Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club is assisted by Lee May at Beamridge Ltd.

Lee May is a senior partner with the organization Beamridge limited. His work there is helping develop a stronger construction company geared towards revolutionizing how companies they manage operational procedures are run efficiently. Although an important aspect and leader in Beamridge limited has also taken upon himself to have invested time and energy to create a fundraiser for a passion of his.


Lee is extremely passionate about the sport of boxing so much there he actually started a campaign to raise €20,000 so that the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club could purchase for themselves finally a new minibus. With this new minibus the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club would now be able to continue on a greater scale what they have already began in in their small area.


Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club as to goal of developing young boxers with greater skill and training and provide optimal opportunity to compete in the best European and domestic boxing tournaments. However, Nemesis ABC in not just concerned with helping young boxers compete in tournaments and train in boxes alone. Nemesis ABC also pushes very hard the need of a family atmosphere and having well grounded principles to follow that are able to be taken into their boxing ring as well as taken into any and all situations they’re outside of boxing and in the real world.


You seen the in Nemesis ABC is continuing to fight for young boxer is to provide what they need or air app attention will wall white athletes. Lee being such a boxing fan it was a no brainer they he would begin this type of fundraiser for a boxing club. Lee hopes that many people will join his new initiative to help raise the €20,000 so that the boxes can get the necessary tools to become better athletes as well as become better young people as a whole. He believes that no matter how you give whether be a small donation or a large donation that all of it it is necessary in all of it is extremely appreciated hoping that one day soon Bemesis ABC will be driving their new minibus as they travel to continually make an impact for the better and positively on the world.

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