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NuoDB: The New Alternative to Alternative to Conventional RDBMSs

With the recent upsurge in data volume, almost every business is looking for the best way to scale up their databases. However, scaling up the traditional relational database management systems (or RDBMS) have proven to be quite expensive. Consequently, many businesses have been forced to seek for affordable scale-out databases solutions, one of them being the NuoDB databases.

NuoDB database is a NewSQL-oriented DBMS (database management system) that is specifically designed to switch between the cloud database and on-premise deployments. Just like in relational databases, application programs interact and communicate with NuoDB via SQL statements. However, NuoDB architecture diverges from relational approaches by utilizing three-tier structure, which includes administrative, storage, and transactional tiers. The tier approach implies that the NuoDB can function without coupling applications with data on a disk drive—this is not possible in some cloud applications.

Ecommerce companies and software vendors favor NuoDB due to its scale-out simplicity, continuous availability, elasticity, transactional consistency, and durability. So if you are trying to get your business or app off the ground, NuoDB is the perfect database to consider. It will not only allow you to easily route tasks nodes via its peer-to-peer messaging but it will also give you an opportunity to seamlessly switch your databases between on-premise databases and the cloud databases.

The Brazilian Advertiser

     Alexandre Gama is a brazilian advertiser and business man, he is also the founder and ceo of neogama which is one of 20 largest advertising agencies in Brazil. He was the first Brazilian to be at the front of global network of communications agencies in his days as the creative officer of BBH. Another outstanding achievement is that he is the only brazilian to be part of the global creative board.

Gama’s successful career began in 1982 as a writer for for the agency standart Ogilvy. His career kicked of n 1990 when he began to work as a copywriter for DM9 where he worked for 4 years. During his time there he was the most awarded writer in Brazil and also was a partner and vice president of agencies like AlmapBBDO. In 2012 he became an official member of the board of the brazilian association of advertising agencies. In 1999 he founded an agency named Neogama which was the first advertising agency in Brazil to win a lion which was awarded at Cannes film festival.

Netpicks has You Covered for Simple Summer Investing Strategies

Summer is here, and with it, the markets can experience choppy performance, especially with the low volume associated with this season. NetPicks. As outlined in a recent article in Market Watch, if you follow these simple steps, your summer can be a lot less tumultuous. Due to various factors, the summer session is expected to be less quiet than in previous years, yet many traders are still looking to spend some time away from the market.

NetPicks is well known for their effective online trading strategies, as well as the depth and breadth of their educational materials. Many traders that are starting out building their business turn to NetPicks to gain keen insight on the market and how they can successfully make money as an independent trader.  Additional tips on

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NetPicks‘ strategy hinges on the support and resistance levels of the Nasdaq 100 NDX, with the trading of the ProShares UltraShort QQQ QID, as well as the ProShares Ultra QQQ QLD, at various points in time when certain levels are neared or broken through. The trigger points are well-defined and can be set up yourself in order to take advantage of the slower summer months. Trading inflections such as the levels at which QID and QLD breaks will trigger a sell event. These strategies are straightforward and easy to implement if support breaks sell QLD if resistance breaks sell QID.

This strategy is tailor made for traders that want to take a bit of a break over the summer and therefore, these strategies should not be used for long-term positions.  There are stop mechanisms in place in the event that 65 basis points are gained in a single session. NetPicks and their clients believe that these simple strategies allow for a more stress-free Lock and Walk implementation.   For added details, click on

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Traders looking to weather the choppy market storms that are expected over this summer season may want to take a closer look at NetPicks’ Lock and Walk strategy, which was first implemented in 2000. Past performance does not guarantee future results, and this strategy has been known to be profitable during choppy markets in past years.  For timeline activity update, visit one of their social media page here.

OSI Group Provides Quality Food Processing in a Sustainable Way

OSI Group has grown into a global colossus in the food processing industry and for good reason. They have a remarkable scope of abilities to provide quality food processing as they work with the world’s leading food service brands. They are able to custom design new dishes for clients with their culinary lab. They are found in 17 different countries and display a cultural sensitivity, which serves them and their customers well.

They have a deep infrastructure and substantial financial resources to help their clients develop unique, tasty products. They operate in 65 processing facilities at last count and are able to assist with all phases of production.

OSI Group credits their strong focus on entrepreneurialism as a large factor in their success. This type of mindset enables them to tap into employee creativity and helps them move fast in business. They are committed to turning their client’s ideas into success.

There is a special bond between top management of OSI and their employees. Their leaders are very mindful that their success is driven by employees. With that in mind, management strives to provide a work environment that workers find challenging, rewarding, and filled with opportunities to advance. The workforce at OSI is diverse and very inclusive.

Passion and innovation are two qualities that OSI Group actively seeks in their employees. They fully embrace the notion that every employee can make a difference. Every job is worthy and important in the company’s view. Employees are encouraged to share new ideas and develop to fullest potential.

OSI Group has always maintained a strong commitment to sustainability. They have strengthened this commitment with the appointment of a Chief Sustainability Officer. Nicole Johnson-Hoffman has been chosen to oversee the company’s efforts in this area. She will provide leadership and direction to OSI’s global teams.

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Lori Senecal Shares Tips on How Companies Can Make the Best of Facebook as an Ads Tool

Social media, and particularly Facebook, has grown to become the largest marketing platform in recent times. Companies have been moving to take advantage of this cost-free chance by developing websites that work for both mobile devices and PCs. As much as this has yielded results, Lori Senecal believes that there still are ways through which companies can best exploit the advertising space offered by Facebook.

Tips for Making a Kill in Facebook

According to Adage, it is important that companies understand what works gauging from their key performance indicators. This is to mean that if a company is looking for popularity, the best thing to emphasize on is post likes and shares. For a top company struggling to remain competitive, on the other hand, what matters most are post comments. This is because it’s through these comments that the company engages its clients and gets to get honest and first-hand reviews.

Secondly, Lori is of the opinion that as much as Facebook is a social platform, a company must never compromise on the quality of content it posts. She emphasizes on visually-attractive content that will be too tempting for any Facebook subscriber to scroll past. In the case of a video, getting the right caption for it is key. The better and compelling the caption is, the higher the chance of having people clicking on the video. If the company wishes to advertise using photos, then those pictures must be well-colored to catch people’s attention. For more details visit Business

Thirdly, creating an ad that people can easily relate with is a sure way of getting users glued to their phones. As Lori describes, the impression an ad creates is highly dependent on whether or not the ad correctly captures the problem in a good way. While at it, Lori advises that a funny video can do the trick for companies seeking to have their company’s name popular.

About Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is the outgoing global CEO of CP+B. Having joined the agency a couple of years back, Lori has been on the front line in the globalization of the company.

Previously, Lori served as global chief innovation officer for the New York-based McCann Worldgroup. She also served as CEO of KBS.

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How Does Chris Burch Create Better Experiences For All?

Chris Burch is the leader of Tory Burch and a number of other companies that deal in creativity. The companies that he has built have been among the finest in the world, and this article explains how he built the Nihiwatu Resort in Indonesia. There are many people who come to the resort every year, and they will bask in the sunshine and beaches that Chris has laid out for them. Additional article to read on

#1: How Did He Start This Hotel?

Nihiwatu was started to ensure that Chris would have an island escape for all the people who come to visit. He loves Indonesia, and he wanted to ensure that the company would have access to a place that is ain a remote part of the world. The island Sambu is the perfect place for many people to visit, and it helps create the paradise that everyone needs.

#2: What Is The Hotel Like?

The hotel was designed to offer the five-star experience, and there are many people who will find that the hotel is the nicest they have ever visited. Someone who wishes to use the hotel to get away for a vacation may make a reservation at any time, and they will be pleased to stay there for quite a long time. The resort has amazing service, and Chris often visits to ensure that the hotel is running well.

#3: Why Is The Resort Perfect For All Vacationers?

Chris has creates a hotel that will be perfect for all vacationers and their kids. Someone who comes to the island to have a nice vacation will find many things for their kids to do, and they will be pleased to know that everyone will be entertained. Chris wants to cater to everyone, and he knows that he must do so if he wishes to make the best experience for everyone.  Click this and read one of Burch featured interviews. i

#4: What Is Next?

Chris has established himself as one of the best hoteliers in the business, and he may continue to build resorts and use his creative skills. He is quite interested in ensuring that the places he goes provide the best stay for all his guests.  Learn more about his various investments, visit his website, click on

Chris Burch has ensured that his resort at Nihiwatu is one of the best in the world. He has invested quite a lot of money and time in a place that will be a lovely way to vacation for every guest and their children.  Check this in this interview of Burch on

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