Academy of Art University : The Future of Fashion

Designing the future of fashion was the challenge presented to Academy of Art University students this year at New York Fashion Week. The creative opportunity gave select students the chance to showcase their most inspired and original takes on fashion forward thinking. Not only were their designs to reflect what trends may be popular in the future. Unique fabrics, textures in addition to a vision of landscape were common themes in the artistic creation. Each outfit featured a unique sense of emotional connection to something from the student’s past. Several students also included elements from their ethnic heritage from China in couture. Gaining momentum, the styles were not only forward thinking but played on interesting elements of size and shape.


Outfit choices included multiple kinds of insight, with some students incorporating valuable relationships as inspiration. A unique sense of transcendence and travel were communicated through each piece. The most prominent examples were displayed on the runway at New York Fashion Week in front of prominent industry executives and notable fashion leaders. The results were astounding, as each creation was well received by the dynamic audience.


Academy of Art University offers undergraduate and graduate degrees to students in the fields of fashion and design. Originally started as an advertising college, it has grown to be inclusive of numerous art programs and fashion related topics. They are currently the largest design school of their kind and have a roster of several thousand people. The continual advancement of this university has propagated change as well as research in numerous aspects of artistic design and development.


Academy of Art University offers community engagement, valuable first hand experience as well as rigorous coursework to help students improve their opportunities for future academic progress. The world renowned faculty was hand selected in order to provide an incredible quality of education and superior level of service. The Academy of Art University offers valuable first hand exposure for students both during their academic careers and afterwards. Because of the amazing opportunities it is an incredible way for students to gain a foothold in the industry in addition to first hand standards of operations.


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