Jim Hunt Passes His Wisdom on to the Average-Joe Investor


VTA Publications is a company that is a non-fiction publisher of distance learning courses. The company was created in 2012 and it’s many customers around the world love the information products and free articles they provide. They have physical products and digital products, and these products specialize in the field of finance and economics.


Many times, people are intimidated about investing in the stock market and in other different ways because they are not educated enough about it. VTA Publications created a new product that educates people about how to invest their money.

The intriguing thing about this product is that people no longer have to guess different variables when investing. This product includes real-time data and variables and it can be plugged in directly to the system. This program puts together investments while educating people. If the right tools are accessible, people are taught different aspects of the stock market and investing. Everybody has different learning styles, and people are able to relate to the information and get more out of it.


Jim Hunt is the CEO of the company, VTA Publications. He is a specialist when it comes to stocks and bonds. He focuses on educating average investors with some of his products.


Jim Hunt created a few products which include “Make Mum a Millionaire” and “Wealth Wave.” His predictions with the stock market are extremely accurate, and consumers are fortunate to gain wisdom through his products.  For more on Jim and VTA, check out this interview, or follow Jim through his Twitter and YouTube accounts.

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