutions to agencies in the U.S. and other international bodies. Read more: IAP: Home

The acquisition of the two businesses is in line with the established strategy earlier in the year. The company developed a strategy that would see the firm acquire and integrate companies or businesses in line with its core business. Kitani is confident on the support of the investors and the board of the company to prioritize the company’s long-term commitment to serving its clients.

IAP Worldwide is a leader in facilities management, global-scale logistics, technical services, and advanced professional. The firm is currently operating in more than 25 countries around the world and has more than 2,000 employees serving its clients. The company is always ready to serve the “unexpected”. From planning complicated logistical and technical challenges during natural disasters and overseas battlefields, the firm is always ready at short notice. Read more: IAP Worldwide Services | LinkedIn

The company currently manage, maintains, and operate military installations, remote research laboratories, and civilian facilities. IAP has been in operation for the last 60 years, and it has headquarters in Cape Canaveral, FL. The operations of IAP Worldwide Services can be better described by the kind of skills they look for. People employed by the firm are those with unique skills, knowledge, and expertise. It is indeed a company made of people to solve problems for others.

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A Detailed Review of SEC Whistleblower Program

Dodd-Frank Act became a federal law on July 21, 2010, after being signed by President Barrack Obama. The primary goal of passing the act was to protect the U.S. financial system from the financial crisis such as the one that occurred back in 2008 and left millions of Americans jobless. This act will police the financial system and avert excessive risk-taking, which caused the financial crisis. The development of a whistleblower program was one of the many benefits that came with the passing of Dodd-Frank Act. The program offers employment protections and rewards individuals who report potential securities laws violation and integrity breaches to the SEC.

Labaton Sucharow

Labaton Sucharow is a law firm that reacted to the sweeping legislation by establishing a practice purposely focused on protecting and representing SEC whistleblowers in court. The firm has an established securities litigation platform. Its Whistleblower Representation Practice is managed by a team of specialists consisting of financial analysts, forensic accountants, and investigators who have unmatched federal and state law professional expertise. The experts represent whistleblowers and ensure that their rights are respected.

Jordan A. Thomas, head of the practice

Jordan Thomas, who previously served as Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel and Assistant Director for the SEC’s Division of Enforcement, leads the Whistleblower Representation Practice. He played a significant role in developing the Whistleblower Program. He participated in the drafting of the suggested legislation and final execution rules.

How whistleblowers will benefit from the program

The rules of the whistleblower program clearly state that SEC should pay qualified whistleblowers 10 to 30 percent of finances collected when the SEC enforcement action becomes successful, and the monetary sanctions go above $1 million. In case this threshold is achieved, whistleblowers will enjoy additional awards from monetary sanction collected in similar actions forwarded by law enforcement and regulatory organizations. The Dodd-Frank Act outlaws any form of retaliation by employers or bosses against whistleblowers who forward claims of possible violations of laws to the SEC. Whistleblowers are offered a chance to report integrity breaches and violation of laws anonymously if an attorney is representing them.

Interested individuals can visit Whistleblower Representation Practice’s website to enlighten themselves on the SEC Whistleblower Program and probably submit their cases for evaluation. The first case evaluation and consultation is offered free of charge. In addition, all the cases electronically submitted to the website are confidential. Additionally, an attorney-customer privilege protects all the issues discussed between a client and the representation team.

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Lovaganza: Embracing the World

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

Today, more than ever, it is important for us to come together as one and be united on We must stick together, stand by each other, arm-in-arm, and bring out the uniqueness in every single one of us. In fact, that is what makes us beautiful: the fact that we are all different. What a boring world we would live in if we all acted the same, sounded the same, and behaved the same. We would never learn anything and part of the beauty of the world around us is learning about the differences that we share and there is nothing wrong with differences. It should be embraced and explored to the fullest.

For those who are unfamiliar with

Lovaganza, it is time to get on board and learn as much as possible about them. They truly are the wave of the future, without a shadow of a doubt. Lovaganza are an entertainment franchise which displays and showcases the individualism of all nations with music and dance from all over the world. This is a wonderful idea and it really brings out the best in one another. Lovaganza allows us to show off who we really are and what is important to us, each and every day of our lives.

When it comes to music, it represents what we are dealing with, battling, and what is vital in our lives. Music can send out a powerful and important message. It is up to us to listen to it, respond to it, and make change. The music from all nations can sometimes have a central theme. We might think we are different because of our geography, but in reality, we aren’t all that much different. We are very much the same and have the same struggles, battles, and conflicts. By listening to the words, the theme, and the message, we can come together as one.

The same applies to dance. When we dance, we let the stress wash away from our bodies. No matter what type of dance it is or what culture it comes from, dancing makes us feel good and it also gets out a lot of stress. Sometimes we just have to dance the day and the night away to feel good, feel connected, and feel better about ourselves and our situation. That is what Lovaganza hopes to achieve and it is a task that they take incredibly seriously, as they have a high moral fiber.

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A Look At The Top Potential Real Estate Projects in New York City

Town Residential has gained a reputation as New York’s top luxury real estate services firm. Town Residential is built on a great foundation and superior customer service among its team of representatives. Town Residential’s specialty is luxury residential sales featuring leasing, marketing, commercial, and retail. Town Residential has helped set a new standard in the real estate industry. Town Residential was recently honored as a Top Firm to Work For and also one of the best places to work in New York City.

Town Residential is a partnership of Buttonwood Residential Brokerage LLC and Thor Equities LLC. Town Residential is located in some of the city’s top neighborhoods to provide access to both representatives and customers. Town Residential Executives are experts, and are frequently quoted in New York City luxury real estate magazines. Speaking of New York City real estate, there are some big real estate projects potentially in the works.

270 Richards Street, Brooklyn
There are plans for a new five story office building on the Red Hook waterfront. There will be ground floor retail, and the fifth floor will have a walking track and a roof deck.

2810 Queens Plaza South, Queens
The two towers are expected to rise over 20 stories and contain square feet of office space for manufacturing. The development will be across the street from three residential rental buildings.

22 Chapel Street, Brooklyn
The building will have over 100 units and 20 floors. The ground floor will have over 2,000 square feet of retail space.

21 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn
This project is a part of the redevelopment of Admiral’s now. Over 100,000 square feet will be dedicated to industrial use. There will also be three retail buildings nearby.

2956 Park Avenue, Bronx
Plans are for a 154 unit rental building in the Melrose neighborhood of the Bronx. The 15 story building will have a housing component.

827 Broadway, Manhattan
There will be retail on the first three floors and offices on the other floors. There will also be a terrace on the roof and fourth floor.  Check out more of their NYC apartments for sale on

Coriant Brings On Shaygan Kheradpir As New CEO To Spur Growth


Shaygan Kheradpir was an Operating Partner at Marlin Equity Partners, the parent company of Coriant Corporation, and was assigned for quite a while to work with Coriant’s top management to help Coriant’s Operations and Strategic Planning do great work. He proved invaluable in his leadership, and so has been promoted to the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Coriant. Their confidence in him is now complete.

Kheradpir’s plan is to lead Coriant forward into a future filled with upgrades for all their many client companies. This will often involve whole new systems for cloud computing and very high-throughput and highly-fault-tolerant networking hardware and software. He wants Coriant to become a bigger player in the telecom arena. This is a task perfectly suited for Kheradpir.

Of particular interest in Coriant’s near future plans, are their top clients who are now shifting to cloud computing in scaled-up data centers, able to handle the hundreds of millions of data packets passing through every second. These are the new 100 gigabit networks. Much of this plan was originally done by Kheradpir while he was consulting with the company’s management, most recently. He takes over from former CEO Pat DiPietro, who is still serving as the Vice Chairman of the Board.

Thousands of companies in over 100 countries benefit from Coriant’s turn-key and custom technology integration packages, and will all be shepherded into the full intensity of high-technology solutions in the 21st century. This will include new packet optical technology, at much reduced prices, because of the huge volumes involved. More automation is being brought online at Coriant to reduce manufacturing costs, and more automation is being applied to field service and field service upgrades.

Shaygan Kheradpir is a high-performing veteran of a number of telecom companies, including GTE and Verizon. He has long served on the Board of Directors for the National Institute of Standards and Technology. He worked his way up the corporate ladder at GTE until he became their CEO! He has an Electrical Engineering science degree from Cornell, where he was on the Engineering Council Advisory Panel at Cornell. And, it was at Cornell that he earned both is Masters degree and his Ph.D.

But Kheradpir has double powers. He is not only a bit of a technology guru, he also understands everything about running a technology business, including with unique insight into the world of commercial finance. He was the CEO of the Global Retail Business Group at Barclay’s Bank and a CEO at Global Retail Business Group. While at the latter, he invented an online payment system for them, called ‘Pingit’.


Do You Need Help in Investment Decisions?

Investments decisions are among the major decisions that one needs to make after adequate consideration. In many cases, one needs to consult an expert before making the decision; because of the money involved or the implications that come with the wrong choice of alternatives. Investment bankers have since emerged to help individuals and corporates in their decisions and hence enhance the success of their investments.

Role of Investments bankers
Investments bankers not only give investment advice but also help corporates raise capital for their different investments. They play a much greater role in overseeing mergers and acquisitions. An investment banker evaluates the financial implications of the business agreement, whether a merger, acquisition, consolidation or advice on whether to go ahead with the decision after weighing the alternatives. In other words, they are the major investment or financial advisers for any business venture.

Martin Lustgarten
One of the leading investment bankers is Martin Lustgarten. He is an experienced investment consultant, who has made significant investments decisions for himself. Martin is, therefore, not only being consulted for advice but rather offers mentorship to many regarding investments. He is among the few that interpret different market trends, and act quickly, more so in time of turndown in any financial environment. Investment bankers like Martin Lustgarten are fast enough to avoid any negative impact on their investments and of their client’s investments.

Lustgarten’s interpretation of the financial market makes him a person to look out for in case you need to make an investment decision. His experience in the field for quite sometimes plays an upper hand in the success of his investments and that of his client’s businesses. In addition to being a banker, Martin Lustgarten is outgoing. Hence he is an easy person to interact with. His character makes a conversation with him, easy and any consultation comfortable as well.

Anyone can consult an investment banker. You should never look down on your idea or undermine it. Your idea will propel you to greater heights, all you need is talk to a professional about it, and they will guide on the way forward e.g. viable investments that one may consider.

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Securus Refuses to Tolerate integrity Breach from GTL

A company only takes time make a press release on, matters that are really critical to them. Therefore, the highlighting of GTL wrongdoings by Securus must have greatly affected Securus such that they decided that the only way to solve the issue is to take the matter public.

Both GTL and Securus provide technology solutions to prisons in America. Being in the same industry, the actions of one company is bound to affect the other. This is true according to the reviews by various clients commenting on this industry. They seem to have totally lost trust in them, thanks to GTL which has continuously maltreated their customers and show no signs of change.

Customers who use the services of this industry feel that they have no option. Their desperation is what keeps them using the services. This should never be the case for any industry. At all times, the customers should feel that they have the upper hand in whatever the company does.

GTL, 18 years ago, was charged with some wrongdoings in directly taking advantage of the customers. The company was reported to have been benefitting from overcharging their clients and in some instances billing transactions more than once thus reaping profits off the unsuspecting clients. Even with a stern warning and a fine, GTL was adamant to change. Continued practice of these wrong doings has seen the reputation of this industry totally damaged.

Over the 18 years, other companies must surely have noted what was going on with GTL. However, only Securus was bold enough to go public with the issue. Securus recently got an A+ grade from BBB Accreditation. Being stewards of integrity within the industry, it is only fair to assume that GTL and the likes had this coming.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Skout’s New Investor

The new Skout app is a global platform that was specifically designed to fit perfectly with the iOS app. This global platform can be used at home on a desktop or using a mobile platform. The use of Skout expands vastly and can be used for dating, finding new friends, or just for the purpose of meeting someone new. This app encourages chatting with new and different individuals that are located all around the world. As Skout is readily available in over 180 different countries around the world, Skout has become one of the fastest growing social media apps to use in present day. Skout consists of interesting and unique features which sets this app apart from other popular sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

What makes this app such a great app to use is the vibrant community of the app. Though meeting new people can often be a difficult task, the makers of Skout have now made this easy because of the icebreakers that are involved with the app. With addictive features such as the Shake feature and the Chat feature, individuals can talk to anyone. The only requirement is to fill out information with an included picture at start of using the app. This information will automatically match up the users based upon interests, hobbies, and even the dislikes. Skout has truly become a definition of globalization.

The Shake feature on this app enable the app to do the choosing as to who to talk to. Rather than having to choose someone, this app chooses for the user. After using the Shake feature, individuals are matched up with other individuals around the world. People can decide to talk with each other or not. By the end of the conversation, Skout even has a feature that can bookmark the individual in order to keep track of the person when they come on line again.

As Skout increases in both popularity as well as revenue, the company has earned the interest of MeetMe which has recently acquired the company for almost $30 million with the promise of 5 million shares of the company. The agreement of MeetMe is that MeetMe will fund Skout and Skout will be able to continue on as a standalone brand name. The estimated goal for Skout for the year of 2018 is to be able to profit by over $100 million thanks to the new investment.

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Everything a Parent Needs to Know About SKOUT

California Drought and the Effect on the Snow Skiing Business

Andy Wirth, ever the optimist, and CEO of Squaw Valley, Alpine Valley, and Tahoe ski resorts was recently interviewed on KCRW by Madeline Brand. Knowing that Andy is at the helm should give great comfort to both skiers and stockholders alike.

While many people would view the past skiing season, one of the driest in recorded history, as disappointing and downright discouraging, Andy continues to see the positive aspects. He states that the mountains are using the latest in scientific research to make snow, and make it last. He also states that the business continued to make money even with a 20% decrease in the number of skiers. This year they had four thousand acres open for skiing instead of the usual six thousand. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Andy states that the skiers that were out had, “A fantastic time”.
Andy Wirth also reports that the resorts are positioned to withstand an unlimited number of drought winters and still be able to make a profit. Based on a report from Stanford Scientists, he states we can continue to see a trend of weather volatility. Andy is working with his team of experts to ensure the resorts stay profitable and are usable year around.  Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

Currently, in addition to skiing, the resorts are being marketed for weddings, iron man event and conferences. Andy Wirth states that increasing the availability of activities is having a very positive effect on the business and that they are fully booked well in advance.
The resorts are also working hard to have a positive impact and preserve the environmental resources by reducing carbon footprint and working with companies that are also environmentally conscious. Andy Wirth states that they are, “fiercely focused on reducing their carbon footprint at every possible point.”