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Traders can invest in price movements for currencies by dealing with FX trading in currency pairs. This is according to respected online trading strategy firm NetPicks. FX trading is also known as Forex trading. It is currency trading, or foreign exchange trading. This gives traders the chance to trade currency pairs within a market that is decentralized. Traders do this with electronic exchanges located worldwide in major cities. Cities, where this is available, include Tokyo, Paris, London, New York and Sydney (

Traders can make use of services provided by NetPicks that include charts and a live signal service. Being able to trade in different cities means this Forex market is always available. When an exchange closes in one part of the world, traders can still trade in cities located in other parts of the world. Most traders prefer spot trading. It is also possible to trade by way of the forward markets and future markets. Entrepreneurs that want to hedge risk like to operate in the forward and future markets.

Accoring to information released by NetPicks, traders prefer trading pairs due to the liquidity offered in the forex market. ON any day, FX trading volume is traded on the equivalent of 5.2 trillion in trade. Contrary to the stock market which has a wide variety of choices in investment, the FX market contains only a few options. The most widely traded pairs are the U.S. dollar against the yen, the U.S. dollar versus the Swiss franc, the U.K. pound sterling versus the U.S. dollar etc. Leveraging is also permitted in the FX market. This means a trader can spend small amounts of a total investment volume with the aid of a margin account.

About NetPicks:

NetPicks was founded in 1996 at the beginning of the online trading revolution. The company has been consistently at the top of the industry. NetPicks is committed to helping average, everyday traders gain success.

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NetPicks has its headquarters located in Irving, Texas. The company has a staff of real traders who love helping their clients reach their goals. All NetPicks staff themselves are active traders and know how to properly guide clients to wise trades.

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