David McDonald- Meet the Man behind Successful OSI Group

     Born and raised in northeast Iowa, David Mcdonald earned a bachelor degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University in the late 80s. He started out his career with OSI Industries as a project manager, and he toiled his way up to being the President and Chief Operating Officer.

David is the Chairman of North American Meat Institute and in 2004 he was honoured during the ISU Alumni Association’s Young Alumni Award, exemplifying his fruitful relationship with the alumni association. He has been a solo Director at Marfrig Global Foods S.A. since December 2008.

David puts in great effort into harnessing resources to influence Iowa State. He became an operative in the Agricultural Entrepreneurship establishment. He organized a visit to China’s OSI facilities for a few apprentices in 2011, an opportunity that led to the hiring of one of the apprentices in the company. Moreover, OSI group has been of great assistance to the student intern, pulling things together to enable future internship opportunities.

David is philanthropic by nature, and his helpful attitude led him to assist Alpha Gamma Rho, through scholarship funding. He also happened to be one of the very first people to fund the Iowa state’s AGR house fundraising campaign. David ‘s passion for supporting his fraternity coupled with his endless commitment to support the university is a clear reference of what makes Iowa state the place it is today and will be helpful to students for years to come.

David has always been interested in broadening OSI’s presence especially in the European region, and he believes that the Baho Food acquisition is a great start. Baho Food is a Dutch producer of deli meats, convenience foods, and snacks serving the food service and retail sectors. David is convinced that the company’s holdings and brand complement OSI’s present processing strong points while extending their capabilities to serve the dynamic needs of their customers better.

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