Kate Hudson: Empowering Women

Meet Fabletics: one of the most popular athleisure and athletic wear companies out there. You’ve probably seen their ads, which usually feature their popular spokesmodel, Kate Hudson, showing off new designs, whether it’s on an online ad or commercial. She has been working her creative flow with the company for three successful years now and is doing great things. She was appointed ambassador for the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign, and she decided, undoubtedly, that adding clothing in support of Breast Cancer to the Fabletics line would be an excellent decision.

Kate Hudson is a huge supporter for Breast Cancer. She knows, like the rest of us, that most have been affected by the popular disease whether its a family member, friend or themselves. She decided to add a few pieces in the cancer color, pink, but revamped it a bit, giving it more depth. These exclusive pieces on fabletics.com can be found on the site in limited quantities and you can choose from two different tops, capri leggings or a bralette. Supporting Breast Cancer empowers women and Kate is confident that many will relate to this campaign and purchase the items for the cause.

Fabletics is a unique company because it is based off of subscriptions. You can subscribe to receive new athlesiure clothing each and every month at a fixed cost. The cost is significantly less than other brands like Nike and LuLuLemon which is why the company has found much success. You can also purchase clothes at your own leisure and don’t have to subscribe but many find it a good way to add affordable and versatile clothing into their wardrobe. Fabletics.com is where you can go to subscribe.

Fabletics was an overnight phenomenon thanks to it’s different way of shopping. Their have been several stores opened this year so that potential and regular customers can see and feel items for themselves, and there are plans to open even more stores in the coming months. Kate Hudson continues to impress us with her kindness and creativity. This is a cause you want to support, and can look awesome while doing it. Don’t miss out, get your Breast Cancer athleisure clothing today and help empower other women, like Kate Hudson does daily. See: https://www.youtube.com/user/Fabletics

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