Bernardo Chua Recognized The Potential Of Direct Sales

Bernardo Chua is a well recognized name in the direct sales industry. His Focus has been on coffees, teas and different organic products to introduce to consumers all over the world. Bernardo is directly responsible for the success of Gano Excel and Organo Gold. He started his career in the Philippines and played a significant role and introducing ganoderma to the North American Market. Bernardo likes to be referred to as Bernie. He grew up in the Philippines. However, he credits his Chinese heritage for making him aware of the possibilities that ganoderma brings. Read more about Bernardo Chua on

Polypore mushrooms grow on logs of wood all over the world. This substance has been highly regarded in Asian countries for hundreds of years. Bernardo Chua was the first to see the possibilities of this natural herb as an international product. He was able to convert ganoderma into coffees and teas, them market them outside of the pacific region.

Chua decided that direct sales would be the best business model to introduced ganoderma to the rest of the world. He was able to grow his business very quickly using this technique. The effort started in the Philippines and quickly grew throughout the Pacific Rim. Chua is committed to using direct sales as a way to market the products that he wants to introduce to various customer bases.

Bernardo Chua is an award winning business man many times over. He received acknowledgement for displaying outstanding quality assurance in 2014. Chua’s company was also recognized by National Shopper’s Choice for its skillful direct selling techniques. His company has received the Direct Sales Company of the Year Award on five different occasions.

Organo Gold is based in Canada and has over 1 million distributors worldwide. Chua keeps his company focused in order to stay ahead of intense competition. He understands that he must continue to push towards growth. Canada has been the perfect host for Organo Gold because it’s has strict guidelines for products and businesses. These credentials give potential customers and added sense of security when making purchases. Questions and insecurities are easily put to rest after consumers see how thoroughly the products are tested before they are distributed.



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