Matthew Autterson; Helping With a Passion

Mathew Autterson was involved in the financial industry for over twenty-five years but has since hanged his boots. The man, who is in his early fifties, has two degrees, one in Finance and tax programs from the Michigan State University and the University of Denver respectively. He commenced his career in the late seventies with his first job being in First Trust Corporation, a company associated with Fiserv, a financial services company. In the year 1982, Mr. Autterson joined Integrated Resources Inc, a New York based company which was also a player in the financial industry. He perfectly steered the company until it was successfully bought out by giant firm AIG for over fifteen million dollars, back nineteen years ago.

Currently, Mr. Autterson is a member of the Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Officer of CNS Bioscience, Inc, a company founded by Scott Falci and which is aimed at helping individuals who have in capabilities in their neuro motor systems. The company is a non-profit organization and has greatly impacted people’s lives by enabling them to connect with their surroundings, just like normal people do. This explains the other side of Mr. Autterson which is his philanthropic nature. Other than that, Mr. Autterson is a Board Member of the Denver Zoological Foundation, the Denver Zoo, and the Denver Hospice. Other foundations that Mr. Autterson supports include the Webb-Waring Foundation.

Under the name Falci Adaptive Biosystems, the company is headquartered in Englewood, Colorado and is said to only operate in the United States of America only. The company works for hand in hand with top engineers in designing systems that are easily adaptive and can be used to rehabilitate people with neuropathic pains. Their mission is to be able to assist the disabled to adapt freely to their environment. By doing so, they help these kind of people control automobiles and work electronic home gadgets without any difficulties. Under their pillar too, is the Falci Adaptive Motorsports, which helps people bound in wheel chairs to have an unforgettable racing experience.

The former member of the World Presidents Organization and the Young Presidents Organization is an avid social media user with references from his Twitter account handle and Facebook posts. He uses these platforms to engage his followers and also expresses his views on various matters. Mr. Mathew Autterson has since proved that he is committed to the goals of his company.


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