Fiber optic fusion and mechanical splices are placed in mechanical closures which might be referred to as “splice enclosures”, “splicing trays” or “splicing organizers”. Fiber optic splice trays are designed to offer a area to keep and to guard the fiber cables and the splices.

Fiber optic splice trays are positioned at intermediate factors along a route in which cables are required to be joined or at the termination and patch panel factors at the quit of fiber cable runs.

Splice trays usually keep as a good deal as 12 splices, and numerous trays are used together to splice a massive fiber cable. each tray offers vicinity for mounting fiber splice protectors and further fiber.

Fiber buffer tubes input the splice tray at one end simplest. At this stop, the buffer tubes prevent and are secured to the tray wherein the individual fibers are exposed.

If some fibers want to be routed to a unique tray, proper buffer tube splitters want to be used. Unprotected fibers should now not be exposed outside the splice tray.

Fiber splice trays can be optical wavelength touchy. A splice tray designed for handiest 810nm wavelengths may purpose optical loss if 1550nm wavelengths are used. So check your splice tray producer’s specification before use it.

to feature splice trays, align the tray pins with the holes inside the base bracket. Squeeze the tray pins and slip the tray into the bottom bracket.

To take away splice trays, opposite this manner. Use a screwdriver to pry the hinge away from the bracket if vital or as required.

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