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UKV PLC Brings Diverse Options With Wines

UKV PLC, a prominent wine consultant group in U.K., offers a number of diverse services with wines. It offers options like buy wine, storage services, valuations services, brokerage options, delivery, and investment options on wine.

Additionally, the customers can buy wine accessories such as different varieties of glass, decanter, etc. The mission of the firm is to ensure a high-quality wine and champagne supply for people with a number of product choices. It helps people to choose the appropriate wine product according to the occasion or purpose.

UKV PLC offers a wide variety of wines through its online retailer platform, and it includes Bordeaux, Spanish, Burgundy, Italian wines, and Champagnes. Interestingly, the collections in UKV PLC platform includes some rare and delicious wines that are sold like a hotcake. The storage services offered by the firm is to mature the wine with proper provenance. The storage is provided in controlled climate to ensure optimum storage conditions and supported by insurance cover. The valuation services are based on global market demand values, current availability, and popularity to make sure accurate pricing.

The delivery services of the group include special offers for bulk sellers and ensure consistency and reliability. In the case of brokerage services, the wine sellers can list their wines with UKV PLC and get it sold for a marginal broker fee. The manufacturers and sellers have even option to sell their wine to the firm for a market best rate. Interestingly, UKV PLC does an independent valuation for the wine before arranging a purchase to offer the maximum available price for the product.

Additionally, the firm also provides investment options in wine and offer financial advice, other financial elements, and taxation on such investments. UKV PLC is active in social media with regular updates on its Facebook and Twitter accounts. The updates are reflecting the health benefits of wines, unique types of wines, facts about wine, wine news, etc.

Online Reputation Management Is Critical For Automotive Dealerships

The automotive industry has shown a lot of evolvement over a period of years. Many of the slower moving industries are still playing catch up. Yet automotive dealerships quickly embraced digital marketing. They used their marketing funds and went beyond the traditional direct mail, television and radio advertisements. They saw the opportunities available.

There are numerous digital channels that are competing for the marketing dollars of the dealerships. This includes search engine optimization, social media, pay per click advertising and display ads. Mobile optimization and video content have become incredibly important and a strong strategy in e-commerce has become critical for dealerships. The specific area that has been neglected is online reputation management.

Google statistics reveal 62 percent of all individuals looking to purchase a vehicle begin by checking the online reviews of the dealerships. They also show 95 percent of all buyers begin a search for their vehicle online. The numbers are enormous and easily show the importance of a good online reputation for a dealership.

Since every vehicle sold reflects a high sale price the loss of just one sale significantly impacts the dealership. Even a dealership with a good online reputation can loose an enormous amount of money because of a few negative reviews. A bad review will blemish the imaging, brand and all of the other marketing done by the dealership. This can result in the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales.

Due to this particular problem online reputation management has become critical to all businesses, especially automotive dealerships. There are agencies at work trying to find a solution to this specific problem. One agency in specific is comprised of successful entrepreneurs and has already signed up many of the biggest automotive groups located in the United States.

Dealerships have attempted to handle their reputation management with outdated methods and limited resources. The results were not effective. Even dealerships with good online reputations will see more dealer traffic and leads when they address this area with the latest and most effective methods available. Online reputation management has become crucial for the success of businesses.

Bob Reina and Talk Fusion Develop Culture of Philanthropy

Talk Fusion CEO and founder Bob Reina has been on a personal mission to change lives ever since the inception of his company back in 2007. Reina got the idea to establish Talk Fusion when he was confronted by the reality that nobody on the market was focused on what he wanted to offer: video based email marketing. Cut forward nearly a decade and Talk Fusion has become one of the biggest fish in the pond — most recently winning a prestigious award for their Video Chat application. Now we’re going to take moment to highlight some of the great things that Reina is doing with his fame and success.

To start off, Bob Reina has always firmly believed in the power of responsibility. If you sat down and discussed philanthropy with Reina you would eventually hear him say, “With great success comes greater responsibility.” This statement, sentiment really, is imbued in everything that Talk Fusion attempts to do. It is the guiding principle by which Bob Reina runs his company. He’s put a focus on developing Talk Fusion as a place where every associate, including himself, gets the chance to spread their wings and focus on philanthropy. We’ll discuss how, starting with their charity account on offer.

Reina launched a free charity account that users can subscribe to by talking with a Talk Fusion associate. This account is essentially the Custom Monthly Plan – it comes with a host of great a features such as the Video Chat, Live Meetings, and the ever popular Video Email. The big difference with this account is that associates can attach it to the charity of their choice, thus making a huge difference with philanthropy in an almost passive way. This is a marked change for Talk Fusion and a great chance for the company to become a social leader in the future.

Bob Reina has also been sure to give back in his personal life as well. He’s an avid giver to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and he even signed a record breaking $1 million check. Reina also has given to Indonesian orphanages and hosted fundraisers for victims of various natural disasters.

A New Look For A Class Act


US Money Reserve is one of the nation’s largest dealers in bullion, coins, and government-issued metals. They have a brand new look. Their new web site has a much more user-friendly appeal than most web sites. US Money Reserve has a leading edge on the precious metal and coin investing market. They stay right on top of it so you will know exactly how and when to invest.

The new web presence has on line competitive prices for coins and bullion, giving the customers the information needed to make informed decisions about purchasing coins and precious metal bullion. Everyone wants to make money. That almost goes without saying. On the US Money Reserve’s web site, you can thoroughly investigate many different ways to invest in precious metals and either old coins or new freshly minted coins from around the world.

With their new web site, they can offer just about any amount of precious metals in just about any with a secure, safe connection. You can view up-to-the-minute reports on the value of your particular investment, proposed or otherwise.

Founded in 2001, they have grown over the years into one of the world’s largest buyers and sellers of coins, bullion, and other forms of precious metals.

They have numismatic professionals waiting to answer your questions on a secure, private connection. they have the market knowledge to give you, the investor, the necessary foundation and knowledge to determine what is best for you and your investment plans.

Based in Austin, Texas, they can connect one-on-one with clients on a secure connection to better serve their needs.

When it comes to the knowledge, the know-how, and the experience, it is hard to beat US Money Reserve. You can see them on line or give them a call today. If it is metals that interests you, give them a call.


Dick and Betsy DeVos Provides Information on Their Philanthropy Work

Soon after her nomination to the post of the Secretary of Education by then President-Elect Donald Trump, her personal and financial status came under scrutiny. It was mandatory for the appointing committee to request for the financial details of Betsy before her confirmation.

The couple decided to get ahead of the probe and released the information to the public. The move came under great criticism by the public officials who were opposed to the Betsy nomination. They said that it was a tactic for the couple to divert the public attention from their political contributions. Whether it was a ruse or not, the couple releasing the information was a show of their transparency.

According to the report, Dick and Betsy DeVos have contributed $139 million towards different organizations. This is not a surprise considering they both come from wealthy families known for their giving. The DeVos family has contributed over $1.33 billion towards different causes.

In 2015, Dick and his wife contributed $11 million and 26% of the amount was given towards the education system. The couple indicated that they are passionate about education and that is why most of their contributions are given to the education department.

The report also indicated other beneficiaries who benefited from the financial support. These organizations include the Compass College of Cinematic Arts, Detroit Charter School, Ferris State University, Northwood University, West Michigan Aviation Academy, and the Potter’s House in Wyoming among others.

Through their Foundation, the couple has managed to support various organizations including the ArtPrize. It is an international art competition held in Grand Rapids.

The Dick and Betsy DeVos Scholarship, established in 2008 have provided financial support to students pursuing their MBA, MA, and MS at the Thunderbird school of Global Management.

Professional Experience

Richard ‘Dick’ DeVos Jr. is the first born son of Richard DeVos Sr. the co-founder of the Amway Corporation. Dick joined the family-owned business in 1974 and was in charge of various operations in the Company including sales, marketing, research, and development. After ten years, he was promoted to Vice President of the Company and was put in charge of 18 countries.

In 1991, his father acquired the Orlando Magic. Dick served as the President and the Chief Executive Officer of the Company until 1993 when he resigned to become the president of the Amway.

Dick DeVos has also served as the president of the Windquest group which is an investment firm.

He has also been involved in politics. In 1990, Dick was elected to the Michigan State Board of Education but resigned two years into his term due to the Amway promotion. In 2096, Dick entered the gubernatorial race in Michigan.