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Mikahail Blagoskloony Attack on Cancer

Mikhail Blagosklonny is an Oncology professor at the Rosewell Park Cancer Institute. He discovered the healing properties of Rapamycin. He believes it can be used to increase the life expectancy of cancer patients. He has conducted extensive research in the realm of cancer therapy. As Editor-in-Chief of Oncotarget, he conducted research on aging people. As a result, his contribution to the treatment of cancer is phenomenal.

What is Rapamycin?

Traditionally the drug was used for organ transplants. It would decrease the patient’s chances to reject the organ. In the early 1970’s it was discovered that the drug had tremendous immunosuppressive and antiproliferative properties. Although, the drug is an immunosuppressive drug it is less toxic toward the kidneys. Unlike other immunosuppressive drugs that ultimately leads to kidney failure.

Rapamycin Treatment

Hemolytic-uremic syndrome is characterized as anemia, kidney failure, and low platelet count. The only cure for this disease is to get a kidney transplant. Without rapamycin, the new kidney will contract the disease. However, rapamycin reduces the chance of the kidney toxicity. Dr. Blagosklonny discovered the drugs ability to rejuvenate the immune system in elderly patients. The progress was noted after administering the influenza vaccine to them. This study also discovered the drug helped mice to live with tuberculosis. Although his discoveries are inconclusive in expanding human life, he continues to study.

Treatment of LAM

Rapamycin is a wonder drug that aids in the treatment of LAM patients. This disease is most noted for causing a rare lung disease in childbearing age women. However, rapamycin is the primary drug of choice to cure this disease. Its also used as a coronary stent covering. Rapamycin is applied to the stent after the balloon angioplasty is done. It’s the drug of choice because it doesn’t have to be reapplied often for it be effective.

Rapamycin treatment for Lupus

This drug is crucial in the treatment of Lupus Erythematosus. The disease has left patient’s resistance to immunosuppressant drugs. However, rapamycin unblocks mTORC1 in the patient. Thus, the patient body accepts the drug leading us closer to finding a cure.

Contributions to Oncology

Dr. Blagosklonny contributions to the field of Oncology is unprecedented. He’s not only a researcher but an expert in his field. He continues to seek out why cancer is prevalent among the elderly population. His quest is complex yet morally good. He seeks to treat the clients safely and effectively. His passion and dedication in oncology treatment encourage his students and peers to further his work. He is greatly respected by his students and colleagues

Dr. Blagosklonny

His goal is to not only treat patients with cancer but its to eradicate cancer cells. In hopes of finding a cure for cancer. He aspires to treat patients effectively without making them sick. He continues to conduct and gather research to cure cancer. He is determined to discover the connection between elderly people and cancer. His research is a great contribution to science. He desires to treat the patient in an economically feasible manner.

Witney Wolfe Gets What She Wants

Tons of people are going to take interest in the social media world that Whitney Wolfe is trying to create. She has a desire to do much more than simply create a dating app. Now that there are so many people connected connected through Bumble it appears that she has a desire to get even more people interested in other aspects of what Bumble has to offer. She is expanding her company all while she is making a great amount of progress in her personal life as a new bride.

Many people may wonder exactly what Whitney Wolfe will be able to conquer next. She has already started her own company, and she has found the love of her life all before the age of 30. This is what most women spend their entire lives trying to do.

Women that are in the corporate world are typically looking for an opportunity to break the glass ceiling. Many of these women that actually reach the top and their corporate life will find that dating becomes harder. Finding a suitable mate becomes something that is highly improbable for many women that become executives. What Whitney Wolfe has managed to do is provide the type of fairy tail ending to her life that makes people appreciate what she has managed to accomplish so far.

Her marriage is a testament to who Whitney Wolfe is as a person. She is someone that has definitely been able to build a great life for herself because she has taken time to work hard at it. Even in college she was someone that managed to start several businesses before she graduated. Wolfe has always had her mind on the bigger picture. She knows what she wants, and she has never had any thoughts of backing down when it came to getting what she desired.

People can look at her life in the work world and attest to this. People can also look at her personal life and the marriage that she recently endeavored into with her fiance Michael Herd and see that she goes after what she wants.

There are not a lot of people that are going to take the time to build companies the way that Whitney Wolfe has built her company. She has gone the extra mile to really make sure that more people recognize Bumble as more than just another mundane dating app.


America, You No Longer Need To Be Afraid: End Citizens United Has Got Your Back

Enough is enough. Americans are tired of watching as their country gets dismantled by a few individuals. Through End Citizens United, the American Citizenry has found a way of fighting back impunity. In 2010, the Supreme Court of America made a decision that changed the course of history. In the court ruling, a rift got opened that has since allowed billionaires to spend a fortune financing campaigns of their most preferred candidates. Something appalling about the ruling is that the billionaires got authorized to fund political parties with untraceable money.

Since the 2010 ruling, the United States of America has fallen into the wrong hands. Because of the powers awarded to billionaires by the Supreme Court, it has become a normal occurrence for the influential and wealthy members of the land to tip the balance of political power to work in their favor. In so doing, the American electorate has been left out in matters regarding their country, making them take offense in the process.

With the advent of End Citizens United has come a new age of pioneers who want to take America by force from the ‘select few’ that have plagued what was once a great nation. Since the PAC got created in 2015 by James Bopp, End Citizens United has grown from strength to strength.

Today, the organization boasts of having more than three hundred thousand members that have joined the PAC in fighting for the future of the United States of America. End Citizens United believes that the time has come for it to seek justice from the courts that once ruled against the people. Also, the PAC has been collecting donations from its many members in the recent past to finance most of its grassroots leaders during campaigns.

Apart from advocating for campaign finance reforms, End Citizens United has shifted its attention to see to it that state ballot measures get passed over the long haul. Since 2015, End Citizens United has found an unlikely partner in the Democratic Party of America. For many years, the Democrats have been fighting for electoral reforms, and that is why End Citizens United has found it meaningful to bring them on board.

Because End Citizens United is an independent organization, it no longer receives monetary donations from charities and philanthropists. In so doing, the PAC has avoided a scenario where it gets arm twisted by individuals with devious means.

Although End Citizens United is now a renowned PAC, it wants to make its name a reality by financing Democrat politicians in full gear. To date, the organization has raised more than $4 million, a value that is expected to increase to more than $30 million in the next one year.

Leadership Achievements of Gregory Aziz in National Steel Car.

North America’s leading railroad freight manufacturer, National Steel Car, is owned by Gregory James Aziz alongside being the chief Executive officer. He acquired the company from Dofasco way back in 1994. National Steel car has its premises in Hamilton, Ontario. Growing up in London, he pursued his education at Ridley College and later advanced to the University of Western Ontario for a degree in Economics. After his graduation, he was privileged to be a staff member of Affiliated Foods, which is his family business that majorly dwells in import and export of perishable food products.

Since Greg James Aziz entrance to Affiliated Foods, the company’s yield grew in over sixteen years, which earned the firm market recognition in the United States and east of Canada. The enterprise also began to import fresh food from Europe and South America. Gregory J Aziz has worked in various banking institutions in New York, which gained him experience in the corporate world.

National Steel Car has over a century since its establishment. The firm has an incredible performance regarding producing quality railroads and tank cars through commitment in engineering and manufacturing. Gregory J Aziz minds traditions of the company through his leadership and has always viewed people as the cornerstone of the organization. The enterprise increased its production in 1999 since Gregory’s entrance as the CEO, by producing 6,500 more tank cars annually. The firm currently hires more than 2,000 employees who include experienced technologists and engineers in the world. See More Info Here.

Quality production of railway freight cars has earned the company several awards, which includes a consistent award by TTX SECO for being the highest quality company over ten years. National Steel Car is privileged to be the only railroad cargo car engineering and manufacturing company to be ISO 9001:2008. National Steel Car annually engages in technological improvements of rail tanks to fit in the modern world. The developments are made to ensure their products meet and surpass needs and standards of clients. Gregory J Aziz has a vision for the company to produce robust and safer rail tank cars for transportation of flammable liquids. National Steel car has helped the Hamilton community through several public funding and engagement in community-based charities. James Aziz sponsors Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Canada, Theatre Aquarius, Hamilton Opera, United Way and the Salvation Army. He invites locals and workers, including former employees, to National Steel Car Christmas Party food drive held annually.

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Greg Aziz the Transformational Leader

Gregory James Aziz is the President and CEO of the National Steel Car Company, which is a top car engineering company. The firm, which is located in Hamilton Ontario, also engages in railway road freight manufacturing.

Background Information

Greg Aziz was born on April 30, 1949. His parents were entrepreneurial, so Greg that he learned business from an early age as he helped in the operation of the Food Affiliates Company, which is a family business. However, he did not become so involved in the firm since his parents wanted him to focus more on education.


Greg studied business administration at Ridley College. Later, he majored in Economics at the University of Western Ontario.


His Career Begins

Right after his graduation, James Aziz joined his parents’ wholesale food company. This time around, his parents trusted him with a managerial role at the firm since he had earned the necessary education to complete the tasks competently. He served there for 16 years, and in that span, the company became a worldwide importer of fresh foods from South America, Europe, and Central America. The food was distributed in wholesale to regions across Eastern Canada and the United States.


Greg Takes a Detour

Later, Greg left the food industry for the banking and investment industry in New York where he worked in the late 80s and early 90s. In 1994, he bought the National Car Steel Company from Dofasco. Aziz desired to transform the company into North America’s top railway road car manufacturing company. The above could be achieved by increasing the quality and quantity of products from the company. Moreover, he desired to transform the organizational culture so that the turnover rate could decrease. Still, Greg wished to make customer satisfaction central in the new culture. Read This Article for Additional Information


Steps to Success

Greg used team building and did serious capital and human investment to expand the company. The result was positive as by 1999 the cars purchased annually rose from 3,500 to 12, 000. The employment level in the period also increased from 600 workers to 3000 full-time employees.


Greg’s Core values

  1. Honesty

Greg Aziz stands for honesty in his business dealings. In a recent interview, he said that he loves being accountable to the stakeholders. He also posited that he uses ethical standards to make decisions.

  1. Focus

Focus is a core value in the National Steel Car Company. Greg Aziz reminds his workers that they must always work towards their goal. He says that focus is the only way to keep being productive.

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