California Drought and the Effect on the Snow Skiing Business

Andy Wirth, ever the optimist, and CEO of Squaw Valley, Alpine Valley, and Tahoe ski resorts was recently interviewed on KCRW by Madeline Brand. Knowing that Andy is at the helm should give great comfort to both skiers and stockholders alike.

While many people would view the past skiing season, one of the driest in recorded history, as disappointing and downright discouraging, Andy continues to see the positive aspects. He states that the mountains are using the latest in scientific research to make snow, and make it last. He also states that the business continued to make money even with a 20% decrease in the number of skiers. This year they had four thousand acres open for skiing instead of the usual six thousand. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Andy states that the skiers that were out had, “A fantastic time”.
Andy Wirth also reports that the resorts are positioned to withstand an unlimited number of drought winters and still be able to make a profit. Based on a report from Stanford Scientists, he states we can continue to see a trend of weather volatility. Andy is working with his team of experts to ensure the resorts stay profitable and are usable year around.  Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

Currently, in addition to skiing, the resorts are being marketed for weddings, iron man event and conferences. Andy Wirth states that increasing the availability of activities is having a very positive effect on the business and that they are fully booked well in advance.
The resorts are also working hard to have a positive impact and preserve the environmental resources by reducing carbon footprint and working with companies that are also environmentally conscious. Andy Wirth states that they are, “fiercely focused on reducing their carbon footprint at every possible point.”

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