The first time that Daniel met the Queen was when he presented his credentials as the new Israeli ambassador to the UK. It was not just his papers that spoke volumes about his origin, but also the way that he was dressed. He fully represented the Jewish lifestyle, beliefs, and practices that showed that he still was a jew at heart. However, Daniel was still among the best ambassadors from Israel to the UK.

Daniel was born in Britain in the year 1962, and he was going to lose his British citizenship to serve as the ambassador of Israeli. He was not worried about losing his citizenship because of his relocation, but instead, he felt that he was going to have an excellent opportunity to bring up his children in their original homeland, teaching them the traditions of their people and bringing them closer to their roots.

Daniel attended the Oxford University College in London and later on went to Harvard University and enrolled in the Kennedy school of government in 1989. His career started off in the Israel defense forces where he served as a combat medic. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | Ideamench

He later joined the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs in 1991. Daniel rose in his career to become one of the best ambassadors to the UK from Israel in the period between 2011-2015.

Most if not all indications prove the efficiency and popularity of Daniel as an ambassador since Shlomo Agrov. Daniel has been at the center of negotiations during numerous crises, striving to be the perfect mediator. He has also acted as a spokesman for Israel by bringing up issues that affect his people before the government.

His opinions simply state where the government stands and seeks to make the people understand the reasons for the government’s stands.

Israel is under no pressure from any point but has been quietly establishing contacts and relationships with the neighboring countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan.

The British government has been of immense help to the nation of Israel, which has not been the case with a majority of the European countries. Daniel has not been an ambassador to the Jewish community but has served in the St. James court bringing about a beautiful relationship between the two countries.

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