Doe Deere Inspires Others With her Passion, Creativity

Makeup is something that helps many feel free. They feel free because they finally can express themselves the way that they want. For the longest time, it was difficult to find bright and bold colors. They simply didn’t exist because society as a whole was into the neutral look. Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime, noticed this and did something about it.


Deere recalls heading to the store and realizing that she couldn’t find any of the bright colors that she craved. There were no bright purples, yellows, greens, and more. Everything seemed to be a shade of red, pink, and gold. Deere didn’t want that. She wanted something that made her feel alive. That’s when she decided to create Lime Crime. Learn more:


Lime Crime is a company that specializes in everything from lipstick to hair dye. Deere herself likes to feel like a magical unicorn and therefore the goal of her company is to help others feel the same way. All of Lime Crime makeup products make a big statement. They’re bright, glittery, and fun. Deere herself is a very successful businesswoman and it’s easy to see why. First and foremost, she believes in her product. She stands behind every Lime Crime product ever created. If she wouldn’t wear it herself, she won’t sell it. Deere also understands what it takes to be a successful businesswoman. She grew up in Russia where she started her very own tattoo business. She sold temporary tattoos to all of her friends and family. She understood what it took to make a sale. After moving to the United States, Deere took the route of becoming a musician. Although, that’s not where she ultimately ended up, a lot of good came from it. Deere was able to meet her husband and she learned just how much fans play a role in success.


Now, Deere is very successful and she’s helping others follow their dreams. Deere believes that everyone has something that makes them special. She helps people find what their talent is and how to develop it. She encourages everyone to chase their dream because none are too big or small. It doesn’t matter if their dream is makeup-related, career-related, or something more. Deere was able to combine all her passions into one. Deere also encourages others to develop their unique looks. She has a lookbook readily available on her website where people can go for inspiration.

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