Band together and make music with Alex Pall

To begin a career in music, Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers decided to DJ around his city to get started. He was quite scared because he was showing his music to other people so the critics were new to his music of course. When he was introduced to Drew, he immediately started the opportunity in Maine. His journey had just begun.

Andrew Taggart was in college before he was met with Alex which he also had the same interest in DJing. Andrew was put down for liking the dance music, however, that did not stop young Drew from pursuing and taking his music to the next level. When he moved to New York City, he heard of a band called The Chainsmokers and was invited to join them in jamming out. Before you know it, in four years, they made many popular songs to inspire the new generation.

They had no idea the end results they would get from getting together because they really loved the music scene. So, they did not give up on their journey to becoming musicians. Although becoming popular in the music scene was not easy, they kept on trying different strategies to get to the top. They were unstoppable because they were loving what they were accomplishing.

They continue to listen to many kinds of music until they create something that is entirely and uniquely theirs. They worked carefully together to pursue the best 3 songs of their career which landed them so many gigs around the world.

Also, as their popularity grows in the music industry, they began to work with other famous artists to continue the growth of their band. The Chainsmokers love what they do and they like to play in front of many different kinds of audiences. Whether that may be 15 people in the crowd or 20,000. The Chainsmokers have changed the direction of electronic music for the people. And the people are loving it. With that said, they will continue this kind of music for the generation of our time. It is a great experience to share with people, the music, the energy, and the company.

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