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The Future of EOS Lip Balm

For nearly one hundred years Chapstick has dominated the lip balm scene. It was a product that was commonly used by all ages, races, and sexes. As the years went by, other contenders jumped into the market one after another. This action created the current situations of saturation in this small sector of lip care, but Chapstick held it’s firms grip tightly. Soon another old staple would rise in the game and take Chapstick’s top spot to date. Burt’s Bees currently owns the crown, but just for how much longer? There’s a new rising star that’s making huge waves in this ocean of clutter and it goes by the name of (EOS)

EOS which stands for “Evolution of Smooth,” is steadily moving up the ranks and is expected to be the industry’s leader within a few short years or maybe even sooner. It’s ranked second in sales behind Burt’s Bees it’s ability to sell over $1 Million units on a weekly basis. EOS lip balm resonates with it’s customers much more effectively than other brands as it appeals to the senses. This strategic principle gives the user a closer bond with the product and closer bonds are equal to bigger sales as it becomes an endeared product.

Success also comes from the use of celebrities. Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and Christina Aguilera have all been spotted applying this colorful product. The brand’s oddly egg shaped appearance grabds the attention as it lines the shelves of prominent retailers such as Target, Walgreens, Walmart, ULTA, Lucky Vitamin and eBay ( Evolution of Smooth success is no fluke and it’s strategic selective marketing plays a huge role in it’s growth. By the year 2020, this company/brand is expected to around $2 Billion in sales which will predominantly make it the new king of the hill.

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The Benefits of Video Visitation

Being separated from family can be tough at Christmas time. This is especially true for a family who has a member incarcerated. Being in a corrections facility can be hard especially if there is a travel distance involved. To help ease this void, Securus Technologies has created video visitation technology that allows families to be together and stay in contact no matter where they are. All that is needed is an internet connection and a computer or mobile phone.


Video visitation is giving families more flexibility when it comes to staying in touch. There is no longer any need to drive long distances and spend a lot of money to see and talk to your loved one. Because of this flexibility, families can now communicate more often as well. Some even choose to chat many times per week.


The video visitation software has been a huge asset to families during the holidays. Fathers can now be there when the kids are opening their gifts on Christmas morning. Mothers can be involved during the family meal. Family gatherings can now have one more person in attendance due to the visitation offered by Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies is a technology company that is based out of Dallas, Texas. They have been in business for over thirty years and have been creating new technologies since the business began. Securus Technologies works for and with law enforcement agencies and corrections facilities all over North America. They work with over 3,450 agencies and create technologies that affect over 1,200,000 inmates as well.


The video visitation technology introduced by Securus Technologies has been a huge success. Families all over the country are taking advantage of this technology as it allows visitation that works with their schedule and is not dependent on travel time or someone else’s schedule. Families now have another avenue for staying in touch and staying close even when one of its members has been sent away. Technology such as this has been changing lives for the better.


Davos REG is Using Innovation to Redefine Real Estate Business


In line with its goal of reshaping the real estate business, Davos Real Estate Group (REG) has publicly declared the deployment of a state-of-the-art mobile app “Davos CAP Calculator.” The application is set to redefine how real estate investors do business. For instance, the app will allow users to project the expected return on investing in a given real estate venture or property.


What makes the app outstanding?


A team of professionals led by Davos REG’ director, Gerard Gonzalez, monitored the entire process of designing the app. The mobile app is designed according to the latest technology. Users of both Android and iPhone can enjoy the amazing benefits this innovative application has to offer. Davos REG has promised to deploy a series of corresponding apps that will allow investors to use their mobile gadgets to identify real estate property and share the historical reports with Davos’ agents. The new apps will guide investors towards making wise investment decisions.


Benefits of Davos REG’s Mortgage Calculator


Davos REG is set to launch other new applications, which will comprise of a “Mortgage Calculator.” Clients can leverage this app to approximate their mortgage on the basis of the Bank’s estimates, the funding duration, and the rate of interest. These apps will enhance the quality of services that customers receive.


The year 2016 has been productive and successful for the Davos REG. In addition to the creation of “Davos CAP Calculator” app, the firm has been forming new meaningful connections and partnerships with global real estate agents. The company has expanded its operation to strategic nations such as Spain. It has reported a 75 percent increase in sales in its Q1 of 2016.


David Osio


David Osio has a deep mastery of financial principles and practices across numerous sectors. He is the brains behind Davos group of companies and serves as the executive director. Osio has an incredible academic record – he holds a law degree from the Venezuela-located Catholic University Andres Bello and advanced degrees in banking, portfolio management, and shares. His leadership is based on consistent research, consultation, and innovation. Osio was a senior employee of the Latino International Bank headquartered in Miami.


Armed with decades of experience and expertise in the financial services sector, Osio unveiled Davos Financial Group (DFG), an umbrella firm of several certified, independent companies dedicated to delivering unique financial services to an exclusive group of clients. Under his watch, DFG has opened several branches across the globe and increased its corporate income.

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Adam Goldenberg- Expert in Fashion and e-commerce

On September 2013, Adam Goldenberg along with his co-CEO announced that JustFab had closed a $40 million funding deal to assist the company accelerate to become a leading international fashion brand. The funding saw the company change its business model and change its name from JustFab to TechStyle group. The funding was the 3rd round received by the firm to venture in different fields of fashion.

TechStyle has been at the forefront of advancing itself through massive funding. In 2014, the company received another funding that was worth $ 85 million. Passport Special Fund led the funding. Other existing investors in the company participated in the funding such as Technology Crossover Ventures and Matrix Partners. The total capital base of the company has grown and is now valued at $1 billion.

Under the leadership of Adam Goldenberg, TechStyle group has increasingly grown to be the market leader it is today. Several celebrities have assisted in the advancement of the company too. Star and actor Kate Hudson has been at the forefront of advancing Fabletics, a company that focuses on fashion activewear.

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Adam Goldenberg’s business model has worked because it has a large focus on addressing customer needs. The company concentrates on a personalized fashion shopping experience and treats each client as the most important person in the enterprise. The company has increasingly grown and advanced its business throughout the entire United States and other parts of the world. Just recently, the company received a funding worth over $ 300 million through venture capital funds. The recent funding saw the company become valued at $ 1 billion, hence acquiring the name Unicorn.

In a recent interview at CNBC, Goldenberg noted the significant achievements made by the company and why they deserve to be called unicorns. He beat his chest over how TechStyle has become a leading valued company. He prides himself in the various accomplishments he has made through his employees that make him profoundly happy.

Adam Goldenberg certainly has a lot to brag about his achievements. He entered the fashion arena with little knowledge about how to run a fashion business. He however had a strong background in marketing and startup. Adam Goldenberg had built his experience from a young age of 15 where he had started his e-commerce company and later sold it to Intermix Media. Intermix Media was under MySpace; Mr. Goldenberg managed various business operations of the enterprise.

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Vijay Eswaran Looks To Sports For Business Success

The direct sales legend Vijay Eswaran has been at the top of the industry since he established the QI Group in 1998 after searching for a number of years for the perfect business opportunity to enter the market. Despite being one of the newest entrants into the direct sales market the QI group has benefited from the innovative leadership techniques Vijay Eswaran explains have evolved over the course of his career to allow him to trust his employees to bring success to the company. Eswaran also sees the people his business touches should be given the chance to achieve as much success as he himself has achieved in his native Malaysia and around the world.

In discussing the QI Group Vijay Eswaran has taken across Asia and into India to achieve levels of success to rival his more established competitors in the direct sales industry the founder reveals he sees links between his company and successful sports teams. Much like the best sports coaches Vijay Eswaran believes his role with QI is to develop a strategy for success and train to achieve exactly what is required to become better prepared than the opponents of the company; finding the right people to achieve success is the key to achieving as much as possible in the business world for Vijay Eswaran, who believes motivated people who understand his business approach are far better qualified than those who may bring a higher level of education and experience with them.

Community is also extremely important to Vijay Eswaran who believes his business model provides individuals with the chance to free themselves from working for others in a simple and effective way. Representatives of QI are given a high level of training Vijay Eswaran often takes part in himself, hearing the uplifting stories of the people who have achieved success with QI is one of the main benefits Eswaran derives from his business.

On The Fast Track With EOS

Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra were the two men behind creating the successful brand EOS we have all come to recognize as the colorful orbs lining the lip balm aisles in many drugstores we frequent today. This wasn’t always the case, and their slow infiltration into the lip balm aisles didn’t happen overnight. At first, many drugstores actually turned them away, the male buyers not quite understanding the appeal of the product. They saw some of their first great sales at Walgreens. The first person who bought their products was a female buyer for Walgreens, who understood the product and was able to sell it in the stores. Today the products are being sold by online retailers ULTA and eBay.

Keeping a low profile on sharing information was part of the brand’s success in the long run. Teller and Mehra decided to invest all of their energy and efforts into developing the brand instead of hyping it up before it was something they felt confident about. Today, their marketing abilities on Facebook and other social media platforms are a testament to their creativity with their products being used in trendy and edgy music videos by many celebrities and music stars. The products are also being marketed overseas by celebrities like Taylor Swift.

The brand had great foresight in what would work well for them as they developed their product. Instead of relying on an outside manufacturer to make their products, they invested in their own equipment so products could be made in house. The entrepreneurs attended trade shows where they could network with people who supplied mechanical equipment. Eventually they were able to have the specialized equipment made for them that would be able to make the balms and packaging. Today they are rolling out new products to keep their offering fresh, and consumers are buying them ( up by a million units per week. Bravo!


The Life and Career of Avi Weisfogel

Avi Weisfogel has dedicated his life to finding the cure for sleep apnea. For this reason, he has established a company called Dental Sleep Masters. Avi Weisfogel has been practicing his career since 1999 when he opened his first practice at Old Bridge Dental Care. During this period, he has managed to achieve a lot. For instance, he has been named as the dentist of the year several times. Despite the achievements, he remains committed to finding the role that dentists can play with sleep physicians to find a permanent cure for the illness. Avi Weisfogel is a scholar himself as he has a degree in BA specializing in biology and psychology. He acquired his undergraduate at Rutgers University before attending the New York University College of Dentistry for his master’s and acquired his DDS.


His love for helping children suffering from sleep apnea comes from his deep connection with his family. He has a wife and six children. He has the idea that no child should be discriminated regardless of their background. According to Avi Weisfogel, children are the leaders of tomorrow, and for this reason, they should be afforded the best medical care in the world. He has been involved with the Operation Smile for a while as he aims to help children suffering from various medical conditions. Operation Smile has its roots in the Philippines and currently has beneficiaries from over 90 countries worldwide. To show his solidarity for this organization, he runs a Go Fund Me campaign of his own. His main aim is to donate $2000 to this charity. Avi Weisfogel is active on several media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. He also has an education program that he delivers through YouTube. He often posts videos about various issues such as sleep apnea on this channel.


Other than the Dental Sleep Master, Avi Weisfogel is known as the founder of an organization called Healthy Heart Sleep. He established this venture six years ago. He is also attributed with the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients. These are organizations that are supposed to show the relationship that exists between sleep apnea and other conditions.

Talk Fusion Video Chat Awarded for Second Time

Talk Fusion, a leading video marketing solutions company, has won another award for its cutting edge video chat technology. Originally, the company was founded by Bob Reina. He cited that he was frustrated about not being able to attach and send pictures in an email easily. He decided to find an easier way and Talk Fusion was born.


This past summer, Talk Fusion was awarded the 2016 Communication Solutions product of the year for their video chat product. This award is the second one received. The Communications Solutions product of the year award is given to products that are introduced to the market or improved upon within the last year and is awarded by Technology Marketing Corporation. Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC, feels honored to give such products with this award.


Talk Fusion’s video chat technology using WebRTC tech, which allows users to connect any time, while any where, and on any device. This award is the second one since the product has been available during March 2016. Bob Reina, passionate CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, has said that video chat is just the beginning. Their all in one talk solutions product has been helping the company to grow.


Talk Fusion has been recognized in the media lately for its free trials and humanitarian efforts. It has offered 30 day risk free trials, where the new customers truly have free access to the full library of products. There is no need for credit cards to start the trial, making them really risk free. Also, Bob Reina has given each employee the task of giving a charity of their choice a free full video marketing solutions account. He wants these noble organizations to be able to connect easier.

How Sam Tabar Has Helped Various Companies Succeed

FullCycle has named Sam Tabar as its official COO. The chief operating officer of the company is in charge of the fund management strategy offered by the FullCycle company. By partnering with the various senior leaders, the team is set out to deliver methods to cut back on costs, polluting fuels which are used to lower costs and become more environmentally friendly.

Sam Tabar spend much of his own career going over budget friendly strategies that help aid in financial institutions. He was named as the head of the capital strategy department for the Bank of America, known to financial advisors as Merrill Lynch. During his role, he was provided with the tools needed to help fund managers and target introductions of a number of investors used to fund endowments, pensions and even family offices. He was at the front and center for operations as he led the way to the back and front offices with teams. Before coming to work at Merrill Lynch, he was one of the largest of independent marketers for Asia Pacific. Through his work with Sparx Group, he was able to help aid in a number of global marketing effects.

Along with his financial management experience through these various endeavors, he also worked as an attorney with Schulte, Roth and Zabel. Sam holds a masters in the law degree department from a top notch school, Columbia Law School as well as a bachelor in arts from Oxford University. From Oxford, he graduated with honors. He once worked as a editor for the Columbia Business Law Journal and actually still holds his right to practice with the New York State Bar.

Tabar is listed as being one of the earliest investors as a venture capitalist in Tribute along with in SheThinx, the company which has helped reinvent how the feminine hygiene industry has power in the empower women around the world sector. He has led the path to many companies being able to become one of the highest sought after positions from around the world. Many people might not know the name, but they most certainly would have heard of at least one of the companies he has helped.