NetPicks Teaches New Traders the Power of Simplicity

NetPicks is an experienced online educational company that helps traders make money in the various markets. A trader needs two things to be successful according to them. The first thing is a strategy with an edge that works most of the time. The second thing is a controlled risk management program. They teach many strategies and have found that quite often a simple approach is best (

Sometimes traders collect indicators like boys used to collect baseball cards. They have many favorites that they must keep and only rarely trade one away. This can make trading difficult if one’s chart is too cluttered and price action gets lost. NetPicks is an advocate of simple yet successful. Many of the strategies that they teach are bare bones but their virtue is they get the job done. They are based on market fundamentals which repeat themselves time and again.

Their simplified approach doesn’t mean naked charts, however. They also aren’t against indicators as revealed by their recent article regarding some of the best ones available. This is excellent reading for new traders searching to find their way in the markets. The basic premise of NetPicks is to avoid having too many variables which clutter price action.

NetPicks has developed an excellent resource with their simplified trading article which can be found on their website. They break down three primary ways that markets move and provide possible trade signals. This covers trading ranges, breakouts and momentum, and mean reversion. All of these market types occur on a regular basis and simple yet effective systems have been designed around them at NetPicks.

The practical method that NetPicks uses with support and resistance illustrates the quality of their education. They look for zones and price clusters for possible signals as opposed to hard and fast trend lines.

NetPicks is staffed by actual traders with real-life market success on their resumes. They have over 20 years of experience in helping traders shortcut their learning curve. Their educational excellence can be a difference maker, check

Every trader has a different goal in mind and NetPicks can work with all types. Some are striving for a career in the markets while others are looking for a successful part-time job.


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