How Ian King Became A Top Cryptocurrency Expert

Cryptocurrency is one of the most exciting investment opportunities of the decade. However, most people don’t understand the first thing about Bitcoin or blockchains. Now, there is one cryptocurrency expert who is making it easy for people to understand and profit from the cryptocurrency revolution. That expert, Ian King, has been helping thousands of people find crypto opportunities.

So who exactly is Ian King? Mr. King is one of America’s top experts in cryptocurrency. He is currently a contributor to the Sovereign Investor Daily newsletter published by Bayan Hill. Mr. King’s expert insights help investors understand how to put their first foot into the world of cryptocurrency investing. Follow Ian King on Twitter.

Just to offer a little insight on how Ian King helps educate investors, Mr. King has coined the term “Cryptocorn” to describe crypto projects that have huge potential to become the next bitcoin. Taking off on the Silicon Valley term “Unicorn” – used to describe start-ups that have a minimum billion dollar valuation. Currently, there are 40 crypto projects that have a combined valuation of $1 billion dollars. Mr. King foresees a day when person one of these projects will become a sole billion-dollar phenomenon.

To gain a better insight into Ian King’s writing, one can check out his columns on In one recent post, Mr. King discussed how 2018 would be the year that Bitcoin experiences the “end of the beginning” for its lifecycle. To elaborate, Mr. King believes that 2018 is the year that Bitcoin becomes a more mainstream investment as the coin gains respectability and acceptability. Mr. King also points out that the entire market capitalization of every crypto coin in existence makes up just 0.3% of the global economy. In short, Bitcoin still has a lot of room to run. Visit about Ian King

Ian King has over two decades of experience in the financial world. The cryptocurrency expert began his Wall Street career in the trading room of Solomon Brothers where he worked in the mortgage bond trading department. From there, Mr. King moved to Citigroup where he worked on credit derivatives. Afterward, Mr. King spent a decade at Peahi Capital as one of their options traders.

Since 2017, Ian King has been with Banyan Hill publishing as their in-house cryptocurrency expert. In less than two years at Bayan Hill, Mr. King has helped thousands of investors profit from the cryptocurrency boom. As the world of Bitcoin continues to gain mainstream acceptance, Ian King will help investors make the most of their cryptocurrency trades.

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