David G. McDonald: The Chicago Food Supply Extraordinaire

     Have you ever heard about the amazing and hard-working David G. McDonald? He is currently the Chief Operating Officer for OSI Group LLC. The company is in charge of providing and distributing delicious food to their customers around the world. The majority of the operation is in processing and delivering meat such as pork, beef, bacon, cheese, fruit, vegetables and other delightful and amazing nourishments.

The 52 year-old McDonald acquired his college degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University in 1987. He was always a smart and persistent student which made him standout from all the other hard-working students. McDonald would always ask questions if he did not understand something or was simply confused about a class topic and he always helped others who needed help because he wanted to make sure everyone was passing. His distinguishable features helped him to get a job at OSI Group LLC. He started as a project manager where he would eventually work his way up the corporate ladder and effectively become the Chief Operating Officer for the amazing the company.

McDonald is helping to improve OSI Group’s sustainability by starting a set of straight-forward procedures that will be done throughout the many locations they have around the world. Quality audits will be conducted annually in all production facilities to ensure quality standards are being met to deliver to the customer on time. Animal Welfare audits will be conducted on all suppliers to strict standards as well as certain timer intervals which has to be done to get the best quality.

And finally, McDonald will personally be involved in testing their various traceability systems as an ongoing part of production and quality assurance practices. He just wants to make sure that nothing is wasted when conducting regular work operations throughout the various locations around the world. He is always looking out to make sure the facilities are constantly and continuous clean so that customers obtain the best food ever.

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