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Jeff Yastine Understands Publishing and Investments

     Jeff Yastine is an employee who works for a company that’s called Banyan Hill Publishing. Banyan Hill Publishing is a firm that makes investment choices its focal point. It’s based in bright and friendly Delray Beach, Florida. Yastine is the firm’s Editorial Director. He works next to professionals such as Matt Badiali, Ian Dyer, Joseph Hargett, Ted Bauman, Jessica Cohn-Kleinberg, Paul Mampilly, Chad Shoop and Jocelynn Smith.

Yastine is also called JL. He edits Total Wealth Insider and is considered by many to be a personal wealth aficionado. He’s been a Banyan Hill Publishing employee since 2015. He has a solid background in the realm of stock market investments. He has a substantial financial journalism background as well. He’s been part of these fields for over 20 years now. Total Wealth Insider can be extremely helpful to individuals who care about increasing their wealth. Yastine writes Total Wealth Insider pieces that help people who want to improve their gain grabbing techniques. He writes pieces that assist those who wish to do so with minimal risk as well. Yastine writes about methods and practices that have done wonders for his own account in the past.

People can access Yastine’s writing work free of charge by visiting the website for Banyan Hill Publishing. Yastine has in-depth and informative articles that cover a vast range of pertinent subjects. He tells people what they can do to battle problematic hackers of all kinds. He talks about debt increases and how they negatively affect individuals everywhere. He discusses cybersecurity hazards, bitcoin dilemmas, Wall Street matters, foreign investments, gold, social media, data protection and more, too. People who want to focus on well-rounded investments can benefit significantly from reading Yastine’s thoughts on a regular basis.

This professional is located in Delray Beach just like Banyan Hill Publishing is. He has a lot of experience under his belt. He’s enjoyed a rewarding and balanced career so far. He has worked for companies such as The Oxford Club LLC and Newsmax Media, Inc. He was part of the Oxford Club LLC team between the years of 2011 and 2013. He was part of the Newsmax Media, Inc. staff from the spring of 2013 into the summer of 2015. He’s had many roles throughout the years. He’s been a financial newsletter director. He’s been a senior correspondent. Yastine is a graduate of the University of Florida. He majored in telecommunications.

George Soros Will Fight On

If a competition were for “Person Most Opposed to Republicans,” George Soros would be in the mix as a favorite. Known as the “boogeyman of the right,” Soros strikes fear in the hearts of many right-wingers on the political spectrum. If possible, one would say this is an innate hatred from Soros.As a young worker, Soros toiled away as a rail porter and waiter so that he could fund his education at the London School of Economics. As he set out on his career path once leaving college, he created Soros Fund Management. As he nurtured this fund, it continued to grow. As of 2015, his net worth is $25.2 billion.Having all this wealth allowed Soros to be a thorn in the side of the Republican Party. In the 2004 election, Soros made it his mission to keep George W. Bush from retaining the presidency. John Kerry, the Democratic Presidential candidate, was the primary benefactor of this mission. Soros donated a record $27 million to Kerry’s campaign. Unfortunately for Soros, money can’t buy you everything, and Kerry lost that election.

Soros sought to put an end to the Republican agenda, and when Bush finally left office, Soros would again put forth significant money to finance a candidate in the election. After wavering between Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama, Soros ultimately decided to back the Illinois Senator who became the first black president. Soros was upset once again when Obama failed to push a strong enough liberal agenda. Clinton, a longtime friend of Soros‘, received an apology from Soros for backing Obama instead of helping her get elected.Soros would get his chance at redemption when Obama left office by once again having the opportunity to back his friend Hillary Clinton. As if he didn’t have enough motivation already, the knowledge of Donald Trump running against Clinton led Soros to an even more indulgent fight. Soros despises Trump’s agenda more than any other Republican. Soros again pledged to do everything in his power to make sure Trump didn’t become president. Out of the pocket came $25 million for Clinton’s cause and the Democratic Party.

Soros again faced disappointment as Trump would prevail despite the donation efforts. Nevertheless, Soros would now work tirelessly to make things difficult for Trump with the American people.Soros began donating large sums of money to events and organizations aimed at demolishing the president’s plans. Just one day after taking office, Soros financed and organized an event where protestors wore pink hats symbolizing the women’s rights movement, a protest that spread around the world. He continues to donate to political action committees Planned Parenthood Votes and Immigrant Voters Win. Additionally, he helps fund the American Bridge 21st Century super PAC which targets Republican candidates through fact-checking research. Soros will probably go to his grave fighting for the Liberal cause. Many people flip-flop on their political views over time, but Soros has been and will continue to be a direct enemy of any Republican efforts.

Meet the Israeli-UK’s Diplomat, Author, Writer, Adviser, and all stuff-Daniel Taub

Born and raised in the UK, Daniel Taub never forgot his native motherland, Israel. He maintained his Israeli citizenship even though he schooled and grew in the heart of Britain. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

Born in 1962, Daniel went to Haberdashers’ Askes’ Boys secondary school in London. He later graduated from two university colleges, Oxford and London before finally ending his thirst for studies by graduating from Harvard University.

Daniel Taub’s undying love for his country saw him travel to Israel in 1989. Taub took the speechwriting job for the then president Chaim Herzog.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) benefitted from his services thoroughly before he moved to the Foreign Ministry. He was their combat medic. Taub, his wife, and six children showed their patriotism by singing in honor of Israel at her 64th birthday party.

The Diplomat

Daniel Taub has been in numerous diplomatic, political and legal positions in the foreign ministry of Israel. Taub is well versed in laws.

Therefore, it does not surprise you that he has chiefly advised the Israeli military while in missions within and outside Israel, the most notable ones being the Geneva and NY under the UN. He usually represents Israel in different multilateral fora.

What makes Mr. Taub a great Diplomat? He loves peace. That explains why this genius has represented Israel in several peace negotiation meetings, including the culture of peace track, the Israel-Syrian peace agreement, the Gaza flotilla committee, the inclusion of Israel into the Red Cross Movement among many others.

He preaches peace everywhere he goes. He even risked going into the UK’s “Israel Free city,” Bradford, as declared by the MP George Galloway.

Back to the roots

How would you feel if you were reunited with your childhood friends? After many years of serving Israel within and without the country under different capacities, Daniel Taub was appointed Israel’s ambassador to the Court of St James, UK.

So in 2011, Mr. Taub went back to the UK, the country of his birth, to be an ambassador. He held the position for four years but made tremendous improvements.

He was able to strengthen the ties between Israel and the UK further. During his four years as ambassador, the bilateral trade between UK and Israel improved by over $8 billion. Achieving that within the time-span was a record set.

In 2013, Taub was the Israeli’s first ambassador to the International Maritime Organization in London. He later went back to Israel in 2015.

Is Ambassador Taub a writer or author?

With all his commitments, he still finds time to write articles and books. He is a renowned writer. His pieces have been posted in the Times, The Daily Telegraph to mention but a few.

He also authored Parasha Diplomatit, a book on biblical insights and was the scriptwriter of the Hechatzer, a drama series.

He is also a humorous public speaker. Furthermore, Daniel Taub lectures at different conferences like the Limmud conference. What a superman!

Learn more about Daniel Taub:

Rabbi Sacks in conversation with Daniel Taub

Preston Smith And Rocketship Education – What He Learned From It

Preston Smith is the leader of nationwide public school chain Rocketship Education, a post he’s held since 2013, as both the President and Chief Executive Officer. However, Mr. Smith was one of two co-founders that created the business in 2007. As such, he’s been inherently involved with the operations of the educational institution throughout the majority of his working life.

Along with the help of business partner John Danner, the two created Rocketship Education, along with its personalized learning core value. Without Danner, the school likely wouldn’t be the success it is today.

Being so closely involved with the unique public charter school system that is Rocketship Education, Mr. Preston Smith is privy to loads of information that most others, including fellow educators, simply don’t have access to.

Meaningful inclusion refers to the policy that children with special needs spend about three-fourths of their time allotted at school in general classes, rather than being kept away from the rest of students, instead smothered with other special needs students in classes that don’t offer any immediate or long-term benefit.

Every single one of the eighteen locations that Rocketship Education can be found is a low-income student body needs to be matched with the teacher next hired. It doesn’t make sense to add students to classes just because they are similar to teachers. However, when filling the void that a teacher leaves upon the departure of the job, it’s important to find demographics close to that person. This only matters because there are many different races in low-income areas, and doing anything to help keep students on track is worth it in the eye of reasonableness.

Several years ago, Mr. Preston Smith had an idea for another type of teaching called the flex model. In short, it allotted four teachers to large classrooms, and was intended to help increase what kids learned. In the pilot of a handful of schools the flex model was rolled out in, it worked. However, because its results were not consistently positive throughout the school system, Smith felt he should scrap the model, including the thousands of many hours that went into creating it.

Bob Reina’s Articles to Continue Appearing in the HuffPost

Bob Reina has published two articles on the HuffPost recently after spending a night to day rebranding. Bob Reina is the chief executive officer of the Talk Fusion. Reina’s first article that was released earlier this week was on “Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience”. It was realized on 24th April the day before the Huffington Post was renamed HuffPost. The second and the most recent article by Bob Reina were released earlier this morning under the name “How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters.”


Now under the new name HuffPost and with the reformation in the mission, the firm is aiming at covering extensively to reach even the people that were left out in the stories. This was disclosed by Chief Lydia Polgreen. HuffPost blooms with Bob Reina’s contributions and also as the head of the Talk Fusion Company. As put by Bob, the growth of a company can never reach a limit but continues with the introduction of newer technologies from innovation. His main purpose as a leader in the society and a philanthropist is to provide a platform for every individual to thrive despite their race or their background.


Bob Reina’s articles came to the HuffPost in August 2016. His contribution through publications covers diverse fields such as entrepreneurship, video technology, and marketing, skillful selling, lifestyle, and self-development. In his statements, Bob Reina said that he is intending to provide more articles that will reach all the clients of the Talk Fusion, customers and also the over two hundred customers of the HuffPost.



Talk Fusion is a large company based in Florida that provides home for an all-in-one video marketing solution. The main aim of the Talk Fusion is to keep the businesses at the top of the marketing world to effectively win customers. Through the marketing strategy by the Talk Fusion, the companies are able to increase competition, increase their sales while still keeping the customers flocking. With the help of the Talk Fusion, marketing becomes more dynamic, engaging and even more persuasive. Talk Fusion’s products are marketed from person to person basis. There is a provision of a trial version application that runs for one month. Learn more:


The Growing Popularity of Fabletics and the Addition of More Brick-and-Mortar Stores

The clothing industry is always evolving in some way. There are a lot of ups and downs that are occurring when people are in search of new clothes. Some people will simply go to the mall and look until they find something, but lots of people that want athletic clothing for something specific. They want to get with a brand that is comfortable and affordable. People that are looking for athletic clothing are often going to look for something that they can depend on. Kate Hudson wants Fabletics to be that company. She wants to provide consumers with everything that they may need for their work out process. It is a huge order to fill, but Kate Hudson feels that she is ready. She believes that people will come and support the Fabletics brand if they have the chance to get familiar with her clothing line.


In order to do this Kate Hudson knows that she must expand beyond her e-commerce fan base. It is true that these customers have been loyal, and the millions of dollars that are made are largely part of the subscription-based services that is part of the Fabletics structure. Kate realizes, however, that there is a whole crowd of customers that she is neglecting. People that may have never considered shopping before are now going to be introduced to Fabletics as a brick and mortar store. There were already some of these stores in existence, but Kate wants to bring more to consumers. She wants to get these stores spaced out throughout the United States.


Right now the physical presence of Fabletics is relatively small. There are only a few states that actually have these stores. Kate realizes that the popularity of the brick-and-mortar stores is growing. She knows that there are people that are working out in gyms that want to try clothes on. She also knows that people that may be working out are going to gain momentum at some point. These people that are working out are eventually going to lose weight. That means that they may actually have clothes that they are working out in that will eventually get too tight. What these people want to do is get connected with a local Fabletics store. This means that if they have an instance where their clothes do not fit well then they would be able to simply go to a Fabletics store. They could try something else on and purchase it right away. They would not have to wait for a shipment that they ordered online to arrive. This is the benefit of having multiple stores for the Fabletics brand in place.


Kate Hudson realizes the power of this, and she is doing everything in her own power to make this a reality for new customers. People that have patronized the website on a regular basis will eventually make the transition to the physical stores. By the same token, those that shop in stores may check out the online Fabletics website.

Jeff Yastine as the Spear Header of Financial Freedom in the World of Investment

     Knowledge is something that shapes our minds when it comes to our daily endeavors, without it most people if not all would be very dumb. There are several ways that one can get knowledge and one of them is through reading. Writers and publishers are the people who make sure that be it for knowledge or entertainment purposes all of us are at per with information. Jeff Yastine is such an individual.

Jeff Yastine is an editor of Total wealth insider. His write up is packed up with an array of ideas and opportunities about investing. In other words, as long as one is business minded and is in the process of acquiring knowledge to sharpen their investment skills, the newsletter is the way to go. It has garnered around 25,000 readers across the globe. This is because the material is written after extensive research thanks to Yastine.

Jeff Yastine became part of Banyan Hill Publishing back in 2015 hence giving him two decades of experience in the field of stock market investing and financial journalism. Currently, he is the editorial director making him a significant contributor of Banyan with his weekly articles all which expound more on investments. His editing prowess is also appreciated by other financial editors. Also, he is an Emmy nominated journalist paving the way for him to be well versed with secrets of successful investing hence he knows what make entrepreneurs and financiers stand out.

Basically, despite the different nature of things or events, which he reports all have a positive impact in one way or another. For instance, the research he did on the real estate crisis of the mid-2000s came in hand as it warned investors to be in the know of the bubble they were to entangle with. Also, the report on adverse effects of the hurricane oversaw the building of better manufacturing plants that would not be miscued.

Jeff Yastine is one man who has been awarded different awards in this field. This has been as a result of his unceasing efforts. This is a clear indication of his contributions, which stand out. He is not only crucial to Banyan but the whole population at large. This is because he has a wide range of readership indicating that numerous individuals are learning from him. Jeff is a remarkable personality and writers, or even publishers can learn a thing or two about how he does his work with intelligence and wit.

Samuel Strauch On The Use Of Bitcoin In The Real Estate Industry

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency that is in circulation right now. Recently, many people have accepted it as a legitimate means of exchange. In its recent rise in popularity’s, bitcoin have been accepted in the real estate sector. Investors in the industry are now ready to accept it as a means of making payments.

In Miami, there is an investor who has led the way for others. He has put up his house for sale at a tune of $6.5 million. He says that he is ready to accept bitcoin as a means of payment. In fact, his wish is that the eventual buyer does it in bitcoins. This is just a sign that players in the sector are ready to accept this new means of transaction. The property is located outside Miami at a place called Coral Gables.

In Miami, there is a real estate company known as Metrik Real estate. This is a company that was founded by Samuel Strauch, top real estate agent in Miami. He is one of the people who has been part of the real estate industry in Miami for a long time. Samuel Strauch’s company is based in Miami Beach. This is the most lucrative real estate destination for investors from all over the world.


Miami attracts foreign investors from Asia, Europe, South America and even Indians. Investors of various origins are all over the area and are ready to use bitcoin as a means of transacting business. The international flavor that the areas enjoy makes it very possible for bitcoin to be accepted.

So, why are people in love with bitcoins as a means of doing business? Bitcoin offers a fast and smooth way of transaction. It is just a few clicks away, and the money is in the account. This is very fast compared to the traditional means of doing business which are tedious, time-consuming and charges huge transactions fees. For bitcoin. The transactions charges are close to insignificant.

Samuel Strauch started his real estate company in 2002. Metrik Real Estate has been able to grow over the years and is today one of the leading real estate companies in South Florida.

Learn more about Samuel Strauch:

The Aptness Of Gregory Aziz In Enterprise Management

The National Steel Car is a company that has continuously been on the rise to excellence thanks to the mature brand of leaders at the helm of the company. The National Steel Car has managed to set a precedent for many other organizations that operate within Canada and in the broader United Stated region. The success of the firm did not come until after 1994. The enterprise was successfully acquired from Dofasco by Gregory James Aziz, and the move was motivated by the inspiration that Greg Aziz got from the food industry.

Greg James Aziz was able to master the skills required for one to successfully lead an organization while he was working in the family business, Affiliated Foods. As time went by, Greg Aziz keenly learned to study the business market, and at the moment, he is considered to be a great enterprise leader, and his expertise is highly demanded in different sectors of the United States Economy as companies seek his advice on management matters. Visit This Webpage For more information.


Leadership is a talent, and while numerous attributes can be associated with an excellent leader, Gregory Aziz is known for his ability to identify an opportunity. Having been brought up in a family that specializes in enterprise matters, most of Gregory J Aziz’s skills were developed while he was working at Affiliated Foods. Greg James Aziz was able to build his profile to the point that he now enjoys much recognition in different sectors of the corporate industry.

As the president and CEO of the National Steel Car, Greg Aziz has managed to lead the organization in supporting various philanthropic activities and organizations. James Aziz has been at the helm of the company for over 20 years, and the company is fully certified, proving that it is an enterprise that abides by all requirements under the law and one that struggles to fulfill the needs of consumers efficiently.


Organizations that have been supported by the National Steel car include the Salvation Army, Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquaris, the United Way, and the Hamilton Society. For the latter organization, the National Steel Car is usually engaged in offering sponsorship and providing financial support to its different charity projects. Gregory Aziz was born in 1949, and his rise to success came at an early point. Gregory Aziz is not only apt in the corporate industry, but he also understands his books quite well. He studied economics while in college, and he successfully graduated from the prestigious University of Western Ontario.


Gregory Aziz And The Railroad Freight Car Manufacturing Universe


Gregory James Aziz is an established Canadian businessman. He’s National Steel Car’s busy CEO (Chief Executive Officer), Chairman and President. National Steel Car is a prominent force in the railroad freight car manufacturing world in North America. The business is located in Hamilton, Ontario in Canada and was established back in 1912. It’s a National Industries Inc. division. Some of National Steel Car’s focal points include flat cars, coil cars, tank cars, gondola cars, boxcars and intermodal cars. Notable clients of the company have included big names such as Union Pacific, Canadian National Railways, Ontario Northland Railway, Nova Chemicals, Norfolk Southern Railway and Canadian Pacific Railway.

Gregory J. Aziz’s life began in London in Ontario on April 30th in 1949. He studied at Ridley College and the University of Western Ontario. Economics was his major subject. He began a career in the wholesale foods sector in 1971. It was a family tradition for him, too. He secured a position with Affiliated Foods, a firm that was operated by his family members. This was only the beginning of a long and industrious career in the business universe. Greg Aziz’s career is going strong to this day, too. Click the Following Link for more info.

Greg James Aziz is a person who understands railroad freight car manufacturing matters. He’s also someone who knows the fresh foods industry inside and out. That’s not where his expertise stops, however. That’s because he also happens to be an investment banking aficionado. He was at the helm of numerous investment banking missions in New York, New York. This was in both the eighties and nineties. That brought on his next big effort as well. Greg Aziz was in charge of buying National Steel Car in the middle of the nineties. He bought it from a company that was called Dofasco. Greg Aziz is an intuitive businessman who has the ability to recognize great characteristics in the business realm. That’s the reason he was able to pinpoint the things about National Steel Car that made it so strong and notable. Aziz picked up on the firm’s team-building expertise, first and foremost. He also picked up on its unparalleled engineering talents.


There’s no arguing that Greg Aziz is a balanced and well-rounded businessman. He has passions for everything from railroad freight car manufacturing to agriculture. He’s a Royal Agricultural Winter Fair sponsor. His wife is a sponsor of the event as well. Her name is Irene. Related Article: