Samuel Strauch On The Use Of Bitcoin In The Real Estate Industry

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency that is in circulation right now. Recently, many people have accepted it as a legitimate means of exchange. In its recent rise in popularity’s, bitcoin have been accepted in the real estate sector. Investors in the industry are now ready to accept it as a means of making payments.

In Miami, there is an investor who has led the way for others. He has put up his house for sale at a tune of $6.5 million. He says that he is ready to accept bitcoin as a means of payment. In fact, his wish is that the eventual buyer does it in bitcoins. This is just a sign that players in the sector are ready to accept this new means of transaction. The property is located outside Miami at a place called Coral Gables.

In Miami, there is a real estate company known as Metrik Real estate. This is a company that was founded by Samuel Strauch, top real estate agent in Miami. He is one of the people who has been part of the real estate industry in Miami for a long time. Samuel Strauch’s company is based in Miami Beach. This is the most lucrative real estate destination for investors from all over the world.


Miami attracts foreign investors from Asia, Europe, South America and even Indians. Investors of various origins are all over the area and are ready to use bitcoin as a means of transacting business. The international flavor that the areas enjoy makes it very possible for bitcoin to be accepted.

So, why are people in love with bitcoins as a means of doing business? Bitcoin offers a fast and smooth way of transaction. It is just a few clicks away, and the money is in the account. This is very fast compared to the traditional means of doing business which are tedious, time-consuming and charges huge transactions fees. For bitcoin. The transactions charges are close to insignificant.

Samuel Strauch started his real estate company in 2002. Metrik Real Estate has been able to grow over the years and is today one of the leading real estate companies in South Florida.

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