Talk Fusion Video Chat Awarded for Second Time

Talk Fusion, a leading video marketing solutions company, has won another award for its cutting edge video chat technology. Originally, the company was founded by Bob Reina. He cited that he was frustrated about not being able to attach and send pictures in an email easily. He decided to find an easier way and Talk Fusion was born.


This past summer, Talk Fusion was awarded the 2016 Communication Solutions product of the year for their video chat product. This award is the second one received. The Communications Solutions product of the year award is given to products that are introduced to the market or improved upon within the last year and is awarded by Technology Marketing Corporation. Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC, feels honored to give such products with this award.


Talk Fusion’s video chat technology using WebRTC tech, which allows users to connect any time, while any where, and on any device. This award is the second one since the product has been available during March 2016. Bob Reina, passionate CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, has said that video chat is just the beginning. Their all in one talk solutions product has been helping the company to grow.


Talk Fusion has been recognized in the media lately for its free trials and humanitarian efforts. It has offered 30 day risk free trials, where the new customers truly have free access to the full library of products. There is no need for credit cards to start the trial, making them really risk free. Also, Bob Reina has given each employee the task of giving a charity of their choice a free full video marketing solutions account. He wants these noble organizations to be able to connect easier.

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