Malcom CasSelle is Confident of WAX Performance

Malcolm CasSelle is the President of WAX of Worldwide Asset eXchange. Before his involvement with WAX, he served as the president and CTO of tronc, Inc.

Aside from addressing issues that have something to do with restrictions and fraud when buying and selling virtual assets online, WAX also has the capacity to resolve the fragmentation problem brought about by differing geographic locations. This occurs when users make transactions on a virtual platform that does not make use of a standard utility token and cannot complete their transactions since the products or goods that are available are expressed in varying cryptocurrencies without the presence of middlemen. Hence, the WAX Token is created to provide a common or standard form of currency for all users or gamers that will eradicate the issues regarding forex exchange, which is presently inhibiting the efficient trade on virtual assets on the markets.

The technology of the WAX blockchain is fueled by its built-in Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) census algorithm the most flexible, most decentralized, most efficient, and the fastest consensus model obtainable. In contrast to the most often used POW or Proof of Work systems, the DPOS makes use of authorizing nodes (known as “Guilds” where there are 64 to begin with) that are selected by users who elect for suggested representatives. This method makes the WAX design predominantly decentralized and democratic. The number of votes each specific Guild gets will define its position where every Guild being considered by any individual game it sustains.

WAX Tokens perform as deposited values for the purchase of items for in-games and likewise as smart agreements for purchasing, peddling, trading, and renting. The platform of WAX will permit the worldwide group of sellers and buyers to get into the international supply of virtual products in a dispersed market and at the same time removes the financial hazards that gamers come upon from the prevalent delivery-ground prototype market.

Malcolm CasSelle is quite positive with the WAX platform, and he said that the gaming business will make cryptocurrencies the conventional mode of trading online. Malcolm CasSelle finished his education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University.

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