Meet the Israeli-UK’s Diplomat, Author, Writer, Adviser, and all stuff-Daniel Taub

Born and raised in the UK, Daniel Taub never forgot his native motherland, Israel. He maintained his Israeli citizenship even though he schooled and grew in the heart of Britain. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

Born in 1962, Daniel went to Haberdashers’ Askes’ Boys secondary school in London. He later graduated from two university colleges, Oxford and London before finally ending his thirst for studies by graduating from Harvard University.

Daniel Taub’s undying love for his country saw him travel to Israel in 1989. Taub took the speechwriting job for the then president Chaim Herzog.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) benefitted from his services thoroughly before he moved to the Foreign Ministry. He was their combat medic. Taub, his wife, and six children showed their patriotism by singing in honor of Israel at her 64th birthday party.

The Diplomat

Daniel Taub has been in numerous diplomatic, political and legal positions in the foreign ministry of Israel. Taub is well versed in laws.

Therefore, it does not surprise you that he has chiefly advised the Israeli military while in missions within and outside Israel, the most notable ones being the Geneva and NY under the UN. He usually represents Israel in different multilateral fora.

What makes Mr. Taub a great Diplomat? He loves peace. That explains why this genius has represented Israel in several peace negotiation meetings, including the culture of peace track, the Israel-Syrian peace agreement, the Gaza flotilla committee, the inclusion of Israel into the Red Cross Movement among many others.

He preaches peace everywhere he goes. He even risked going into the UK’s “Israel Free city,” Bradford, as declared by the MP George Galloway.

Back to the roots

How would you feel if you were reunited with your childhood friends? After many years of serving Israel within and without the country under different capacities, Daniel Taub was appointed Israel’s ambassador to the Court of St James, UK.

So in 2011, Mr. Taub went back to the UK, the country of his birth, to be an ambassador. He held the position for four years but made tremendous improvements.

He was able to strengthen the ties between Israel and the UK further. During his four years as ambassador, the bilateral trade between UK and Israel improved by over $8 billion. Achieving that within the time-span was a record set.

In 2013, Taub was the Israeli’s first ambassador to the International Maritime Organization in London. He later went back to Israel in 2015.

Is Ambassador Taub a writer or author?

With all his commitments, he still finds time to write articles and books. He is a renowned writer. His pieces have been posted in the Times, The Daily Telegraph to mention but a few.

He also authored Parasha Diplomatit, a book on biblical insights and was the scriptwriter of the Hechatzer, a drama series.

He is also a humorous public speaker. Furthermore, Daniel Taub lectures at different conferences like the Limmud conference. What a superman!

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