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Learning From Successful Traders According to Netpicks

One of the best pieces of advice that Netpicks gives traders among other good pieces of advice is to learn from successful traders ( This is in fact one of the best things a trader can do. There are plenty of successful traders that are willing to teach and mentor newer traders so that they can make the right choices at trading. One thing that traders often do is gain insight from people that are struggling and even failing at trading in the markets. While this can also be helpful, the most helpful thing a trader can do is get insight from the one who has succeeded.

Netpicks is a source of information written by people who have succeeded in the markets. Therefore, traders are going to have a lot of insightful pieces of information for people who are just starting out. One thing that happens too often is that people become traders off of some false ideas. After their first few attempts at trading, they give up and decide that it is not worth it. In some cases, trading is not going to be the best choice. People are wired differently. Therefore, they are going to have different capabilities.

Netpicks is definitely helpful for people who are at least interested in trading and are in it for the long haul (  One thing that successful traders are going to make clear is that trading in the markets is not going to be an activity that is going to make people rich quickly. It requires patience instead. People that are willing to put in effort over the long term are going to be the most successful. Netpicks encourages a more reasonable mindset as opposed to a hasty mindset based on desperation or greed. When people make the trades, they are making choices. Therefore, it is important to be wise.

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Ted Bauman, An Overseas Finance Guru

An editor for The Bauman Letter, a financial monthly newsletter distributed by Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman promises to fill the gap between financial security and personal attainment. A lot of the worry that comes with making a strong financial plan are the risks and the concern over proper distribution. Ted wants to eliminate clients’ worries about tax distribution while living abroad and collecting wealth gains. With Ted’s advice clients will be left to retire at their own pace and location while still maintaining capital gains. Ted Bauman wants to protect investors and individuals’ wealth at the least risk possible. This is why his contributions to Banyan Hill Publishing since 2013 also include guest pieces in Banyan Hill Publishing’s famous newsletter, The Sovereign Investor Daily. Ted also previously edited for the newsletter Smart Money Alert, also a financial advising journal. Read more about Ted Bauman at

Ted is a seasoned international wealth attainer. Ted Bauman attended the University of Cape Town where he received his Masters in History and Economics. He has traveled around the world as the Director of International Housing for non-profit organization Habitat for Humanity International. Through his involvement with Urban development planning and international housing for brand organizations and international entities, Ted gained the skills and knowledge to become an overseas financial strategist. This became widely present in his publications on South Africa’s Cape Times, the Journal of Microfinance, and Mail and Guardian, and so on. His book, co-written with Robert Bauman, previous congressman and current legal counsel to Banyan Hill Publishing, also father of Ted, is sold through Amazon and has been critically acclaimed to cover the stresses and joys of deliberately living a life overseas while making smart financial decisions in regards to taxation and capital growth. The book offers, just like Ted’s journal, a tranquil state in which clients are sure about the status of their money. View:




Matt Badiali is an all-rounder who is an expert in almost all fields this includes the energy sector, mining industry, and agricultural industry. In addition to this, he is also a contributor to Banyan Hill Publishing through his newsletter.

Matt Badiali is a huge believer of freedom checks. Basically, this is tax-free money earned by companies. He believes that various American presidents have been working towards this to ensure that America is self-reliant. In order for a company to qualify for them, the company has to be within the following confines.

  • Give out beneficial freedom checks to its shareholders.
  • The company must be able to derive 90% of profits from the natural assets in the U.S. This means from the production stage to processing to storing to transporting products.
  • The company must have a record of making people who invest in it rich.
  • The company must have proof of solid financial records.

In 2017, the financial advisor started his newsletter dubbed The Real Wealth Strategist through Banyan Hill Publishing. Through this newsletter, he has been able to give out sound advice in natural resources investment. He has several dedicated readers who have benefited from the newsletter. In addition to this, he also publishes sound natural resources investment advice on Currently, the natural resource expert places Zinc as a very valuable metal which will make huge gains in the market. Zinc has been climbing steadily in the natural resources market and its profits are bound to explode if the market continues to receive it well. Check more reviews at For Exceptional Investors about Matt Badiali

During his 20 years experience as a geologist and a mining investment specialist, Matt Badiali has had the opportunity of traveling to various countries all over the world. It is this experiences that he draws from when he is writing for his readers. Mr. Badiali also publishes a free weekly e-letter where he gives his readers free advice on how to make money. The e-letter has been very instrumental in building a relationship with his clients.


Matt Badiali graduated from Penn State University with an Earth Sciences B.S. He also holds a Geology Masters which he got from Florida Atlantic University. Prior to getting into finance, he was studying towards a Ph.D. at North Carolina University. It was one of his friends who led him towards this path because he could see his potential in financial advice. Since 2004, he has been assisting investors in looking for natural resources, metals and energy investments.


Ambassador Daniel Taub Highlights the Cracks in the Geneva Agreement

Nuclear power and supremacy continue to cause a stir in the world with nations gearing towards attaining nuclear warheads. The latest issues and concerns were raised by the Israeli government through their ambassador to the UK, Daniel Taub. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

It’s never a secret that the world has been against Iran nuclear ambitions with Israel on the forefront due to the threat posed. The recent deal (Geneva deal) did little to assure the Israelis of a stable society. According to Ambassador Daniel Taub, Israel is looking forward to forging new alliances with longtime enemies from the Middle –East with the aim of stopping the development of nuclear weaponry in Iran.

While speaking to The Independent, Daniel Taub said that it was the view of Israel that the deal between Iran and world powers would do nothing to contain the threat. Also, the terms of the agreement would not slow Iran’s progress in the development of the nuclear weapons.

While maintaining old allies and adding more pressure, Israel is looking to create more radicle alliances that have previously been unthought-of.

Citing the strip from Tehran to Damascus and on to Gaza, Daniel said that Israel was not alone in its fears. Further, he said that the current development in their regions warranted the states to put aside their long-standing differences and unite for the sake of the future generations.

He believes that if Iran acquires a nuclear warhead, the destruction of cities become imminent. The blame for such attacks and destruction would lie solely on the Geneva agreement.

The Geneva deal saw a lift of sanctions which had previously been subjected to Iran. The sanctions were lifted under the condition that Iran would allow UN inspectors and give them greater access to their developments. On the other hand, they would also give guarantees on uranium enrichment. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

According to Daniel Taub, those commitments mentioned nothing about their ambitions and ability to acquire a warhead. It left out equipment and facilities that were previously used in the development of the weapons. It touched nothing in their military, and as a result, six months into the agreement, Iran might have managed to make progress in its nuclear development.

Taub continues and says that a day after the signing, there were two different interpretations from the two parties. Iran insists that they hold the rights to enrich uranium while the superpowers disagree. With that in mind, Daniel Taub says it’s impossible to agree when it comes to practice.

After the agreement came to effect, Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel) and President Barrack Obama shared a moment of disagreement through a phone call. According to the Prime Minister, the deal had contributed to making the world a more dangerous place.

The accomplishments of Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin from the time he was young he was always loved healthcare industry. He attended the University of Delaware where he attained the Bachelor of Science. After getting the degree he applied the knowledge that he had attained in the chiropractic medicine, during his time as the doctor, he noticed a peculiar thing that was happening that made it hard for people that were professional in medicine find it hard to get a job. So many jobs at the health care were not being advertised, so it became so hard for anyone to get a job. He saw an opportunity and went for it and launched his own company, HCRC staffing with the motive that it would be able to help the medical community.

HCRC staffing gave an opportunity to the employers to get candidates that were qualified in various fields that were available for hire. Employers that use the HCRC staffing gain so many advantages like they will be assured of getting a well-trained staff in all fields, and the level of experience that they have ranged from nurses, dentists, receptionist and even the specialists. They will ensure that they will respond immediately to any customer’s request. Read more at

Brian Torchin is a very active member of Facebook, but the post that he usually posts is more concerned with who his company is hiring. Like the most recent one was him asking if there was anyone who is interested in working at flower mound Texas as the chiropractor. In the section of about me on Facebook, he listed that he is the managing partner of the HCRC. He has been a founder of so many companies. He operated a clinic in Philadelphia. In 2017, that’s when he opened the HCRC staffing, and this has been the community that has been so helpful in the society.

One of the most significant accomplishments he has it’s that he been able to manage the HCRC staffing to what it is at the moment because the company has now over 200 clients and companies. This company offers its serves to people all over the world in America, Canada, and Australia. Brian Torchin passion to his company it’s what will make the company keep on growing.

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Igor Cornelsen The Investment Expert

Igor Cornelsen was born and raised in Brazil. His native origin is in South America. Igor is an investor and a retired banker. He now works at the Brainbridge Investment Group. Igor is an investment advisor in stocks at the Brainbridge Investment Group. Igor held a lot of high ranking positions in some leading banks in Brazil before retiring. He now stays in Florida where he is an investor. View to know more about Igor Cornelsen

Igor is referred as the champion investor. He has vast knowledge on how to invest in commodity or company. He attributes this to the invaluable experience that he has gained from working in this field. Cornelsen advises people on how to make long-term investments which are more successful. Igor also gives advice on how to avoid investing in companies that are damaged. He tells people to invest in stocks that are damaged. Igor terms these as stock opportunities that anyone can purchase cheaply. He claims that they are guaranteed to bring returns in the long run.

Igor Cornelsen has created a brief profile for investors who are busy. The purpose of the profile is to brief them before they consider Brazilian stocks for their portfolios. Igor has transformed many lives through his visions and insights during his stay at the Brainbridge Investment Group. Cornelsen says that there is a gold mine waiting to be discovered in every area of life. His advice to potential investors has proved to be very beneficial because he understands the advantages and disadvantages of investments.

Igor says that the Brazilian market is now ready and open to new investments and ideas. Individuals should take this opportunity and run with it. Igor Cornelsen offers advice on investing outside the stock market although his primary focus is investments on the stock market. Igor says that it’s difficult to understand the Brazilian banking market at first. Potential investors should take time and learn it before making any investment decisions. Cornelsen was able to stay afloat regardless of the recent collapse of the Brazilian stock market. This is due to his keenness on investments and his extensive experience. Cornelsen loves to play golf for fun.




Netpicks Has Been Education, Supporting, And Empowering Traders For 22 Years

Netpicks was founded at the time when online and day trading were just making their existence known ( Based out of Irving, Texas, the company has one simple goal in mind. They want to educate, empower, and support investors and traders on their way to achieving financial security.

Netpicks provides their traders with access to trading systems and tools to help assist them in their journey of successful trading. Their Stock Market Trading System is for traders who are interested in both day and swing trading. The Futures Trading System is for those interested in the short term trends found in the Futures Market. The Forex Trading System allows traders to have access to the world’s largest market and teaches traders how to be successful while trading on their own schedule. The final system, Options Trading System, teaches traders how to successfully trade stock options (

Netpicks does offer some specific guidance to those who are interested in Forex trading. For those who are just beginning in this market, Netpicks strongly recommends beginners to do their homework. The more educated you are, the better chance of having success in FX trading.

Once you are ready to begin trading, Netpicks suggests that you are sure of any risk factors pertaining to the currency pairs of your chose. The opposite needs to be true when selling. You need to be able to track market prices and beware of when you could lose money or make a profit. You need to be able to close orders or open new ones depending on the market’s situation. Thanks to the trading systems, all of this can be done in real time. Once the order is closed and the pairs are sold, the amount of profit or the amount of loss can be determined and will be reported in your account. With some guidance and some practice, traders will be well-versed in FX trading.

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Netpicks on The Characteristics of The Forex Market Compared to Other Markets

With all that is being said about the Forex market, it is important for people to know what the characteristics of the Forex market is. This is one of the factors that are attracting people to the market as a whole. They can learn about the characteristics of the Forex market from Netpicks. One thing that they say about the Forex market is that it is very liquid. This is one of the reasons that it is very popular and still growing in popularity. When people look at the Forex market, they are attracted because they are looking for a way to make money at a fast rate.

While there are no get rich quick schemes, people do often look at the Forex market as a scheme for getting rich at a fast rate. One thing that they see is the possibility. However, it is at least as possible to lose all of the money being traded as it is to make tons of money. This is one of the reasons that people have to be very careful in how they approach the market. The first thing they have to do is get information about the market from sources like Netpicks (

Netpicks is filled with experts that have traded not only in Forex but also other types of market. Netpicks has advice on how people can make profits from markets such as the stock market, binary options and other markets. One thing that they are willing to teach people is how they can look at the market and figure out a way to increase the amount of money in their accounts. The website will also give people information on what to look for in a broker so that they will have the best experience possible when it comes to trading and investing.  Review on


How People Find Success at Forex And How People Fail Without Netpicks

There is always someone getting started with Forex. They are also jumping into a world of challenges. Where the novice expects to be able to walk away with a fortune, they often find themselves blowing their accounts out. There are many factors that cause this. However, the largest factor is that they do not know how the market works. This is where the challenge comes in. They have to learn how the market works. The only thing is while there are many sources on the topic of Forex trading, not all of them are accurate. It is up to the individual to find information that is accurate about Forex trading (

Fortunately, people will find this accurate information in Netpicks. This site has information that is accurate to Forex. One of the reasons behind the accuracy of the information presented to the user is that they are providing it for free. They are not trying to sell something right off the bat. Instead, they want to gain the trust of the audience. One way to gain the trust of the audience is to give them some tips that actually help them make profitable trades ( This is one thing that Netpicks has mastered.

One of the ways that Netpicks is able to give useful tips is that it does not just address the market. Instead, it address the trader. The trader has to have the right mindset and control over his emotions in order to be profitable. The worst thing the trader can do is trade for emotional reasons. Instead, it is better to use reason in order to make the right choices in trading.  People who trade from reason are going to be the ones to walk away with more money than before. They are also some the patient traders who use their intellect for their gains.

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Chris Burch: Producing a Paradise on Sumba Island

The Nihiwatu Resort located on Sumba Island in Indonesia has been named the best resort in the entire world. This glowing accolade has been bestowed my Travel+Leisure, one of the most highly regarded benchmarks for those looking for unique and exciting travel destinations ( The secret to the success of the resort lies in the tenacity of the owner, Chris Burch.

From the very beginning of his career, Burch has always demanded excellence from the companies he has been involved with that is why it comes as no surprise that a resort he has personally spearheaded is making such a splash on the international stage of leisure. This resort has become the gold standard for relaxation and wellness. Visitors from around the globe will feel a sense of unmatched peace while visiting this one of a kind location.

One of the reasons that Nihiwatu has earned such a stellar reputation is because the staff goes out of their way to create an experience for the people that are coming to the resort. Instead of simply providing a place for their guests to sleep, they are looking at the opportunities all over Sumba Island that will surprise and excite them. In addition to the beauty and activities that guests can find simply enjoying the beach, guests will also find that there are resort hosted excursions. The cultural activities that guests can do will give them a very real sense of the history of the Indonesian people that reside on Sumba Island. There are also equestrian activities for guests that are looking for a more outdoor experience. Throughout the activity guide, guests can find an experience that will suit their predilections.

For Chris Burch, this resort is not simply a destination or a way to expand his already vast financial portfolio, it is a chance to create something that has never been made before. It gives guests an experience that they will not find at any other place on earth. When he started his first company as a very young man selling sweaters to other students throughout his college campus, it was probably not clear to his classmates or peers that he would be here today owning one of the top resorts in the world, but that determination has gotten him very far. His future is secure in the business world and guests will continue to marvel at the excellence of the Nihiwatu resort.

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