Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is Taking on Amazon

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics started as an alternative way to offer affordable and fashionable athletic wear to women. Focusing on the everyday women who works out to stay fit and wants to look good while doing so, these closes are all hand picked by Kate Hudson herself. The brand has stayed relevant with trendy styles, an easy shopping experience through an affordable subscription service, and fun, hip commercials that give insight into Kate Hudson’s daily life.


Since breaking into the scene Fabletics has started to take on Amazon‘s fashion division. Some experts have even pointed out that Fabletics has done so rather successfully. As of 2016 Amazon held 20% of the fashion e-commerce market, which means that any company that tries to take them on has to be serious about it. So far, they have been tremendously successful. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has grown to a $250 million business in just 3 years. Most businesses are barely breaking even in such a short time period.


Much of the success behind Fabletics is fairly simple, at least on the surface. The brand has combined quality and convenience to tap into a growing, trendy market. Athletic wear is a growing market, especially for women, many of whom see it as aspirational. Combining this with a subscription service, which is not only convenient but also helps to retain customers. Of course, having a big name behind the brand helps too.


One of the biggest reasons for Fabletics success is something that many competitors overlook. In the past, high-end businesses were defined primarily by the quality of the product. Today’s customers want high customer service and personalization as well. The unique membership model helps keep Fabletics customers happy and returning to the company month after month.


Fabletics unique subscription model allows customers to sign up for a membership that is then tailored to their interests and needs. Members receive a monthly e-mail with hand-picked recommendations. All they need to do is login in and purchase these or other clothing, or simply decline to purchase anything. If they don’t log in, a fee is added to their account which can be used for future purchases.


Before becoming members, customers can take a Lifestyle Quiz that is designed to tailor your recommended selections to items of clothing that you would actually want to buy and wear. Fabletics takes a number of factors into consideration, including your sense of style, daily activities, and other personal preferences. This quiz is easy to take and will help you sort through the many clothing options available through Fabletics.

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