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Lovaganza’s Amazing Celebration

There has never been an event planned quite like what is being expected from Lovaganza in the next four years. This event will be worldwide and will introduce people everywhere to the many different cultures that exist in many places that people have only ever dreamed about.

Lovaganza has several major events planned for 2020. They are planning a total of eight different events around the world with many different activities and events anticipated at each separate location. The biggest activity that is being anticipated is a trio of movies that are already being filmed. These movies of Lovaganza will be available to the public in both 3D and 2D options to help utilize some of the best entertainment technologies that are currently available.

While this major event is something that is going to be amazing on its own, what Lovaganza stands for is just as groundbreaking. Every part of Lovaganza is centered around the many different cultures that exist around the globe on YouTube. The brilliant minds behind this wanted to introduce the cultures in a unique way. They were inspired by the World Fairs and many similar events that remain remarkable even today.

Lovaganza wants to help introduce music, dancing, knowledge and the beauty that exists within each culture in a way that is sure to draw in even those who are not normally interested in this kind of event. Beyond the movies and the activities that are being planned even now, the event will gather headlines in yet another unique way.

In 2020, the Lovaganza events will be lasting four months each. That length of time is something that has not been seen in our time and will give each separate event the time that is needed to do justice to the remarkable cultures that still exist around the world.

No matter whether you are interested in the cultures of the world or not, this is an event that you are going to want to go see. You will never get another opportunity like this to attend a four month long event and connect with others around the world that will be experiencing the exact same thing.

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Danilo Diaz Granados Treats his Guests to a Once-in-a-lifetime Experience

Granados has made a reputation for himself in holding hyper-sensory experiences for his guests and the event held by the toys for boys co-founder this summer was no different. It featured helicopter rides, fine cuisine, exclusive previews, time at the racetrack, a sunset boat ride and bottles of Dom Perignon. According to Danilo, his aim was to give his guests a once in a lifetime experience.

Not everyone was welcome to the event, but rather a selected few. Those invited had the opportunity to have breakfast at Dame ZahaHadid’s One Thousand Museum Sales Center. They were also fortunate to be treated to a preview of the much-awaited building in the Biscayne area of Miami.

Granados too was not left behind in the fun and joined his guests on the half-an-hour helicopter ride to Palm Beach Race Track where they were received with Dom Perignon Champagne. At the track, guests were accorded with an opportunity to take a spin around the track. Fun at the track was followed by lunch at the River Yacht Club that was hosted by Dom Perignon. According to Danilo, the day was concluded with a boat ride on Technomar’s and Van Dutch’s newest boats. Sponsors of the event were Van Dutch Americas, One Thousand Museum, Air Commander Aerospace and Gryphon Racing.

Other than being a great host of events, Mr. Danilo is also a man with a rich educational background. He holds a degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship from Babson College. He has worked as an investment advisor and is an entrepreneur boasting of operations in Miami, Florida. His two businesses are Toys for Boys boutique and Edge of Glory films. Currently, Danilo is an Associate at FCP (Fireman Capital Partners). He is also the wing liaison for the Equity Investments program at the company. His role is to research global issues affecting equity investments such as hedge funds, development of innovative startups and energy efficiency.

Relief Efforts by United Way

Recent disasters are affecting over a dozen of states. The disasters are devastating Gulf Coast, Midwest, and East Coast. The states affected by these disasters are getting emergency assistance from United Ways of the Midwest and South Disaster Fund. The fund offers shelter, food, and supporting long-term recovery efforts in health, financial stability and education. The fund aims at rebuilding lives affected by the disasters.

United Ways for the Greater New Orleans Area administers this disaster fund. For online donations, an individual can direct them to the general emergency fund. Alternatively, one can direct them to Alabama, Kansas, and Georgia. Other states include South Carolina, Oklahoma or any other state that participates in this fund.

Madison Street Capital builds strong ventures in communities in the United States. It works persistently with an aim of making a difference in local and global communities. The company is dedicated to meeting the needs of clients and offering support to organizations such as United Way.

Experience is a vital aspect for the success of any business. Professionals at Madison have been serving clients from diverse industries for many years. As a business owner who wants to sell a business, come up with a good exit strategy or would like to acquire a business Madison will serve you well based on their experience. Their excellence services on such matters will satisfy you.

United Way relief efforts

United Way has its headquarters in Alexandra, Virginia. It improves the lives of people by utilizing strong public engagement ability, national network and partners who have commitment. United Way focuses on identification of issues pressing the community and resolving the issues. It aims at making changes in the society through partnering with government agencies, schools, financial institutions, voluntary organizations, and businesses. Their 10-year program started in 2008. The program focuses on improving education and helping communities to attain financial stability. Their target is to get families to work as they focus on economic independence by 2018.

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital employs professionals who have experience, knowledge, extensive relationships. That makes the company one of the best middle market investment banking companies worldwide. The professionals come up with suitable financing and capitalization structures that suit the needs of a client. The firm is the leading provider of advice concerning mergers & acquisitions and corporate financing. With its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, the firm has offices in other places like Asia, North America, and Africa.

The company has been offering financial services for many years. Some of the financial services it provides include restructuring services, buy side and sell side services, middle market investment banking, and valuation services. If you are in need of corporate advisory services, financial opinion services, business valuation services, and financial reporting for valuation purpose, then Madison will be the best option for you. Follow them on Twitter – @MadStCap

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Securus Strives to Increase Productivity in Prisons and Jails

Securus Technologies, a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions, is now helping prison inmates and corrections officers by automating prison forms and grievance applications to a paperless digital form. Securus is committed to keeping their customers updated with the latest and most effective technologies available. Get the latest news on Linkedin about Securus.

How Securus is using ConnectUS to save time and money

In the prison system, time not only means money, it means security and safety. When correctional officers have more time to dedicate to security, training, and inmate management, prisons and jails are safer for both guards and inmates. By implementing its Inmate Forms and Grievance application on ConnectUs, Securus does away with the need to use time-consuming paper forms for grievances, medical forms, sign-up and other forms that once had to be printed, and handed out. Prison employees and correctional officers often spend a great deal of time printing, copying, distributing, and collecting paper forms. The ConnectUs system does away with this outdated method of processing prison forms.

It’s a win-win for everyone

While most people don’t consider what goes on behind prison walls to be of much relevance, a safer and more effective prison is a win-win for everyone. Better run and more efficient paperwork and forms handling is a win not just for prison staff but for taxpayers and inmates as well. With this new application by Securus, inmates can receive custom forms that can be created for any type of inmate request. Inmates can also view the status of forms and grievances and accept them or us the system to file appeals. The new system is apparently making a real difference. Securus processes an average of 13.8 forms per inmate per month saving a lot of time and money that can be dedicated to other issues and programs. ConnectUs does not stop there. With a lot of other features such as inmate location and a digital inmate bulletin board, correctional officers are able to communicate with inmates more efficiently allowing for smoother operations between staff and inmates.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Hometown Girl Who Excels in the Field of Cosmetic Surgery

There are very few dedicated professionals in the field of medicine who gain recognition for the outstanding work they do for others. The life and work of Dr. Jennifer Walden was recently showcased in an article published in Austin MD magazine. Dr. Walden had been previously named as one of the nation’s top beauty surgeons by Harper’s Bazaar. After training as a cosmetic surgeon in New York, Dr. Walden established her own cosmetic surgery practice in Manhattan. Not only has she gained recognition for the outstanding work she does in the field of cosmetic surgery, but she is the only woman to serve on the ASAPS board.


A Hometown Girl


As a native born and raised in Austin, Dr. Walden missed her roots and her family. After having a successful practice in Manhattan she decided to move herself and her family back home to Austin, where she again created a highly successful practice. Her patients are quick to describe her as a warm and caring individual. She easily makes her patients feel relaxed and safe within her office environment. Dr. Walden has also been described as being assertive, confident and powerful. She has control over every aspect of her practice. Dr. Walden currently works at Westlake Medical Center in Austin where she has the ability to perform most of her surgeries just 15 feet away from her office.


With her late father a dentist and her mother a surgical nurse, it almost seemed inevitable that Dr. Jennifer Walden would end up with a position in the field of medicine. She was one of five children born to her parents. Having a set of twin boys, Dr. Walden admits she has a great respect for moms who stay at home to raise their families. Her main reason for returning to her hometown was to raise her own sons around the family members she grew up loving and respecting.

Common Problems That Inspired The Introduction Of The SEC Whistleblower Program

The SEC Whistleblower Attorney highlights some of the few issues that inspired the federal government to push for the introduction of the SEC Whistleblower Program. The program came into the limelight in 2010 when the Dodd-Frank Consumer Protection Act was emended to offer better capabilities and protection to whistleblowers. This was after many cases went unreported and others left unattended for many years.

Other perpetrators also intimidated whistleblowers to an extent that individuals with new information could not make an attempt of exposing the ills propagated by certain companies. Below are the main factors that inspired the decision to come up with the SEC Whistleblower Program.

Lack of sufficient reporting capabilities
Before the 2010 amendment to the Consumer Protection Act, whistleblowers were not adequately catered for and most of them feared for their lives because there were no adequate measures to protect them from the wrath of individuals who were reported for violating securities laws. Most of them could not share information because this would be made public, thereby putting a strain on their lives.

However, the SEC Whistleblower program came with many features like the anonymous reporting provision that would allow whistleblowers to report securities violations without putting their lives into danger.

Additionally, employers can no longer intimidate or fire an employee for exposing ills because this is a right that has been incorporated into the law. Those thought to have intimidated or in any manner retaliated against the goodwill of a whistleblower to expose them are sued to face legal action.

The need for international coverage
Violations happen anywhere in the world because business is not a confined area that is available in some part of the world and absent in others. Therefore, there was need to come up with a system that would make it easy for whistleblowers from any part of the world to share useful information about violations. The International reporting provision that came with the SEC Whistleblower Program is a step that enabled whistleblowers from any corner of earth to report rogue business individuals.

Awesome compensation to motivate whistleblowers
Lack of motivation may also make it difficult for a whistleblower to share information about the ills happening around him/her. Most of them viewed this is a useless step that would not benefit them at the end of the day. The SEC Whistleblower Program has eliminated this notion through the introduction of a compensation package that expends to as much as $5 million for information shared about violations.

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SEC Is Encouraging Whistleblowers To Report Any Instances Of financial Fraud

In the past, the United States has experienced numerous financial frauds committed by investment bankers and financial institutions in the past. These fraudulent individuals use their positions to enrich themselves while the public suffers from the economic problems created thereof. In order to resolve this issue, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was established. The office is charged with the responsibility of investigating and recovering funds lost through fraudulent activities.

When SEC was formed, its main challenge was identifying individuals who were breaking federal securities laws. It needed to rely on whistleblowers in order to accelerate the process of identifying criminals and investigating them. However, the laws that existed at the time did not provide the secure platform where this exercise could be done. To this end, the office teamed up with Dodd Frank-Frank to sponsor a bill to the Congress.

In 2010, the Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. The new law brought several changes on how the United State’s financial industry could be regulated. Through the Act, the SEC was able to establish a new whistleblower program. This new program has numerous incentives that have resulted to an increase in the number of people coming out and reporting financial frauds to the SEC. The SEC has in turn been able to prosecute many individuals besides recovering some of the wrongfully gained funds.

The program has three main incentives: employment security, money and privacy. The Dodd-Frank Act provides all financial whistleblowers with job protection. Unlike in the past when whistleblowers could lose their jobs if their employers discover them, the current law ensures that companies respect whistleblowers. Secondly, whistleblowers enjoy monetary benefits. They are awarded 10-30% of all money recovered by the SEC if the amount sanctioned is more than $1 million. This rule applies to funds recovered by other law enforcers using the information provided by the whistleblower.

Whistleblowers have the option of providing the information anonymously. This incentive is important to individuals who fear for their personal safety and that of their family members. With this option, a whistleblower can use the services of a SEC Whistleblower attorney to report fraudulent activity. The lawyer will then act as a link between the individual and the SEC. Extra measures are taken by the SEC Whistleblower attorney to ensure that the client remains anonymous and that he or she enjoys the full protection of the law, in case his or her identity is revealed. The above incentives have completely transformed the confidence of whistleblowers. This information was originally reported on SEC Whistleblower Advocate’s website as seen in this link

Beauty Blogger Reaches for Bottle of WEN to Achieve Fuller Shinier Mane

Some women seem to have the nicest hair full of body, shine and manageability. It’s hard not to envy those kinds of girls and wish your mane would do the same.

Blogger Emily McClure was one of those fine hair-challenged ladies whose tresses did little but lie flat against her head. She was seeking a hair transformation that could give oomph to her crowning glory. As a beauty writer, she knew she had wonderful options to try a variety of products. She decided on WEN hair by Chaz and embarked on a personal 7-day hair challenge for

WEN by Chaz is the true pioneer of the original, no lather shampoo system. It’s a healthy blend of natural, plant-based botanicals that deliver strength, shine and fullness to every hair type on the planet. There is no sulfate-laden lathers with WEN by Chaz. Instead, you are using unique cleansing conditioners that thoroughly wash, condition, de-tangle and treat the hair. It is available on Sephora cosmetic stores and online on Amazon.

Emily kept a daily hair log with hair selfies to show readers her Wen hair by Chaz results. She decided on a daily morning WEN wash in the shower and used 10 pumps of product, even though that was not enough for her shoulder length locks. Still, the results were stunning, as her pretty hair selfies clearly show, and her best friends were now hair envious.

Emily learned that for WEN by Chaz to deliver her amazing results, she had to put some muscle into the system. If she took the time and effort to always blow-dry and then style her WEN washed hair, then she achieved A-list locks with shine, volume, softness and manageability.

When Emily changed her routine to nighttime, her results were not as bouncy, and if she skipped the wash, her mane fell flat.

Otherwise, Emily loved trying WEN hair.

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Wealth Wave Helps Investors Profit


Jim Hunt a leading finance and investment expert has introduced a system known as the Wealth Wave. This system helps teach investors how to profit in the stock market from stocks that are going down in value. While this may seem like a strategy that is likely to fail, it actually provides great results for investors. Using Wealth Wave teaches investors how to find failing stocks, hold them and then sell them for very high profits once they increase in value. According to Jim Hunt, in a stock market crash and bear market, money is not lost, it is simply transferred. By following the Wealth Wave system a number of people will have the opportunity to make lots of money with only a few stock purchases at a given time.

When getting the Wealth Wave system, consumers will get a number of DVD training videos as well as access to live seminars on the internet. Therefore these two sources will combine to give people a very comprehensive education on how to capitalize on a bear stock market. The DVD training videos teach you the fundamentals of stock trading and show you what to look for when making an investment. To compliment the DVD training videos, the live internet seminars go over some additional topics as well as clarifying any concepts that investors may seek.

One of the most well known companies that teaches investors is VTA Publications. This is a company that specializes in teaching people how to invest in stocks, make options trades and also invest for their retirement. The company offers courses to individuals worldwide so anyone in the world can access these beneficial courses. While there are only three main courses as of right now, they are very informative and teach investors how to make lots of money in the stock market. Therefore VTA Publications is a very trusted company when it comes to getting investment education.

With VTA Publications consumers will get three courses on investing and retirement planning. They will also get access to seminars that will give them mentorship as well as additional information on how to apply the concepts from the courses. Along with seminars, consumers will get access to the company website to read articles that help motivate them as well as urge them to adopt a positive attitude on a regular basis.