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What Matt Badiali Wants You to Know

Matt Badiali is now one of the most popular names in the media as he talks about “freedom checks”. What are they? These checks are attached to real investments that are now more hot than tax refunds. These checks are now one of the most talked about checks in the world. While you may believe that these checks are part of an elaborate scam, don’t dismiss them so easily. They aren’t a get rich quick scheme and they aren’t part of an elaborate hoax. Learn more about Matt Badiali at Crunchbase.

The checks that Matt Badiali is talking about are part of a long stream of well researched investments. These investments are all from companies that really exist, and not from entities that are made up or imaginary. Although these “freedom checks” are real, they are highly misunderstood by those who haven’t researched them deeply. These checks may seem as though they are nothing to consider due to the fact that no one knows who Matt Badiali really is. He isn’t a scammer and he isn’t the child of a celebrity. However, he did do his homework when he began researching the truth about these checks and how they came to be.

Matt Badiali is a Financial Analyst, and he is raising awareness about these checks that aid in proclaiming freedom. Having studied geology, Badiali was exposed to the world of mines and anything related to geology. Along the way, he inspected numerous mines in various countries. Getting up close and personal helped him to identify the characteristics of real mines. This lead to his scrutiny of all things at their true source.

What Matt Badiali has discovered is far beyond what most other people know to be true, and that is a world of investments and strategies. He learned about them by talking with the leaders and experts in oil companies while he was working and traveling. Matt Badiali finally learned more about this when the economy crashed in 2008. He was purchasing stock as the company’s stock was going down, in other words, an ideal time to buy. As the company began to rebound, the investment that he made began to pay him dividends. Those who invest in very specific companies will earn back some of what was invested, and that is nothing to sneeze at. Matt Badiali knows that you should do your homework, especially before you dismiss an opportunity like this. Read more:


Ted Bauman’s Literary Pieces: Gain Economic and Financial Freedom

If you are not sure on the best direction to take, why not consider professional assistance through advice? Although this is a productive alternative, how do you acquire such from a renowned professional? Expert aid doesn’t come cheap but with current developments in the financial industry via technological input, anyone today can access accurate and dependable data. How is this so? Informative pieces from Banyan Hill Publishing is a great example. Started in the late nineties as the Sovereign society, it fast grew as an investment company of choice. Later, it developed into a global data center where most investors visited to search for relevant investment data before signing ink on paper.

Among Banyan Hill Publishing editorial team is Ted Bauman, a professional economist . After his graduation from the University of Capetown with a degree in Economics and History, he was actively involved in economic policy implementation in South Africa in the post-apartheid era. He has traversed the continent in various governmental and private roles until he joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013 as a professional editor. In the firm, Ted Bauman is a specialist in asset protection, international migration matters, and less risky investment alternatives. Other than his interest in contributing to Banyan Hill Publishing, he has also had other renowned literary works as well as commentary additions in other international journals. Learn more at Seeking Alpha about Ted Bauman

Banyan Hill’s central role in the financial sectors is to offer expert advice on global investment opportunities so that people can avert or plan for a possible adverse financial event. This gives investors a chance to place a bet, based on a probability of occurrence on their financial future. It is a less risky venture considering the alternative. Usually, investors have to choose between professional financial advice from expert firms and going at it alone which is even more precarious. Well, with Banyan Hill Publishing, you indirectly interact with industry moguls that offer exceptional advice which they have already adopted in their successful financial endeavors. Their systems of investment are tried and tested. Most of them like Ted Bauman have amassed multiple years of international encounter in a similar field under substantial financial stress. Who better to offer investment advice than such professional editors?

For most investors used to the status quo, they may discover that Banyan Hill Publishing data skews from the characteristic data available in conventional economic and financial publications. That is the primary style of the firm, taking a different angle on investment based on tested and certified procedures. Ted Bauman and his additional team of editors offer a range of investment advice that can create and protect your wealth. Visit:



Investment Guru: Wesley Edens

Wesley Edens co-founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998 and has been a member of its Management Committee ever since. He also currently holds the title of Co-Chief Executive Officer; holding the responsibility over the private equity and publicly traded investments. Fortress Investment Group is a global investment company who, as of the end of 2017, had over $43.6 billion in assets.Prior to 1998, Edens held positions that gave him the experience necessary to co-find Fortress. Wesley Edens was responsible over the asset investors and the private equity fund at BlackRock Financial Management where he served as both the managing director and a partner.

Before joining the BlackRock team, Edens was a partner and managing director of Lehman Brothers.Wesley Edens earned his Bachelors of Science in Finance from Oregon State University.In addition to his work at Fortress Investment Group. Wesley Edens is a co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, an NBA basketball team based out of Wisconsin. Edens purchased the team in 2014 with Mark Lasry from Herb Kohl for roughly $550 million. As it turns out, this was a great investment for Edens because today the team’s estimated worth is over $1 billion.Wesley Edens takes his responsibility as co-owner of the Bucks very seriously.

Of course, he keeps close tabs on his players while they are on the court, but also while they are off the court. He wants and encourages his players to turn to him for advice when it comes to managing their contracts that are often worth millions of dollars.Edens wants to ensure that when his players retire, they don’t have financial trouble like so many other players. In 2017, Wesley Edens launched FlyQuest an new eSports brand. The League of Legends was the only eSports team that FlyQuest had when it initially launched. The League of Legends was purchased for $2.5 million from Cloud9. FlyQuest was set to begin competing in January in the North American League Championship.

The OSI Industries’ Successful Business in the Food Sector

The OSI Industries which started as a small butcher shop in America has grown over the years to be a top multinational company in food processing. The company has so far ventured in 17 countries where it has established more than 60 premises in different locations. Its core business involves producing, packaging, and a supplying to the markets. What’s more, the company was first founded in Chicago, Illinois by an immigrant from Germany who was called Otto Kolschowsky in the 20th century. Mr. Otto started the business after two years on arriving in the U.S. where he began a butcher shop on a small scale retail market. Moreover, his business picked and within ten years he specialized as a wholesaler and even opened another shop in Maywood.

Further, the business continued to grow and was later branded as Otto & Sons in 1928. On the other hand, the first McDonalds’s food business was opened in 1955 by Ray Kroc at Des Plaines, Illinois who was a franchise agent of Richard and Maurice McDonald. With the opening of the restaurant saw Otto & Sons become their main meat supplier. This was after Kroc had a handshake agreement with Arthur and Harry who were Otto’s sons as their franchised supplier of fresh beef. Furthermore, Kroc purchased the McDonalds and took the position of the CEO in the corporation which with time grew to become a renowned brand in the world.

About the Cutting Edge Technology and Growth of the OSI Industries

The two companies grew exponentially beyond their region within the next 20 years to become a corporation that was known as the OSI Industries. Also, with the quick expansion and growth of the corporation of the McDonalds and Otto & Sons posed new challenges. This was due to the widening of the McDonalds restaurant networks while still maintaining the product consistency. The 1960s new technology, however, saved the situation as there was the invention of the freezing-cryogenic food processor where food was frozen using the liquid nitrogen, hence ease of transportation.

Currently, the OSI industries have grown to have businesses in various cities where it includes joint ventures in Poland, Brazil, hangar, and Austria. The McDonalds also spread its presence to Germany and Spain in the late 70s and further entered into joint ventures in many other countries. Also, as one of the largest food processors, the OSI Industries are responsible for products that include sausages, bacon, chicken nuggets, and patties among many more. The company which is now ranked as a multinational food processor continues to expand to date where it was recently listed as the 58th largest private entity with revenues of $6.1 billion by Forbes.


Richard Dwayne Blair: Learning About Investing And Retirement Planning

Looking for information about Richard Dwayne Blair. Wondering why many people turn to Richard Dwayne Blair for help with their financial management or investment needs? Perhaps you want to get started in investing and want to learn more about Richard Dwayne Blair and his investment services.


Richard Dwayne Blair is a good financial planner and a reliable investment advisor. Richard Dwayne Blair has been helping beginners to understand the investment process, and what they need to do to secure their future. Richard Dwayne Blair will walk you through the various aspects of the money management and investment fields and ensure that you know what to expect.


When you consult an advisor he will need to determine your tolerance for risks and other important factors. These will help the advisor create a customized plan for your investing and wealth building need. Also, your advisor will want to ensure that you select the right investment vehicle for your particular situation. By having Richard Dwayne Blair guide you on your investing journey, you will be able to improve your chances of success.


Richard Dwayne Blair will want to know about your current financial status and help you make smart investment decisions. He has been in the industry for a long time, and he knows what works and you need to avoid. His clients benefit immensely from the vast resources and information he provides to them.


Richard Dwayne Blair will make sure that you have a good understanding of how stocks and mutual funds work. He will also discuss other investment options and guide you in making the right decision for you.


Many people have achieved investment success due to the top notch guidance and advice provided by Richard Dwayne Blair and his investment fir, Wealth Solutions. You can turn to Richard Dwayne Blair for high quality investment solution. Whether you want to get help with setting up your retirement accounts, or you want to get help with saving money for other purpose, Richard Dwayne Blair will ensure that you get the information and help you need to be successful.


NetPicks Teaches New Traders the Power of Simplicity

NetPicks is an experienced online educational company that helps traders make money in the various markets. A trader needs two things to be successful according to them. The first thing is a strategy with an edge that works most of the time. The second thing is a controlled risk management program. They teach many strategies and have found that quite often a simple approach is best (

Sometimes traders collect indicators like boys used to collect baseball cards. They have many favorites that they must keep and only rarely trade one away. This can make trading difficult if one’s chart is too cluttered and price action gets lost. NetPicks is an advocate of simple yet successful. Many of the strategies that they teach are bare bones but their virtue is they get the job done. They are based on market fundamentals which repeat themselves time and again.

Their simplified approach doesn’t mean naked charts, however. They also aren’t against indicators as revealed by their recent article regarding some of the best ones available. This is excellent reading for new traders searching to find their way in the markets. The basic premise of NetPicks is to avoid having too many variables which clutter price action.

NetPicks has developed an excellent resource with their simplified trading article which can be found on their website. They break down three primary ways that markets move and provide possible trade signals. This covers trading ranges, breakouts and momentum, and mean reversion. All of these market types occur on a regular basis and simple yet effective systems have been designed around them at NetPicks.

The practical method that NetPicks uses with support and resistance illustrates the quality of their education. They look for zones and price clusters for possible signals as opposed to hard and fast trend lines.

NetPicks is staffed by actual traders with real-life market success on their resumes. They have over 20 years of experience in helping traders shortcut their learning curve. Their educational excellence can be a difference maker, check

Every trader has a different goal in mind and NetPicks can work with all types. Some are striving for a career in the markets while others are looking for a successful part-time job.


Netpicks Simple Trading Strategies

Netpicks was established in 1996 with the emergence of online and day trading. It has always set the standards when it comes to training traders. Netpicks primary concern is making a trader successful in the markets. It deals with some online trading forums, Forex, Futures, ETFs, Options, and Stocks. The company has its headquarters in Irving, Texas.

Netpicks employs a good number of well-trained staff that are well conversant with trading. Mark Soberman heads the company. The company has over 25 years of experience in offering personalized trading services ( It also takes pride in its many years since it started giving trading training. Their staff is passionate traders determined to make you achieve your trading goals.

Simple trading does not mean engaging in trade randomly hoping to make gains. It involves the use of a simple strategy that takes into account risks in trading. However, most people overlook simple trading to their disadvantage. There’s too much information on trading that is yet to bear fruit. Consultation is key to making a trading decision.

Each indicator has to be considered before trading. If only the amount of trading information available were directly proportional to successful trading, then losses would be unheard of. It is easy for day traders trading with clutter to miss large price moves.

I do not recommend deleting all trading indicators from your charts as they sometimes frame price actions. Redundant trading indicators, however, need to be eliminated retaining essential pieces of information. Netpicks believes that every trader’s strategy must have a verifiable edge. Then the procedure and the plan must be followed to the latter.  Click on for more.

Understanding the trends followed by markets is very important. It is a step in the direction of a simple trading strategy. In this, trading ranges come first. Any trading policy that accounts for a down trend’s lower highs and lows and an uptrend’s higher highs and lows is perfect.

It places the trader in a trading range. Moving averages also determine the trading ranges. Breakouts, momentum and mean reversions should also be considered. A trader looking for a simple trading strategy cannot afford to ignore their effects on the markets.


Wes Edens: What You Should Know About This Brilliant Investor

Wes Edens: What You Should Know About This Brilliant Investor

Wes Edens is actually an American businessman, sports team owner, and a private equity investor. He is the founder of the Fortress Investment Group. The fortress was started in the year 1998 and its headquarters are based in New York. The company has offices in different parts of the world. Edens is also the co-owner of an NBA franchise known as Milwaukee Bucks based in Wisconsin.Wes Edens attended Oregon State University where he studied Finance. He started his career at Lehman Brothers in the year 1987. Here, he worked as the partner as well as the managing director. He then moved to BlackRock Asset Investors where he worked from 1993 to 1997.

Edens’ position on the Forbes List

Wes Edens is one of few self-made billionaires who made great achievements within a short period of time. With assistance from his friends, he started Fortress Investment Group. The company generated a great deal of money, making the principals billionaires within a short time.In 2014, Wes Edens and his friend Marc Lynn bought the Bucks. They did not only promise to improve the team, but they also promised to construct a new arena. Currently, Edens gets a great deal of money from this investment. According to the world’s Billionaire list of 2008, Mr. Edens is at position 962.Not every individual can make such achievements. In fact, they are very few. So, what is so special with Mr. Edens? Well, the brilliant investor has three important traits: foresight, timing, as well as a good eye. He likes investing in popular as well as rising brands.


Edens chairs the Nationstar Mortgage, which was originally called Centex Home Equity Company. The company was acquired by Fortress in the year 2006 at a cost of $575 million. Few years after the purchase, the company expanded and delivered many homes in America. This demonstrates that Edens has good management as well as strong leadership skills.

The likes of Edens

Eden is a free guy. He likes providing pieces of advice to those interested in investing. He doesn’t charge even a single coin for these kinds of services. He watches his players keenly when playing and when off the court. He advises them on how to improve their performance. Furthermore, he tells them to use their money wisely so as not to become bankrupt once the game is over. He also likes helping kids excel in their studies and in sports. Generally, Edens like interacting with all people regardless of their age.

Unfolding the Great Randal Nardone

Fortress Investment Group has Randal Nardone as the able Co-founder and principal of the company. Fortress Investment Group is known globally for providing one of the best asset and investment management. Randal attended the University of Connecticut for his degree in Biology and English, and he went to School of Law, Boston University for his J.D. Since 1998, Randal has been a fellow in the management committee of Fortress Investment Company. Randal Nardone has extensive experience in private equity finance, director of public companies, credit, and management from the many roles he has played in different companies.

Randal was a partner and member of executive committee at Thacher Proffitt and Wood law firm. At Blackrock Financial Management, he was a principal and later on in 1997, and he moved to UBS as a Managing Director to 1998. In November 2006, Randal was elected to be in the Board of Directors at Fortress. He was an acting CEO from 2011 until 2013 when he was officially announced the CEO of Fortress Investment Group. Randal was a director in various companies like EuroCastle Investment Limited, Alea Group Holding (Bermuda) limited and Brookdale Senior Ling Inc.In September 2007, Forbes ranked Randal Nardone as number 557 on the Forbes list of Billionaires. His net worth was 1.8 billion dollars at that time. Randal Nardone has proved himself to be a good leader since Fortress is still a great company and very successful.

The employees have given testimonials on many occasions of what a privilege it is to work at the company because everyone is given an opportunity to develop him or herself and are motivated to provide the best. Randal supports charity causes like the Wings of Refuge scholarship program that helps students pursuing law.A Japan telecommunications company called SoftBank Group bought Fortress Investment Group for 3.3 billion dollars. The SoftBank Group chose to work with Fortress because of its track record in financial management, and they wanted to benefit from this expertise fully. Even after the acquisition, Fortress’s leadership remained intact, and its operations were of an independent business within Soft bank with its headquarters at New York. Randal was pleased with this deal and promised to make it work for the benefit of both companies.

OSI Food Solutions: 109 Years Of Excellence, Innovation And Consistent Growth

The growth of neighborhood meat market Otto & Sons into the international food processing juggernaut OSI Food Solutions with annual revenue of over $6.1 billion annually is an example how visionary management can lead to a meteoritic rise. Founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, the company was known for quality cuts of meat and excellent service. By the 1920s Kolschowsky had expanded to providing wholesale meat to restaurants and supermarkets throughout Illinois. In the 1950s the company agreed to provide the growing McDonald’s franchise with ground beef.

In the 1960s the company’s founders purchased the latest equipment for mass producing and flash freezing their meat patties to enable then to serve a wider market. Then in the 1970’s they turned to the financial services company owned by former banker Sheldon Lavin to get money to expand into new, larger facilities. Lavin got them the money and began investing in the company as it continued on its growth trajectory. By the 1980’s the original owners of OSI Food Solutions retired and Sheldon Lavin owned enough of their stock to take control of the company and begin expanding it globally.

Under Lavin’s leadership OSI Food Solutions has become a leader in the international food processing industry. They have customers in 85 countries and 70 processing facilities throughout the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe. The company also bought the Europe based food companies Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. That has given OSI Food Solutions a presence throughout Europe. Plus, the company has built 10 poultry facilities in China and more than doubled their poultry production there. They are now China’s leading poultry products processor.

However, even as OSI Food Solutions has grown exponentially, providing the highest quality products and maintaining facilities that work in harmony with the environment have remained top priorities. That has led the British Safety Council to award the company their Globe of Honor for environmental management three times. The company has also won countless awards for food and worker safety and effective environmental stewardship.

It has taken excellent vision, planning and execution to make OSI Food Solutions a leader in the industry. Recognizing this, the Vision World Academy in India gave their 2016 Global Visionary award to OSI Food Solutions CEO Sheldon Lavin. Many people agreed that was an inspired choice because OSI Food Solutions has continued on its 109-year-long upward trajectory under his visionary guidance.

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