The Growing Popularity of Fabletics and the Addition of More Brick-and-Mortar Stores

The clothing industry is always evolving in some way. There are a lot of ups and downs that are occurring when people are in search of new clothes. Some people will simply go to the mall and look until they find something, but lots of people that want athletic clothing for something specific. They want to get with a brand that is comfortable and affordable. People that are looking for athletic clothing are often going to look for something that they can depend on. Kate Hudson wants Fabletics to be that company. She wants to provide consumers with everything that they may need for their work out process. It is a huge order to fill, but Kate Hudson feels that she is ready. She believes that people will come and support the Fabletics brand if they have the chance to get familiar with her clothing line.


In order to do this Kate Hudson knows that she must expand beyond her e-commerce fan base. It is true that these customers have been loyal, and the millions of dollars that are made are largely part of the subscription-based services that is part of the Fabletics structure. Kate realizes, however, that there is a whole crowd of customers that she is neglecting. People that may have never considered shopping before are now going to be introduced to Fabletics as a brick and mortar store. There were already some of these stores in existence, but Kate wants to bring more to consumers. She wants to get these stores spaced out throughout the United States.


Right now the physical presence of Fabletics is relatively small. There are only a few states that actually have these stores. Kate realizes that the popularity of the brick-and-mortar stores is growing. She knows that there are people that are working out in gyms that want to try clothes on. She also knows that people that may be working out are going to gain momentum at some point. These people that are working out are eventually going to lose weight. That means that they may actually have clothes that they are working out in that will eventually get too tight. What these people want to do is get connected with a local Fabletics store. This means that if they have an instance where their clothes do not fit well then they would be able to simply go to a Fabletics store. They could try something else on and purchase it right away. They would not have to wait for a shipment that they ordered online to arrive. This is the benefit of having multiple stores for the Fabletics brand in place.


Kate Hudson realizes the power of this, and she is doing everything in her own power to make this a reality for new customers. People that have patronized the website on a regular basis will eventually make the transition to the physical stores. By the same token, those that shop in stores may check out the online Fabletics website.

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