Rona Borre Makes it Look So Easy

In 2001, Rona Borre fashioned a new company out of nothing from the spare bedroom of her Chicago condominium. It was a very simple startup with no fanfare when Instant Alliance was birthed yet today it is one of the fastest-growing staffing companies in the country.

Located in the financial district of downtown Chicago, the company specializes in the placement of financial and technological candidates because they are the niche candidates that supply the fuel in any growth movement of a company. To make it over the hump to the next level, financing is usually needed as is technology to keep track of everything.  For video clips of Borre and Instant Alliance, click on

Borre also makes it a big point to get to know the management team at any company they are working with. She wants to know everything about them and in particular who and what kind of candidate they want. He or she must fit into the corporate culture, or the placement is doomed to failure.

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Borre’s methods obviously work and work well because there is only a one percent attrition rate of all the placements the company has made since its inception. Companies love what Borre does because her whole process saves them time and they get the best candidates. Her interview to hire ratio is down to 3 to 1 which smooths the process.

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Results are the key to the ongoing success of Instant Alliance, and Borre intends to keep the ball rolling.

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