Susan McGalla Avoids The Victim Mindset

One common theme among groups that have experienced oppression is the fixation on the victim mindset. Often times, the oppressed group of people do not want to be seen as victims. However, they come across many opportunists that try to tell them that they are victims. Susan McGalla has rejected the victim label. She understood that it is not going to get anywhere. Instead, she has worked very hard on climbing the ladder and making sure that she earns her place in her career. Given her work ethic and positive attitude, she has impressed many people and has held leadership roles.

Given that Susan McGalla rejects being thought of as a victim, she teaches other women to avoid being seen as victims. While she does not deny that people get victimized, she wants them to overcome and live the lives that they want. She understands that they are going to be facing a lot of adversity. She herself has faced some adversity in her career. It just comes with the territory for people like her who have a drive and a passion to pursue something other than just a regular job making minimum wage. This is one of the reasons that she seeks to empower women.

One good thing about Susan McGalla is that she really does empower women. She makes sure that women have the tools they need to make the right choices in their lives. She works along with other leaders to give women encouragement and hope to achieve their goals of living the type of life that is successful and productive. One reason this is important is so that the next generation of women can enjoy some of the successes that have been created for them. One good thing that Susan has done was make history and help women travel in the right direction.

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