Paul Mampilly: A Star Player In The Investment World

     Paul started off his career in 1991 on Wall Street where he worked at Bankers Trust as a portfolio manager. He was able to advance quickly in other positions where he managed accounts that was worth over millions. His track record speaks for itself, when Paul was invited to a investment competition he was recognized for his pure raw talent. Paul was able to turn a 50 million dollar investment and make a 88 million dollar return on the investment in one year. Eventually Paul came to a decision that he was no longer interested in Wall Street. He felt that the pace was a little bit tiring and so he decided to retire and spend more time with his friends and family. However, this does not mean that Paul is no longer an investor, but instead now he walks the path of helping everyday people make money with their Investments.

Instead of making money through large investments he is now shifted and is currently writing popular newsletters such as Extreme Fortunes and Unlimited Profits. Paul plans on coming out with a new and innovative research service in the year of 2017 called True Momentum. He knows that research is very important when it comes to investments and now he feels happy that he is able to offer a service that most Americans can afford.

It is obvious that people who are interested in investing should definitely listen to the man. He has shown over and over again how he can help top notch businesses receive return on investments.

He currently has over 60,000 subscribers for his newsletter Unlimited Profits. He is an amazing leader with an in-depth experience and expertise of 20 years that can have the potential to help others reach the same status. To put it simply, he has the bragging rights of making over 70% profit using a investment strategy and now he does the same thing for everyday Americans by offering this newsletter to invite them to learn more. Every week his subscribers learn in-depth information and research regarding stock market options.

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