Wes Edens: What You Should Know About This Brilliant Investor

Wes Edens: What You Should Know About This Brilliant Investor

Wes Edens is actually an American businessman, sports team owner, and a private equity investor. He is the founder of the Fortress Investment Group. The fortress was started in the year 1998 and its headquarters are based in New York. The company has offices in different parts of the world. Edens is also the co-owner of an NBA franchise known as Milwaukee Bucks based in Wisconsin.Wes Edens attended Oregon State University where he studied Finance. He started his career at Lehman Brothers in the year 1987. Here, he worked as the partner as well as the managing director. He then moved to BlackRock Asset Investors where he worked from 1993 to 1997.

Edens’ position on the Forbes List

Wes Edens is one of few self-made billionaires who made great achievements within a short period of time. With assistance from his friends, he started Fortress Investment Group. The company generated a great deal of money, making the principals billionaires within a short time.In 2014, Wes Edens and his friend Marc Lynn bought the Bucks. They did not only promise to improve the team, but they also promised to construct a new arena. Currently, Edens gets a great deal of money from this investment. According to the world’s Billionaire list of 2008, Mr. Edens is at position 962.Not every individual can make such achievements. In fact, they are very few. So, what is so special with Mr. Edens? Well, the brilliant investor has three important traits: foresight, timing, as well as a good eye. He likes investing in popular as well as rising brands.


Edens chairs the Nationstar Mortgage, which was originally called Centex Home Equity Company. The company was acquired by Fortress in the year 2006 at a cost of $575 million. Few years after the purchase, the company expanded and delivered many homes in America. This demonstrates that Edens has good management as well as strong leadership skills.

The likes of Edens

Eden is a free guy. He likes providing pieces of advice to those interested in investing. He doesn’t charge even a single coin for these kinds of services. He watches his players keenly when playing and when off the court. He advises them on how to improve their performance. Furthermore, he tells them to use their money wisely so as not to become bankrupt once the game is over. He also likes helping kids excel in their studies and in sports. Generally, Edens like interacting with all people regardless of their age.

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