Julia Jackson Works Hard to Learn As Much As Possible

Julia Jackson was born in the city of San Francisco in California in 1988. She remembers when she was a kid her and her siblings had to pick grapes as well as sort them, even in the 100-degree weather. Julia always worked at several of their family wineries during the summer months as well as during the school year once school was out for the day. It was during this time that she grew a passion for the French language and with the French culture.

Once Julia graduated from college, she traveled to the city of Bordeaux, located in France, to not only be able to immerse herself in the French culture as well as the French language but to also work at the family winery and learn all about the French distribution as well as the French sales.

Julia always worked hard and did everything from working the sorting table, picking as well as sampling the grapes and even sorting them, doing yeast adds and everything in between. During her time spent in France, Julia also traveled to Champagne to expand her knowledge even further. After she returned home, Julia was sure to complete the Master Sommelier Introductory Course.

Recently, after becoming very interested in the international aspect of the business, Julia Jackson has become more involved with the Communications as well as the Marketing Departments of the business. Currently, she is working hard at updating as well as improving the websites. She is also helping to revamp all of the international brands images.

In addition to everything that she already does, Julia also plans to learn about distribution as well as sales. She also hopes to learn more about the global market. Julia also has planned out her applications to attend business school to help her be able to further her career even more.

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