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Judging by His Resume, Bruno Fagali is a Highly Knowledgeable Attorney

     Bruno Fagali is a Brazilian attorney renowned in the country and beyond. He is based in Sao Paulo. He is an extensively learned individual in the matters of law. He joined the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo in 2004, graduating with a Bachelor of Law four years later. He then did a course in Specialization in Administrative law at the same learning institution for two years between 2010 and 2012. Bruno Fagali graduated this year with a Master’s degree in Law of the State, Administrative, and Anti-Corruption Law. Bruno Fagali has done several short courses in law at various institutions. They include courses in compliance law, Specialization in Administrative law, and Delacao Premiada at Getulio Vargas Foundation. He also did a course in Compliance in the Pharmaceutical and Health industry at the Legal Ethics Compliance. He undertook a State Law Training Course, Challenges and Resources in bids, and Direito Parlamentar courses at the Institute of Administrative Law Paulista, RHS Bids, and the Brazilian Society of Public Law in that order.

Career Journey

At the start of his career, Bruno Fagali interned for three companies between 2006 and 2009. These companies are Office Model Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns in 2006, Manesco, Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques Law Firm in 2007, and Tojal, Teixeira, Ferreira, Serrano & Renault Associate Lawyers in 2008 and 2009. He dealt with civil procedural law and public advisory law. He started working as a lawyer in 2012 at Radi, Calil and Associates Advocates. He concentrated on public law and litigation. In December 2015, Bruno Fagali was appointed as the corporate Integrity Manager at New/sb, a renowned advertising agency. His mandate is to create the firm’s integrity program. He is also responsible for its implementation and management. In July last year, he founded a law firm, FAGALI Advocacy, where he serves as a lawyer. The firm concentrates on compliance law, public law, anti-corruption, and election law.

Matthew Autterson; Helping With a Passion

Mathew Autterson was involved in the financial industry for over twenty-five years but has since hanged his boots. The man, who is in his early fifties, has two degrees, one in Finance and tax programs from the Michigan State University and the University of Denver respectively. He commenced his career in the late seventies with his first job being in First Trust Corporation, a company associated with Fiserv, a financial services company. In the year 1982, Mr. Autterson joined Integrated Resources Inc, a New York based company which was also a player in the financial industry. He perfectly steered the company until it was successfully bought out by giant firm AIG for over fifteen million dollars, back nineteen years ago.

Currently, Mr. Autterson is a member of the Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Officer of CNS Bioscience, Inc, a company founded by Scott Falci and which is aimed at helping individuals who have in capabilities in their neuro motor systems. The company is a non-profit organization and has greatly impacted people’s lives by enabling them to connect with their surroundings, just like normal people do. This explains the other side of Mr. Autterson which is his philanthropic nature. Other than that, Mr. Autterson is a Board Member of the Denver Zoological Foundation, the Denver Zoo, and the Denver Hospice. Other foundations that Mr. Autterson supports include the Webb-Waring Foundation.

Under the name Falci Adaptive Biosystems, the company is headquartered in Englewood, Colorado and is said to only operate in the United States of America only. The company works for hand in hand with top engineers in designing systems that are easily adaptive and can be used to rehabilitate people with neuropathic pains. Their mission is to be able to assist the disabled to adapt freely to their environment. By doing so, they help these kind of people control automobiles and work electronic home gadgets without any difficulties. Under their pillar too, is the Falci Adaptive Motorsports, which helps people bound in wheel chairs to have an unforgettable racing experience.

The former member of the World Presidents Organization and the Young Presidents Organization is an avid social media user with references from his Twitter account handle and Facebook posts. He uses these platforms to engage his followers and also expresses his views on various matters. Mr. Mathew Autterson has since proved that he is committed to the goals of his company.


How Gregory Aziz Managed to Increase Output and Profitability of the National Steel’s Car Inc.

Gregory James Aziz is the current president, Chairman, and chief executive officer of the National Steel Car, a leading railroad manufacturing, and car engineering in Hamilton, Ontario.


 Born on April 30, 1949, Greg went to the Ridley College before joining the University of Western Ontario where he majored in economics. After his graduation, Greg Aziz joined the family food business. By 1971. The company had grown to become one of the largest importers of fresh fruit from Europe and Central America. They would then sell their products to various wholesale markets across the Eastern Canada and in the United States. The basis in economics, coupled with the experience gained from the family business would later propel Mr. Aziz to become one of the most successful CEOs in the world.

 After working in various investment and banking opportunities, Gregory J Aziz was able to strike a huge deal; the purchase of National Steel Company. His primary goal at the time of purchase was to transform the Canadian company to become one of the largest railroad car freight manufacturers. When he finally effected the purchase, Greg emphasized more on the strong engineering capabilities of the firm, team building and made a massive investment in both capital and human investment. Through these values, the company was able to increase its output from 3500 cars per annum to 12000 units by 1999. Employment opportunities also grew from 600 at the time of purchase to over 3000.

Today, National Steel Car leads the industry in innovations and inventions. The company is the only railroad freight car manufacturing company that is ISO 9001:2008 certified, a position it has led for 18 years. The firm has been with the TTX SECO quality award every year from 1996. All these achievements are attributed to Mr. Aziz’s contribution towards manufacturing and engineering excellence. The two virtues have managed to move the company to where it is now. Read This for more information.

 Mr. Greg as the CEO of the firm is greatly concerned about the welfare of the Hamilton community. Over the years, his company has sponsored various organizations in the town. These include the United Way, Theatre Aquarius, and Hamilton Opera among other agencies. Every year, the party convenes a party for all children; where they participate in major food banks and local food drives.

 Greg together with his wife Irene are the sole sponsors of Canada’s most prominent agricultural fair; the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

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OSI Group’s Strategy in ensuring Food Solutions

OSI is a leading supplier of high-quality foods and its products worldwide. It has proved to be best in food services having high brand foods. It is situated in the US and is a privately owned company. Their services of high quality bearing in mind that it has a worldwide reputation.

OSI is concerned with the development of food products and has a managed chain of supplying food. OSI’s services are extensive ranging from customer sourcing, connecting with them, as well as food supply & delivery.

The company is extensive as it has facilities that exceed 65 in 17 different countries. It aims at producing high quality food products on a regular basis. The company is always ready to partner with even larger organizations that are consistent and responsive globally. OSI is committed to ensuring that their customers given quality services in any part of the world that they may be located.

Food safety and its quality are assured by OSI, and this has led to many big food brands across the world to trust OSI Company. OSI concentrates on managing food supply system chains that in turn ensures that the brand, reputation, and products are protected.

Experts in quality food assurance see to it that food security is ensured in the various stages of processing, specification compliance, tracing & tracking systems, and secure transportation. OSI ensures that the good name of their customer companies is maintained through ensuring that they provide safety food measures. This is achieved by making sure that their food is certified which is a great way of repaying the good trust bestowed on them by their customers.

The company’s set standards exceed the regulatory and customer requirements. OSI uses these standards to measure their supplies and themselves against the set standards. They ensure that their technology and procedures are up to date hence ensuring high quality and safe foods. Every member at OSI has it in mind that quality and safety is key. Their employees are highly trained during the orientation on how to maintain these standards. At the end of the day, all their clients are satisfied with their products and services.

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Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero Shows Grupo Televisa the Commitment He has

     Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero works hard to make sure that he can be as committed as possible. He knows a lot about the companies that he works for and is skilled in the industry that he is a part of. Because of the experience that Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has with the different companies he has worked for, he knows that he can make things better for the people who are in the same companies and who are also a part of the industry that he works with. He has come a long way since he first started out and was working in the world of banking.

One of the things that Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is going to do with Grupo Televisa is clean up the way that the media does things. He wants to make sure that people are going to be able to see a wholesome media industry instead of one that is corrupt. He does not believe that the corruption is helpful to the people who are in the country and to the people who work with the media companies. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero plans to start by cleaning up Grupo Televisa as an example to others.

For Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero to be able to do this, he has to make sure that he is doing things with the company in the right way. He wants to show people that he can try more and do more than what others were able to do in the past. He believes that, as the CFO, he can reign in the financials of the company and make it work without issues. He has done this with other companies in the past and is experienced enough to know that he will be able to continue doing it in the future.

Alexandre Gama’s Success Includes His Own Neogama Advertising Agency

     The Brazilian advertising expert, Alexandre Gama, has become one of the world’s top creative professionals from his home country of Brazil where he is now seen as one of the leaders in the advancement of the advertising industry in the country. As the reach of Brazilian advertising and Alexandre Gama extended across the 1990s, Gama himself looked to gain control of his own future and creative output by establishing his own agency, Neogama in 1999; the success the Rio de Janeiro born executive achieved in the 1990s continued with his own agency as it was the fastest growing in Brazil across its first three years in operation.

Neogama became a leading part of the advertising industry on a global scale as he has embarked on an expansion of the Neogama brand that has taken in partnerships with a number of globally respected brands. A keen supporter of maintaining and expanding upon the Brazilian culture in the 21st-century, Alexandre Gama has recently returned his Neogama agency to independent status and looked to develop the brand within Brazil. As Neogama is now longer a part of the BBH network, Alexandre Gama is once again bringing about a major level of independent success in the 21st-century.

Top Green ETF Picks According To Netpicks

A trading company founded in 1996, the goal of Netpicks is to provide the best trading education to investors. The company is primarily focused on forex, stocks, options, and ETFs. The aim of the company is to empower people to make smarter trades. ETFs balance social responsibility as well as an active interest in gender issues, allowing for a balanced and responsible approach to investing.

In a recent article, Netpicks outlined a series of ETFs which balance a set of socially responsible interests. A gender diversity ETF invests in companies which provide opportunities for women to be in senior positions. Social ETFs invest in environmentally and socially oriented companies. THe company also suggests ETFs which are invested in green companies which are working hard to improve environmental conditions.  Learn more about NetPicks on this article on

The company is focused entirely on enabling their customers to pick the right trades based on technical indicators and other indicators. They are oriented toward futures trading, and the aim is in producing consistent profitability for their clients, especially those whom are day traders. CLients of the company are able to successfully navigate the often confusing waters that are presented by the investing world.  For additional info, click on

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As a company, netpicks has been designed around the objective of allowing individuals involved with the company to pursue a full time career as a trader.   Visit the website here.T  hey also want to be able to simplify the process of being a trader so that users are able to trade in a matter of minutes. The platform allows a user to follow their tutorials and easily be equipped to begin making their own trades. It is an extremely simple process to log in virtually and get started. The company offers systems that are designed to make the career of a beginning trader much easier to understand. The company is staffed entirely by real, professional traders whom have plenty of experience and knowledge in their fields.  Click on to read revie

Kim Dao Is Headed To Her Next Destination!

Kim Dao is a lifestyle vlogger on Youtube. She also does beauty videos. She is currently traveling to different countries.


Kim Dao starts her video in the airport. While she is waiting for her flight, she is editing a video. She plans on reading the comments from the video. She only got 2 hours of sleep last night. Currently, she is in Hong Kong. She wanted to read the comments but didn’t feel good in her stomach. She is now on her flight to Seoul. Kim Dao thinks that she had food poisoning but her boyfriend didn’t get sick. While she is on the flight she takes the time to respond to some comments. She talks about being away from family. Learn more:

She answered a question concerning her personal relationship with her boyfriend. She mentioned that she and her boyfriend trust each other and never fight. Kim Dao also talked about how she made friends when she moved to a new place. Kim Dao discussed how much she worked before setting a schedule. By doing that, she was able to balance her career and taking time for herself. She stops the comments so she can edit a video before arriving to Sunny’s house. Learn more:


Kim Dao is now at Sunny’s house. She records the dog doing tricks. They do not have much planned for the next day. They plan on having a chill day. Learn more:


Check out her vlog here.


NuoDB: The New Alternative to Alternative to Conventional RDBMSs

With the recent upsurge in data volume, almost every business is looking for the best way to scale up their databases. However, scaling up the traditional relational database management systems (or RDBMS) have proven to be quite expensive. Consequently, many businesses have been forced to seek for affordable scale-out databases solutions, one of them being the NuoDB databases.

NuoDB database is a NewSQL-oriented DBMS (database management system) that is specifically designed to switch between the cloud database and on-premise deployments. Just like in relational databases, application programs interact and communicate with NuoDB via SQL statements. However, NuoDB architecture diverges from relational approaches by utilizing three-tier structure, which includes administrative, storage, and transactional tiers. The tier approach implies that the NuoDB can function without coupling applications with data on a disk drive—this is not possible in some cloud applications.

Ecommerce companies and software vendors favor NuoDB due to its scale-out simplicity, continuous availability, elasticity, transactional consistency, and durability. So if you are trying to get your business or app off the ground, NuoDB is the perfect database to consider. It will not only allow you to easily route tasks nodes via its peer-to-peer messaging but it will also give you an opportunity to seamlessly switch your databases between on-premise databases and the cloud databases.

The Brazilian Advertiser

     Alexandre Gama is a brazilian advertiser and business man, he is also the founder and ceo of neogama which is one of 20 largest advertising agencies in Brazil. He was the first Brazilian to be at the front of global network of communications agencies in his days as the creative officer of BBH. Another outstanding achievement is that he is the only brazilian to be part of the global creative board.

Gama’s successful career began in 1982 as a writer for for the agency standart Ogilvy. His career kicked of n 1990 when he began to work as a copywriter for DM9 where he worked for 4 years. During his time there he was the most awarded writer in Brazil and also was a partner and vice president of agencies like AlmapBBDO. In 2012 he became an official member of the board of the brazilian association of advertising agencies. In 1999 he founded an agency named Neogama which was the first advertising agency in Brazil to win a lion which was awarded at Cannes film festival.